10 Affirmations To Help You Be A Nicer Person

If you are here, it’s likely that you tell yourself you are not a very nice person at times. If you believe that (and you do if you’ve affirmed to yourself), then the chances are good that your actions are going to follow suit. You won’t be nice. You will continue to do things that make you feel bad about yourself. You will continue to hurt other people, even if it’s only slightly. It’s important to affirm that you are a nice person so that your actions follow suit. The following affirmations will help you to not only believe you are a nicer person but actually be a nicer person.

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1. I Value Kindness

It’s important to value kindness if you want to be a nicer person. Your values are part of what run your life, so if you truly believe that you value kindness, then you are going to do what you can to be kind.

Here are some quotes on kindness to help you value it more.

2. I Value Being Humble

Another trait that will help you be a nicer person is the act of being humble. It’s important to value being a humble person. When you do, you see that you are not above other people where you can treat them poorly.

Being humble takes some practice, though. We often get caught up in our belief that we are the most important people on the planet, and it takes a lot of reminders that we are not.

Here are 15 affirmations to help you be more humble.

3. I Always Take The Time To Listen To Other People

A great way to be a nicer person is to listen to other people and show them that you have heard them. It makes them feel valued. It makes them view you as someone who gives a crap. And it helps you to be more compassionate towards other people. Following is a video with a few tips on making this affirmation come true by learning how to be a better listener.

4. I Say Nice Things Whenever I can

Sometimes we keep our compliments and positive comments to ourselves because we are embarrassed to say them or we think nobody will care anyway. But, it’s very important to say something nice whenever you think to say it.

Saying nice things helps you feel like a nice person. Bottom line. Even if other people don’t feel grateful for your nice comment, it still feels good to say something nice.

For instance, if you are at a grocery store and you notice that the clerk is very efficient at their job, tell them! They may not care. They may find it weird that you are complimenting them on that. They may hate their job and not like being told that they are good at it. But, they may also appreciate the comment and feel better about their day. You don’t get to decide how they will react to your comment. But you do get to feel good that you’ve tried to make someone feel good.

Don’t hold back on saying nice things when you think of them. Don’t worry about reactions. Saying nice things is going to help you feel like a nicer person, and that’s what matters most.

5. I See Things From Other People’s Perspectives

If you want to be a nicer person, you need to have compassion for other people. But that can be hard to do when you can’t understand where they are coming from.

For instance, if your neighbor is a miserable jerk – that may be all you see. It’s hard to be nice to someone who you think is just a miserable jerk. But, if you take into consideration their fears, struggles, and worries, it can help you to be nicer to them even if they are a jerk. Learning that they have lost their spouse to cancer, for instance, will help you understand where they are coming from. Or, learning that they are living paycheck to paycheck and feel a huge amount of stress can help you to be nicer to them.

Other people have a history of experiences to make up who they are. People aren’t born miserable, inconsiderate, or annoying. They become that way through a multitude of experiences.

Allow yourself to see that fact and you will be instantly nicer to everyone you meet – even the grumpiest people.

If you want to make this affirmation stick, you really need to try to switch up your view. If you need to do research or talk to someone else who gets where somebody is coming from, do it. It will help you understand other people’s perspectives when you are having a hell of a time doing it.

6. If I Don’t Have Anything Remotely Nice To Say, I Don’t Say It

Constructive criticism is fine. Giving it is not being a mean person if it’s given with the intent of helping someone improve in some way.  But, saying mean things just for the sake of making yourself feel better is not alright.

This affirmation is important if you want to be a nicer person. Most of us were taught it when we were young but forget it along the way.

By keeping your mouth shut during times of judgment or anger, you will avoid being a jerk. You won’t say something that you can’t take back. You won’t say something that will stick with someone for the rest of their life and alter the way they see you.

7. Being A Nice Person Is Good For My Mental Health (And Other People’s Too)

Struggle with occasional depression, anxiety, or worry? Being a nicer person can help.

Not only do you feel better about yourself when you are nice, research has shown that when you are a kind person, you get shots of serotonin and oxytocin, which help you to feel more stable and warm towards other people. Moreover, it impacts other people in a way that releases mood-boosting chemicals in them too. Who knows how many people you can affect positively by just being a nicer person.

8. I Expect Nothing In Return

It’s hard to be a nicer person when you have expectations of being paid back for being nice. That’s more of a transaction than it is a way of being.

If you want to be a nicer person, expect nothing in return. When you say or do something nice, don’t wait for some positive feedback. Many times you won’t get it and that will just tick you off and cause you to be a jerk or, at the very least, unhappy.

Affirm to yourself that it’s OK if you don’t get anything in return. You enjoy being a nice person just because it’s a good thing to do for yourself and for others. It’s a better way of living.

9. I Don’t Exaggerate Things Or Make Assumptions

Part of being a nicer person is being able to see things as they are and not how your brilliant imagination sees them. Your imagination will always make things worse than they are and it will be hard to be a nicer person because of this. You will end up saying stupid stuff that’s not true, or, at the very least thinking it. And that will keep you from being compassionate, which will keep you from being a nicer person.

10. I Make Time For Other People

Perhaps the nicest thing you can do is to make time for other people. We are all busy, so giving your time and energy to someone is about the nicest thing you can do. It shows that you care and have an invested interest in them.

What are some ways that you can make time for other people?

  • Call up a friend and have a decent conversation.
  • Make time to help out a co-worker with an issue they’re having.
  • Stop and acknowledge the person begging for money on the street. Give them money or take them out for food if you can.
  • Donate your time as a volunteer.
  • Turn off one TV program and spend quality time with the person or people you love.
  • Say yes to people who ask you to do something or help them out.

Just make time for other people and you will not only feel like a nicer person, but you will also be a nicer person.

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