10 Affirmations That All Single People Should Be Saying

If you’re single and want a loving, caring relationship someday, then it can be a struggle sometimes. This is especially true if you talk negatively about being single. You may not like being single, but if you say things like ‘I hate being single!’ then you are setting yourself up for some bad stuff.

For instance, you can lower your standards as you become desperate for a relationship and end up getting into a relationship that drags you down and makes you miserable. That’s why you need to talk to yourself in a way that helps you maintain your standards (and your sanity) as you look for that special someone.


There are people out there who are waiting to meet you. Waiting to love you. You have to stick around for them. Benedict Smith

10 Affirmations That All Single People Can Use To Maintain Their Happiness And Well-Being

Following are 10 affirmations you can start saying to yourself today to help you see being single in a new light.

1. I Deserve A Good Person In My Life

First and foremost, you need to believe that you deserve a good person in your life. I talked about this affirmation as being one that changed the course of my life, so I really know how powerful it is.

I used to be a serial dater. I didn’t want to be single… ever. And that led me into a ton of bad relationships that wasted my time and kept me from dating the people that would actually benefit my life in some way.

When you declare to yourself that you deserve a good person, you will feel better about waiting until that person comes around.

Being single will not be about torturing yourself, but about keeping yourself available for when that really good, compatible, and interesting person comes along.

2. I Enjoy Having Time To Do Whatever I Want

You are single! You make your own decisions with your time. You can sit on the couch all day and do nothing or you can take courses, work on yourself, or take trips whenever you want to. You don’t have to answer to anyone. If you want to do it, you can do it.

A person has to spend some quality time being themselves on their own terms without distractions. It helps you get to know yourself, see your potential, and build a foundation of who you will be for the rest of your life.

3. I’m Happy For People Who Have Found True Love

If you hate on couples that are really happy, you are going to torture yourself needlessly. You will start saying things to yourself like ‘That’s what I’m missing out on!’ And the more you tell yourself that you are missing out on something great, the more horrible you will feel because you will feel like you are missing something big from your life! That’s painful and it will make any single person miserable.

If they are happy, that’s something you should celebrate, not hate.

When you feel happy for them, you maintain your own personal happiness. Your focus stays on how good relationships can be, and you can maintain a positive expectation that one day you will be in a relationship like that.

4. There’s More To Life Than Relationships

Have you ever heard of the Level 10 life concept? It’s where you break your life up into 10 different areas and work on developing each area from whatever level you are at now to a level 10.

In other words, you are constantly working on improving yourself and achieving a happier and healthier life.

And a relationship is just one of those areas.

You also have family and friends, spirituality, career, finances, fun, contribution, health, physical environment, and personal development to focus on.

So why give all your attention to a relationship – or lack thereof, when it is just a fraction of what makes up your well-being and happiness in life?

There is so much more to life than relationships, and they don’t require you to be in a relationship to work on them.

5. My Relationship Status Doesn’t Define Me

Before it was just our mothers and nosy people who worried about our relationship status. That was bad enough. But now we have to disclose our relationship status on social media where we think everyone can judge us based on it. But that’s crap.

While I’m sure some people may judge you on your relationship status (because they are emotionally unintelligent people who do things like that), most people base their opinion of you on more things than whether you are single or not.

But whether they are judging you or not, you must remember that there’s more to life than relationships and your relationship status doesn’t define you and what kind of life you have.

There are so many more elements of your life that define what kind of person you are and what kind of person you are going to be.

6. I’m Worrying About My Happiness Before I Worry About Someone Else’s

You can’t make other people happy. Just like they can’t make you happy. We are all responsible for our own happiness. So if you are not happy as a single person, you will not be happy in a relationship.

It’s important to worry about your own happiness and get your life all sorted out before you have to worry about someone else’s happiness. It will detract you from focusing on yourself, and you may not ever get to really find out what makes you happy.

The good thing is that if you have a positive mentality and feel good about your life, you are going to influence your future partner in a positive way.

Your example may help them develop a similar mentality and attitude towards their life, and that will make your relationship with them amazing! When both people feel happy about themselves, then the relationship runs along a lot smoother.

7. There Are So Many Opportunities For Love In My Future

From work to coffee shops to friends of friends, you will have plenty of chances to meet people, date people, and even get into relationships with people.

Instead of focusing on a lack of relationship, affirm to yourself that there is a lot of opportunity for love out there.

You don’t know how many people are out there waiting for you. You don’t know who you will meet today, tomorrow, or a year from now. You just don’t know. And that’s exciting because the opportunities for love are endless.

This affirmation will help you avoid focusing on things like how much longer you are going to be single for or whether or not you will ever find love.

Any feeling that you missed your chance will also fade away.

You will KNOW that there are plenty of opportunities ahead of you and you will get to choose which ones you want to take advantage of.

8. I Always Strive To Enjoy The Moment

Single people are often looking to the future when they will have a loving, caring relationship. But, that causes you to miss out on the moment. That’s why this affirmation is so important to say over and over again – until it becomes a belief that you practice on a daily basis.

When you enjoy the moment, you do a few things:

  • Reduce worry about a future relationship.
  • Give yourself the ability to focus on your current needs.
  • Give yourself the ability to focus on your happiness and personal development.
  • Enjoy where you are at instead of wishing you were somewhere else.
  • Feel gratitude for the little things as well as the big things.

All of this is going to help you be happier as a single person.

9. I Enjoy Forming Close Relationships

Loneliness is bad for your physical and mental health. And if you are lonely and single, there is a high chance you are going to blame being single for your loneliness and resent it with a vengeance.

But, you can be in a relationship and be lonely, by the way. I knew a woman with three kids and a husband who was lonelier than anyone I had ever met.

That’s why it’s important to make friends and nurture those relationships. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Close relationships are going to help keep loneliness at bay.

If you feel lonely, then this affirmation is important. The more you tell yourself that you enjoy forming close relationships, the more you will actively get out and find ways to do so. And loneliness will start to become a thing of the past.

10. I Am Lovable

I don’t need to know you, I already know that there is a lot to love about you.

You have unique qualities that would enrich other people’s lives.

You are a human being and deserve love.

You have done good things for people.

You have a lot to offer someone in a relationship.

And, if you don’t truly believe you are lovable yet, saying this affirmation over and over again will help you look for those little things that make you so lovable. You will even find yourself creating more things about yourself that make you appealing and a good catch.

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