14 Sincere Ways to Apologize to Your Mom

Ways to Apologize to Your Mom
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Our moms are among the greatest blessings that we have received from God. Without them, we would not be around, and we would not be who we are today. Their love for their children is unconditional and immeasurable.

Mothers are not perfect, but one thing is for sure—they always want the best for their children. They will always give or guide them in the best way they can. If they see their daughter or son taking the wrong turn in life, they would be the first to rebuke or correct them, for they could not bear to see their children getting in danger of heading to destruction.

If you have recently been in conflict or misunderstanding with your mom, think about how you can make it up to her. Realize that she never wanted to hurt or control you. Be more open-minded to what your mom was trying to protect you from.

If you want to reconcile with your mother but do not know where to start, you can begin by sincerely apologizing to her. The following are some tips that can help you.

1. Genuinely say ‘sorry.’

The moment you decide to apologize to your mother, make sure that it comes from the bottom of your heart. It is not about how long your apology is, but what matters most is your sincerity. Even a single word—just ‘sorry’—if you mean it, can melt the heart of your mother. Your mom knows it whenever you are sincere or not.

2. Be humble to admit your mistake.

Let go of your pride and be humble when approaching your mother. Of course, humility is essential in asking for forgiveness. You need to admit that you have made a mistake and that you regret it. You cannot be sincere in your apology if you are not convinced that you have done something wrong. For this reason, see to it that you have already prepared your heart before approaching your mom.

3. Hug her after your apology.

A tight and sincere embrace will help you and your mom feel better after a time of not being on good terms with each other. Also, hugging her will make your mother feel how much you had missed her when you were not okay with each other. It will also let her feel how sorry you are for hurting her.

Ways to Apologize to Your Mom
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4. Assure her that you will not do it again.

Another way to prove that you have repented from what you did is by assuring your mom that you will stop doing what hurt her. For instance, if it is a destructive habit, such as smoking, drug addiction, or gambling, then you have to realize that stopping your voice is for your good anyway. You may not appreciate it now, but, someday, you would be thankful if you listen to your mother now.

5. Write her a letter or card.

In case you are still not ready to face her because you are scared or ashamed of what you did, you can start with a letter. You can express your heartfelt apology through that letter or card if you want it to be more meaningful. The good thing about letters is that your thoughts can be ‘heard’ without being interrupted or shut down right away. Your mom can read it without feeling conscious of you being around. Since she would not be in a hurry to respond to you right away, your mother will have enough time to ponder what you have written. Just make sure that you write your message in a humble, sincere, and loving tone. It will help her feel better more quickly.

6. Send her a bouquet.

Your letter or card would be much more appreciated if it comes with a bouquet of your mom’s favorite flowers. It is not bribing. It is just a symbol of honoring your parent and letting her know that you love her. For sure, your mother would find the gesture sweet and touching.

7. Give her a gift.

Aside from flowers, there are lovely presents that you can prepare for your mother. Again, this is not a bribe. It would be best to give the gift after you have reconciled. Once you have already apologized and your mom has forgiven you, then you can take out your little surprise. It does not have to be expensive. Anything fancy but is from your heart will be appreciated for sure. It serves as a way of reassuring your mom that you love her.

8. Ask her out.

If possible, you can invite your mom to date. You can bring her to your favorite restaurant, park, or anywhere that is relaxing and peaceful. You can also treat her to a sumptuous meal or a soothing coffee drink. Once you are both settled, you can humbly ask for forgiveness and tell her how much you feel bad about disappointing or hurting her.

9. Open up to her about your realizations.

Another way to tell your mom that you are really sorry is by sharing what you have realized from the lessons she has been teaching you. If you think she has been right all along, then be humble enough to admit that you have been wrong, and you should have listened.

Ways to Apologize to Your Mom
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10. Humbly and respectfully explain your side.

However, if you are convinced that there is nothing wrong with your decision or action and want freedom for yourself, be honest. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your mom and gently explain why you cannot follow what she wants. Apologize for hurting her feelings, but be firm with your stand.

11. Assure her that you understand where she is coming from.

As a mom, it is hard for her to be misunderstood by her children when all she wants to do is protect them. Do not invalidate the feelings and intentions of your mother. Assure her that you understand her point as a mother, and you appreciate her concern for you.

12. Thank her for the correction and guidance.

Another way to express your sincere apology to your mom is by thanking her for trying to protect you. Be thankful that she corrects you whenever you do something wrong and that she is always there to guide you.

13. Do not force her to forgive you instantly.

If your mom has been too hurt and she is not ready to forgive you, then wait. Please do not get angry at her. Instead, continue to be humble and do good things to her. Serve and pursue her until such time that she can heal and forgive you. Even if she treats you rudely or ignores you, do not give up.

14. Pray for God to soften her heart.

Besides pursuing her, the best way to help your mom forgive you is to pray for God to touch her heart. Nothing is impossible with God. He can change even the most messed-up person. Therefore, keep on praying for your mother. Ask God to help you to remain patient, humble, and kind towards your mom too.

Forgive Her Too

Your mother may not be perfect, and she could be annoying at times, but still, no other person would love you the way she does. Do not stay angry at your mom and avoid hurting her in any way. She is too precious.

In case you have been offended and hurt by your mother, learn to forgive her as well. She will not always be around, so do not waste every opportunity to bond and take care of her. Let go of your pride and be the one to initiate reconciliation.

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Clarice Khoo Ker Ying
Clarice Khoo Ker Ying
October 5, 2021 9:16 pm

Thank you so much for telling me all this now my mom forgives me thank you this is so useful

Reply to  Clarice Khoo Ker Ying
January 22, 2022 7:49 am

Yes i agree my mom forgave me