6 Affirmations To Help You Find More Meaning In Life

At some point, we all start to look for meaning in life. The daily grind is no longer enough and we look for what the point of our lives is all about and why we should feel good each day. After all, what’s the point of getting up and doing life when there is no meaning in life? These affirmations will help you find meaning in life if you’re not feeling it.

6 Affirmations To Help You Find More Meaning In Life

1. I Create My Own Meaning In Life

Many people argue that life itself has no meaning. It simply gives you an opportunity to create meaning.

This is a great argument. It’s clear that some people don’t feel any meaning in life and are not willing to create it for themselves. They are looking for it in other people, jobs they take on, and on TV, but they don’t do things in their own life to give their life meaning.

It’s great to enjoy things, but that doesn’t really give your life meaning. I don’t know one person who feels that their life is meaningful because they sit and look at something all day. It doesn’t fill them up with a sense of importance or significance.

If you are looking for meaning in your life, then it’s important that you affirm that you create meaning. You do things that give your life meaning, whether it’s one-to-one helping other people, creating things that help other people, doing things indirectly that help other people, or doing things that make you feel worthwhile and important.

2. I Strive To Experience Positive Things

I had a friend once tell me that after she and her abusive boyfriend broke up, she had no more meaning in her life. She really meant it. She thought that meaning was about constantly doing something, even if it was struggling, crying, and feeling desperate.

That’s not meaning. That’s a struggle. That’s trying to get free of constraint, limitation, and control.

Negative situations are important. They teach us who we are, and what we want and don’t want in life. But, they only have meaning in our lives when we learn from them and move on. When we stay stuck in them, they drain the meaning from our lives.

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that meaning in life is about keeping busy and doing things – good or bad – or you will waste a ton of time in pointless, negative situations that drain the meaning from your life.

3. I Value Every Experience In My Life

If you want to find more meaning in your life, then you want to take more meaning out of your life. In other words, make as many moments as you can count.

I’ve found that every situation can have meaning in life if you are willing to look for it.

Sometimes it’s obvious. For instance, when you lose a pet, you can find the value they brought to your life. You can find the meaning you had in their life. You took care of them, you gave each other love, your pet taught you things about yourself, patience and your life. There is a lot of meaning in their life, and when they die you are able to hold onto that meaning.

Sometimes it’s not so obvious. For instance, when you are at a coffee shop and you let someone go in front of you who seems to be in a hurry, you may miss the meaning in that situation. You may miss the smile you put on someone’s face or the impact you had on the person who just walked in and saw your gesture.

It’s important to look for meaning in all situations or you may miss it.

4. I Know What I Want Out Of Life

When you are going aimlessly through life, not knowing what you want or what fulfills you, it’s hard to find meaning in life.

But, when you take a deep dive into your life and what you want in all areas of it, you start to do things that fulfill you on a daily basis. It’s much easier to find meaning in life when this is happening.

It’s important to stop listening to other people and listen to yourself. If you are living a life that is dictated by what other people want and tell you is appropriate, then you are never going to feel like you are living a meaningful life.

I highly suggest that you sit down and get clear on what you want out of life. If you haven’t done that and don’t know where to start, The Lifebook Online course is one course that can help you do it. You will dig into your life in 12 different areas and figure out what you want most – what will give your life the most meaning.

5. I Do What Makes Me Happy

I once heard Jack Canfield say that he only does stuff that makes him happy. If it doesn’t feel good, he doesn’t do it. This is a good practice to take on in life if you are trying to find more meaning in it.

When you do stuff that makes you unhappy, you feel bad. You get stuck in regret, anger, hurt, etc. It’s hard to find meaning in life when you are in such low emotions.

For instance, a friend of mine loved going to the casino, but she hated the way she felt when she came out. Almost all of the time she lost too much money and she felt regret and anger that stuck with her for days after the casino trip – sometimes longer if she spent a ton of money. Eventually, she stopped going to the casino because even though it made her happy to go, it didn’t make her happy afterward and it was ruining her ability to enjoy the moment with her husband and family and find any meaning.

6. I Focus On My Own Life

I’m someone who gets down about life when I see stupid people doing stupid things. Sometimes their big stupidity makes me question what meaning my life has in the grand scheme of things.

For instance, the following tweet that happened during Hurricane Florence made me down about life instantly. I can’t help but be disgusted that there is a human being out there who has every opportunity to save their dogs, but saves themselves and leaves their dogs to die.

But, it’s important to acknowledge that there are crappy people out there who do crappy things and then let it go and get back to your own life. That’s the only way to keep your emotions positive and do things that help you find meaning in life.

You are responsible for your happiness. Let go of the hate, anger, disbelief and all the other negative emotions and focus on the only person you have control of – yourself.

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