15 Affirmations To Help You Be More Humble

What can being more humble help you do? It helps you see past yourself and form better relationships. It helps you have better conversations that solve problems instead of creating them. It also helps you grow as a person in all ways as you can see yourself as you are and are willing to accept that improvements can always be made.

It’s imperative to remember that you are important, but not that important.

  • You are not more important than other people.
  • Your needs are not greater than other people’s needs.
  • Other people are not beneath you to be used, lied to, or abused.
  • You do not get to dictate how other people will live their lives in any way, shape, or form.
  • Your opinions are not the most important opinions in the world.
  • Your beliefs are not the only right beliefs in the world.

Let’s talk about some affirmations that can help you be more humble.

15 Affirmations To Say If You Want To Be More Humble

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1. I Have Lots Of Room For Improvement

In order to be more humble, you need to recognize that you have a lot of room to grow as a person. You are not perfect. You do not know everything. You could spend the rest of your life learning and growing as still have room for improvement.

This affirmation will also help you keep level-headed when you start to judge other people. You will realize that they have lots of room for growth, just like you.

2. I Take Constructive Criticism Well

If you tend to get upset when someone gives you advice or gives you negative feedback, then you are not letting your inner humble being shine through. You are acting the opposite of humble – as if you know it all and do it all perfectly.

When someone gives you constructive criticism, look at is an opportunity to grow. Other people can see things in you that you can’t, such as where you are going wrong or how you are holding yourself back.

3. I Am Grateful For Everything I Have

Gratitude is extremely important to be more humble. Instead of being arrogant or boastful about your successes and wins in life, be grateful. Gratitude helps you see past the arrogance and stay grounded. It helps you see your blessings and recognize other people’s blessings too.

4. I Admit When I Am Wrong

This affirmation may be easy to say but hard to act on.  Most of us don’t like admitting that we are wrong because we think it makes us look weak or incapable of doing something. But, if you want to be more humble, the affirmation is important to believe. It helps you to let go of your pride and be more willing to accept that you have room for improvement.

5. I Praise Other People Easily

In order to be more humble, you need to admit that other people are doing great things in their lives – maybe even greater things than you are doing. And that’s OK! We are all working with what we have and doing the best we can with that.

Not only do you make other people feel good when you praise them, you also allow yourself to recognize that you can learn things from other people and add to your characteristic of being humble.

6. I Am Good Enough The Way I Am

If you find that you compare yourself to other people a lot, this affirmation will help you to be more humble in other people’s company. It will help you acknowledge that other people are great, but you are also great… just as you are.

There’s no need to pretend to be better than you are.

There’s no need to lie.

You are good enough the way you are, and you can admit that you don’t have everything together.

Moreover, if you find that you need praise from other people, this affirmation will help you out. When you already believe that you are good enough just the way you are, you can avoid doing things such as bragging and seeking attention in order to gain their praise.

7. I Value Being Humble

If you want to be more humble, you better value the characteristic in your life.

Always remind yourself of the value of being humble, such as:

  • Humble people deal with stress and anxiety better.
  • Humble people are liked more than arrogant people.
  • Humble people experience more personal growth in their lives.
  • Humble people have better relationships.
  • Humble people are more capable of helping other people.

In short, it’s awesome to be more humble, so affirm to yourself the value you have in being a humble person.

8. I Am Curious

This is an important affirmation if you want to be more humble. When you are a naturally curious person, you can admit that you don’t know everything. It’s much easier to be humble in this state of mind. Humble people know there is a lot to learn, and curiosity helps drive that sense of wanting to learn.

9. I Am An Awesome Person

You want to be more humble, but you don’t want to be a doormat or stop believing in yourself and your capabilities.

Being humble is all about balance.

It’s about knowing that you are not God’s gift to everything and everyone, but also knowing that you have a lot of value and worth in this world.

It’s about knowing that you are able to do great things in this world without letting your talents and wins go to your head where you start to believe that you are better than other people.

List out the reasons that you are amazing and keep those in your mind as you admit your faults, focus on personal growth, and become better and better.

10. I Often Put Other People’s Needs Ahead Of Mine

This is a hard affirmation to take action on sometimes. We’ve been taught that we should say ‘no’ more often and put our needs first, but if you want to be more humble, then this affirmation is something you need to practice.

Humble people understand their self-worth and can see when their needs are being met, which means they don’t always need to make their needs more important than other people’s. This allows them to reach out, help others, and show other people how much they care.

11. I Am A Great Listener

Humble people want to listen. They want to hear what other people have to say because they know that there is room for growth and opportunity when they do listen.

Moreover, listening helps other people feel valued and heard, which is a great way to show them that you care about them.

When you are in your own head and simply thinking about what you can add to the conversation (because your words are so much more important than their words), you are not being humble. You are putting yourself first and trying to show that you are more important.

Therefore, don’t try to dominate conversations. Be a great listener. Learn, teach, and be curious during conversations.

12. I Believe In Abundance!

If you want to be more humble, then it’s important to have an abundance mindset. Abundance means that there’s enough for everyone, which means that just because someone else has success doesn’t mean you can’t have success too – and vice versa.

Believing in abundance helps you to remain humble when other people are experiencing success around you and when you are experiencing success around others. It allows you to keep perspective around you and your life, as well as what you and others are capable of doing.

After all, if someone else has done it, so can you with the right steps.

13. I Ask For Help When I Need It

Practice saying this affirmation and acting on it often. It’s going to help you be more humble by quickly moving past the resistance of trying to do everything yourself.

Admit that you don’t know everything.

Admit that other people can help you learn and grow.

Ask for help when you need it.

14. I Accept My Strengths And My Limitations

Acceptance is an important part of being more humble. When you accept your strengths as well as your limitations, you can stop being defensive and judgemental. It’s an important recipe to be more humble.

15. I Can Laugh At Myself

When you can laugh at yourself for your mistakes, misconceptions, and misdoings, you have an easier time being humble. The resistance that comes from not wanting to be wrong or look like you don’t know what you are doing starts to melt away when you develop a perspective of humor.

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