6 Practical Tips to Getting a Job After College

Practical Tips to Getting a Job After College

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Fresh graduate? Are you excited to find your first job? Or maybe you are worried not to get hired anywhere because you are not sure you can make it. Does this make you anxious?

As a college graduate, you already have an advantage, since there are more opportunities waiting for you than those who are at the undergraduate or high school level. Your concern should be how to pull yourself together and be competitive when hunting for work.

Practical job hunting tips that can help

To get started in the job hunt, here are six simple but helpful tips that you can apply when searching for your first employment:

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12 Inspirational Career Tips for New Graduates

Inspirational Career Tips for New Graduates

Inspiring New Graduates

Are you one of those fresh graduates who are clueless about what to do or where to go next? Having taught college students for more than two years, I frequently encounter graduates who go through a hard time figuring what career path to take. There were also those who got rejected from job applications countless times, and they are already afraid to try again. Some of my previous students asked me for inspirational advice on how to qualify for jobs or find out what they really want to pursue.

And here are the usual tips I give them:

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