10 Affirmations To Help You Work On Nurturing Relationships

Relationships require nurturing. They need attention and communication. If you don’t nurture your relationships, they will die. You may not be as close as you once were or you may just lose the person altogether. This is true in romantic relationships, friendships, or family relationships. So, it’s important to want to work on nurturing those relationships that mean something to you. Following are some affirmations that you can repeat daily to develop the belief that you need to put attention into your relationships.

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1. I Value My Relationships

The number one reason you are going to work on nurturing your relationships is because you value them. When they rank high on the list of things you value, you are going to put in the effort needed to nurture and strengthen them.

This affirmation is good for anyone who puts silly things, like food, cigarettes, TV, or video games above their relationships. Paying more attention to those things, and putting them above communicating with or hanging out with the people in your life, will guarantee that you hurt your relationship in the long run.

But it’s also good for people who put things like career and finances above their relationships. While those are important, your relationships are what give you the life-long benefits required to live a happy and fulfilling life, so keep your relationship high on the list of what’s most important to you.

2. Good Relationships Are Good For My Health

This affirmation is a blanket affirmation. There are many aspects of your health that good relationships are important too, but this affirmation will remind you that relationships impact everything in your life.

They increase your happiness, help you overcome bad habits, and reduce stress. All of that is going to increase your health both mentally and physically. In fact, you can even increase your lifespan through good relationships.

3. My Relationships Help Me Get Through Stressful Situations

In order to grow, you are going to have to face some stressful situations like job interviews, public speaking, disappointments, setbacks, and so much more. Social support has been shown to reduce the biological stress response that occurs during these types of situations. People can give you the validation and support you need to get through things, and then go forward and do what you need to do.

4. I Can Influence The World Positively With My Relationships

If you are someone who wants to create positive change in this world, then this affirmation is for you.

People will help you spread a positive message when they respect you. And you don’t even need to be really close with them. You just need to be someone they talk to occasionally or someone they follow on a blog or vlog. When they respect you, they will get behind your campaigns, participate in your movements, and share your ideas with others. This is a huge reason to nurture your relationships with followers online and people in real life.

5. I Enjoy Feeling Connected To Other People

If you don’t nurture your relationships and you end up losing them, things can get pretty lonely. But, you don’t have to lose relationships to feel lonely. Being in a relationship that isn’t very strong can feel lonely too. When you can’t share and communicate with someone, or when you can’t enjoy yourself or be yourself with someone, it feels just as lonely as not having someone in your life.

This is why you need to nurture your relationships. It will help you feel more connected to the people in your life and less lonely. That will boost your self-confidence, satisfaction, and happiness.

6. The Best Things In Life Are Worth Sharing

If you experience something amazing, you likely want to share it with someone. Why? Because the best things in life are worth sharing. You want others to know your achievements, proudest moments, exciting ventures, happiest experiences, and most fulfilling moments. It’s human nature to want other people to know when something great happens to you. Not having anyone to share that stuff with can be depressing and lessen the impact it has on your life.

7. Strong Relationships Help Me Work Through Issues

Having someone you trust to talk to during rough times is also important. They can help you see things in a new light or just give you a sounding board so that you can get things off your chest and feel better about whatever is happening.

8. I Appreciate My Relationships

Feeling gratitude for anything will help you put more attention to it. Therefore, feel grateful for your relationships. Appreciate all that they do for you. Spend time writing about how grateful you are for your relationships each day so that this affirmation comes to life as a belief quickly.

9. I’m Never Too Busy For My Relationships

Too often we get into the frame of mind that we are too busy to deal with our relationships. That frame of mind will keep you from nurturing your relationships and making them strong. Use this affirmation to keep yourself out of that frame of mind.

10. I Forgive Easily

Disagreements are going to happen in your relationships, and if you can’t forgive other people, that is going to put a wedge in your ability to nurture those relationships. Using this affirmation will help you look for ways to forgive people and work on communicating so that you can work things out.

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