30-Day Water Challenge: What Will Drinking More Water Do For You?

My body seems to have been screaming for more water lately, as I always feel thirsty. And, every time I have an ailment, I think to myself, ‘Water will probably be good for that’. And then I saw the following video where a few different people tried the 30-day water challenge, and I knew that was my last sign to go ahead and start getting my daily dose of recommended water. Want to join me? Watch the following video, take the challenge, and see what it can do for you.

4 People On The 30-Day Water Challenge

It’s interesting how they all experience different benefits. But, one thing they all experience is increased time in the bathroom for everything you need to do! So, that’s something we can all expect. My biggest thing will be getting my water in before bed. If I drink too much water right before bed, I’m up all night going to the bathroom.

Tracking The 30-Day Water Challenge

I want to know exactly how water is affecting me, so I’m not going to change anything else. I’ll still eat when I’m hungry, exercise at my normal times, and live my normal life. Increased water will be the only constant change.

I think with any kind of health challenge, it’s important to keep track of things you think might change and things you don’t so that you can see what’s actually going on day by day.

Things I want to keep track of:

First, I think drinking more water will help me snack less. I know when I drink a lot of water, I’m not as hungry. But when I don’t, I’m always hungry. So, I’m interested to see what it does for my food consumption and, mostly, my body measurements.

Second, I want to see if it helps my mood. I have major mood swings throughout my month, so I’m wondering if water might help balance out my hormones and calm my mood swings. I’ve heard conflicting theories on whether or not increased water intake helps balance out hormones. Because I’m in tune with when my hormones naturally seem to affect my mood, I think I’ll be able to tell whether it’s helping or hurting.

Third, I want to keep track of my body pain. I have hypothyroidism, and I used to have a ton of pain every single day before I knew I had it. When I started medication for hypothyroidism, a lot of pain went away. When I dropped dairy from my diet, almost all of the remainder went away. But, I still have some pain. I’m wondering what increased water will do for it. I’ve heard that aching joints can be from a lack of water, so I’m hoping it clears up any remaining issues I have.

Lastly, I want to keep track of my energy. I have a lot of crashes during my day, and I think it has to do with my motivation and stress towards my work, but we will see if water helps. It helps the girls in the video above, so fingers crossed.

Anything else will be noted and appreciated.

What would you like to experience from drinking more water?

Let’s Start The 30-Day Water Challenge!

It’s simple: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day for a month.

Start today, keep track of the things you want to keep track of. And, if you do the challenge, make sure you come back and leave a comment on whether you think other people should take it or not.

I’ll update with my results.

Download For This Challenge

You can download the 30-Day Water Challenge PDF I’ll be using if you want to keep track of what I’m keeping track of. Click here to download now. You can always whiteout the words and replace them with your own.

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