10 Affirmations That Will Help You Increase Your Luck

I come from a family who loves to gamble, and they all have their own little bad habit of trying to increase their luck while gambling. But, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how your legs are crossed, how many times you tap your fingers, or what bracelet you wear, luck doesn’t come from superstitious actions. You make your luck by thinking a certain way and doing things that put you in a position to be lucky. Sometimes luck is about chance, but more often than not you make your own luck in this life. Following are some affirmations to help you increase your luck without the superstitious behaviors.

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1. Time Passing Doesn’t Increase My Luck

First, I want you to affirm to yourself that time passing doesn’t equal more luck. Too many people believe that as more time passes, their lucky moment is arriving. They just have to wait for it. That’s bullshit.

I know too many people who have sat at the casino, spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars believing that the more time passes, the more likely they are to have their lucky win in the form of a big jackpot. And when it doesn’t come, they are hundreds or thousands of dollars poorer.

Alternatively, I know some people who have worked at a job thinking that the more time they put into their job, the more likely they are to luck out and be picked for a promotion. But hours worked doesn’t always equal a promotion. Moreover, being lucky doesn’t equal a promotion. Things you do or say, your quality of work, or your relationship with management is what boosts your chances of getting promoted and getting more pay.

Please don’t buy into the belief that time put in equals more chances of being lucky. You will be disappointed every time as you watch people who have put no time into anything continuously be lucky.

2. I Have Good Luck

You are telling yourself one of three things:

  1. I have good luck
  2. I have no luck
  3. I have bad luck

Choose to tell yourself that you have good luck. That will help you feel lucky, and it will ensure you avoid doing all those things like complaining and procrastinating when your chance to get lucky comes around.

3. I Am Calm And Relaxed

Lucky people are often able to see opportunities that other people can’t. This is because they are more mindful and can spot those little messages that help them move towards their lucky opportunities.

Unlucky people tend to be more anxious and tense, which disrupts their ability to notice the unexpected things that pop into their life. Richard Wiseman, the author of The Luck Factor, talks about this in a study he did.

In the study, he asked participants to go through a newspaper and count how many pictures there were in total. Unlucky people spent a few minutes going through the paper while lucky people only took a few seconds. Why? Because the lucky people noticed an ad at the beginning of the paper that told them how many pictures were in the newspaper. The unlucky people tended to be tenser and focused only on counting the pictures.

4. I Listen To My Intuition

Whether you call it your gut feeling or your intuition, listen to it. People who trust their intuition are more likely to get lucky breaks in all areas of life when compared to people who don’t listen to their intuition at all.

If you know a lucky person, ask them if they use their intuition a lot. I’m willing to bet they say yes.

While a lot of people don’t talk about using intuition yet, there are people like Vishen Lakhiani, creator of Becoming Limitless and founder of Mindvalley, who have used intuition to create more success and are willing to share their experiences. In the following video, Vishen tells a story about using his intuition at a job he had.

You can check out the intuition training he’s talking about here.

5. I Always Maintain A Positive Attitude

Shit happens in life to you, me, and everyone else. How you handle those moments can affect your luck in a very big way. A positive attitude can help you stay open to possibilities, get lucky, and completely change what’s happening.

A positive attitude helps you stay in the moment, which is an important tool to increase your luck. When you are present, you can see more opportunities. Moreover, you have more desire to grab a hold of those opportunities.

For instance, two friends of mine went out to a party one night. They were both single and looking for love. One friend was miserable and didn’t want to be there. The other one was feeling good about the party and had his eyes open for a woman who intrigued him. Who do you think ended up finding someone that night? Yep, the positive friend.

What’s worse is that there was a woman at the party who thought my miserable friend was attractive, but he was unwilling to acknowledge that she might be good for him because he was being so negative. He thought he had bad luck with women, but the truth is he was so negative, he was closing himself off from seeing the right woman when she was standing in front of him.

6. I’m Clear On My Goals

What does lucky and unlucky mean? Lucky means, in part, to have success. But, how can you have any success if you don’t know what you want to be successful in?

If you want to increase your luck, you need to come up with some concrete goals in all areas of your life. That way you will be looking for opportunities to help you reach those goals, and because you will be so observant at times you need to be, you will come up with those lucky breaks when you need them.

For instance, if you know what you want, you will likely talk about it to people. You may end up talking about your career goal to someone who can help you advance in some way towards that goal.

While some people will say it was lucky that you were talking to the right person at the right time, you could also say that you made your luck by being focused on what you want and putting it out there to other people who may be able to help.

If you are not clear on your goals, it’s time to get clear. It will help you find more meaning in life and then help you keep your eyes open for lucky opportunities that help you continually create meaning in your life.

7. I’m Open To Change

It’s important to be open to change if you want to increase your luck. You need to be willing to take an opportunity when it arises, even if it isn’t in line with what you are doing right now.

When you look back later, that opportunity might have been your lucky break, and you don’t want to let it slip through your fingers because you are scared of change.

8. I Improve My Odds When I Can

You may not be able to improve your odds of winning the lottery by much. But, you can improve your odds in other areas of your life where your chances of being lucky aren’t 1 in 59 million.

The best way to improve your odds and increase your luck is to know your goals and then actively work on personal development to help you hone in on your skills and ability to do what you need to do for the life you want.

In other words, education, practice, and hard work are all important tools to increase your luck.

Education, practice and hard work will:

  • Help give you the ability to work through and overcome issues as you work towards the life you want.
  • Get you in line with your goals and opportunities that you can take advantage of.
  • Give you an advantage over other people who are also trying to get lucky in the areas you want to get lucky in.

9. I Like Other People And Keep A Large Social Circle

Sorry to all you people out there who would rather be alone the majority of the time (me included), but the right people are your best bet to increase your luck. They can give you new ideas, present you with opportunities, introduce you to the right people, and keep your spirits up and on track towards your goals. The more people you know, the luckier you will be.

Therefore, if you want to increase your luck, start affirming to yourself how much you like other people and want to keep a large social circle around at all times.

10. I Am Lucky

Lastly, consider yourself lucky. Research has shown that people who consider themselves lucky are less stressed out and more likely to come across the lucky situations that they want.

The bottom line is that if you think you are lucky, you will be open to seeing all the lucky opportunities that come your way.

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