101 Positive Affirmations To Say In The Morning For A Great Day

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you stub your toe, burn your toast, and get a flat tire, things usually go downhill from there. That’s because you get into a negative state of mind where you are capable of focusing on and drawing in the worst of the worst. Even just starting the day with negative affirmations, such as “Today is going to suck,” or, “I am a failure,” can get you into a frame of mind where you focus on negative things and draw in a really bad day. That’s why saying positive affirmations in the morning is so important. It can help you focus on the good things and, more than likely, create a really good day. Can’t think of some positive morning affirmations? Choose some from this list of 101 positive affirmations to say in the morning.

101 positive affirmations morning

101 Positive Affirmations To Use In The Morning

Remember, an affirmation is a statement or a declaration that you make to yourself. The perfect affirmations to use in the morning are the ones that make you feel good, alive, excited, and ready to tackle the day. Which of the following do that for you?

1. I am excited for my day.

2. I am capable of handling everything that comes my way.

3. I always choose love and happiness over hate and negativity.

4. I am great just the way I am.

5. Today is the perfect day to make great things happen.

6. I’m grateful for another day!

7. I feel great.

8. I will inspire everyone I cross paths with today.

9. I will inspire myself!

10. I am able to overcome any obstacles that may arise today.

11. I am patient and understanding towards myself and others.

12. I am happy to be alive today, even if the sun doesn’t shine.

13. It’s going to be a good day.

14. No matter what happens today, I’m going to become smarter, stronger, and happier.

15. I’m breathing! It’s a great day!

16. Each minute of today is an opportunity to change and make great things happen.

17. I know I won’t be here forever, so I will enjoy the heck out of today.

18. I choose to live in the present.

19. I am grateful for today.

20. I’m looking forward to [fill in the blank] today.

21. What I do today will bring me great things tomorrow.

22. I will learn so much today.

23. I will be kind and compassionate today.

24. I have decided today will be a good day no matter what happens.

25. Today is a good day for living life to its fullest.

26. Enjoy the day.

27. I am good enough.

28. I am smart enough.

29. I am worthy of people’s respect.

30. I am not alone in this world.

31. I stand on my own two feet and face the day with confidence.

32. I will focus on peace and love throughout my day.

33. I will look after myself today in every way.

34. There is a higher power working with me and through me for my best interest.

35. I believe in my ability to make this day amazing.

36. I trust that today will bring me the right people and circumstances to improve my life.

37. I start today with a clean slate – no hate and no fear.

38. I will stay positive despite other people’s negativity.

39. I am a creative being who can create the life I want starting today.

40. Only I have control over my happiness, and I choose to be happy today.

41.  The possibilities of what could happen today are endless!

42. I will be generous with my love, compassion, and kindness today.

43. I get what I give, so I will give what I want to get.

44. I will take the time to listen to my intuition today because it guides me towards the life I want.

45. I will take chances if the opportunity arises today.

46. I am committed to achieving my personal and professional goals.

47. I am blessed with a mind that is powerful.

48. I have let go of yesterday and am focused on today.

49. I will focus on nourishing my mind, body, and spirit today.

50. I will radiate an energy that people are drawn to.

51. I’m glad that I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to experience another day.

52. I will start doing what I need to do today.

53.  I will accept people and situations as they are today.

54. I have faith that everything works out in my best interest.

55. No one but me can drag me down in mind, body, or spirit.

56. I am simply amazing.

57. I will not let a negative temporary situation cause me to make a permanent decision that limits my life.

58. I have some amazing talents!

59. I am a magnet for all things good.

60. I will focus on doing what I can do in the moment.

61. People who don’t understand me will not take me down.

62. Each day is a new chapter in my life.

63. I am great because I am myself.

64. I will be honest with myself today.

65. I will be honest with others today.

66. My happiness – both now and in the future – is my priority today.

67. I will make every moment count today.

68. I will focus on habits that help me create the life I want.

69. I will avoid habits that bring me down, make me sad, or affect my life negatively.

70. I will make sure I experience pleasure today.

71. I will laugh today – a lot.

72. I will look for the bright side or humor in all situations.

73. I will nurture my relationships today because they give me support and love.

74. Today is a great day to spread positivity and kindness.

75. I will counteract any negative affirmations that pop into my head today with positive ones.

76. I can do anything if I try.

77. Today, I will be the best I can be.

78. I refuse to waste a moment of life because it’s too precious.

79. I am beautiful inside and out.

80. I have faith in myself.

81. I will stay grounded and centered today.

82. I always keep myself open to happiness.

83. I will soak in every loving gesture today and appreciate it, no matter how small it is.

84. Today, I am thankful for so many things.

85. I will contribute whenever I can today.

86. I have a gift that other people need.

87. I matter.

88. I can create change just by being myself and taking action on making my life amazing.

89. I choose to do better.

90. I will be brave and face life head on today.

91. I will say no when I know it’s in my best interest.

92. I will try my best.

93. I will give the people I love my attention and respect.

94. When I try, things always work out in my best interest in the end.

95. I will welcome all positive experiences into my life today with mindfulness and open arms.

96. My morning positive affirmations are more than just things I say to myself, they are statements that I believe in and live by.

97. I have everything that I need to make this day amazing.

98. I am grateful for everything that I have.

99. I have everything that I need to succeed.

100. Today is going to be a day worth living.

101. I choose to live today with positivity instead of negativity, hate, and anger.

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