5 Tips To Create More Love In Your Romantic Relationship

cultivate More love

Creating more love in your relationship requires some effort, but it can be done, and it’s very important to do. Love is one of the most powerful emotions available to humans, and it feels pretty darn good! Love has the ability to overcome almost any obstacle, and it can make even the hardest days seem …

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10 Things To Stay To Yourself To Help You Be A Better Partner

improve your relationship

If you want to keep your romantic relationship strong, then these affirmations can help you to be a better partner. The way you talk to yourself about your relationship, and your part in it, is going to determine what you will and will not do in the relationship. That’s why it’s very important to talk …

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Desperately Need To Find Your Soulmate? Why That’s Not A Good Thing

need to find soulmate 1536x1090 1

If you are on a mission to find your soulmate then you are probably looking for someone who will allow you to be you, understands you, loves you, and fits into your life perfectly and easily. The relationship won’t be hard, difficult, or result in a breakup because she will be your soulmate!  But when you …

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3 Ways To Create Instant Attraction With Someone You Don’t Know

eye contact

Sometimes instant attraction just happens, but sometimes we need to make it happen! Instant attraction can be really important. It can make the difference between someone wanting to approach you or someone deciding to move on and keep looking. If you want to make sure you have as many possibilities for romance as possible, then …

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Fear Relationship Failure? Here Are 5 Questions That Can Help

relationship failure

Are you terrified of getting into a relationship for fear of the relationship failing? You are not alone, and, to be honest, there are good reasons to fear a relationship and its ultimate doom. Common fears include: Being cheated on. Being lied to. Being abused either mentally or physically. Being not good enough for them. …

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12 Habits To Build An Emotional Connection In Your Relationship

Habits For Strong Emotional Connection

A physical connection can be important in a relationship, but an emotional connection is extremely important. It’s the basis of your relationship and will keep you together during the tough times. It’s the bond that holds you together. If your emotional connection is lacking, don’t worry, there are habits you can build to strengthen it …

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7 Things to Know before Going Out on a Date

Things to Know before Going Out on a Date

Dating dilemma: you don’t want to look so prepared, but you also don’t want to be unprepared. So, what should you do? You don’t want to appear like you’re going to a job interview, but you also don’t want to be too relaxed and mess up. To address this issue, here are the seven things …

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5 Affirmations To Help You Embrace Commitment In Your Love Life

man and woman in love

Have you been hurt before and feel scared to embrace a commitment to someone? Are you worried that the feeling of being committed is going to cause you to feel despair in the future? This is normal. Many people cannot embrace commitment with someone new because they are stuck in the memories and pain of …

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8 Fun Things to Talk About on a First Date

Fun Things to Talk About on a First Date

It’s your first date, you’re wearing your favorite dress, your hands are shaking a little bit under the table, and right across from you sits the most gorgeous guy you have ever seen in your whole life. You’ve been crushing on him for so long that when he asked you out, you almost fainted! You …

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Work On Waking Up With No Regrets In Your Relationship

no regrets challenge

There are two big relationship events that can cause you to feel a ton of regret. The first is when your partner dies suddenly. You can find yourself wishing you had been kinder and more loving, among many other things. The second is when your partner decides to leave you. You can find yourself regretting …

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28 Days Of Journal Prompts For Your Romantic Relationship

romance prompts

February is often coined the romance month. I change my whole house into a romantic theme for the month of February and I focus on the romantic aspect of my life. It is an important aspect of my life because when I’m happy in my love relationship, the rest of my life goes much more …

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Feel More Connected To Others By Adding These 7 Affirmations Into Your Life

Feel More Connected To Others By Adding These 7 Affirmations Into Your Life

When we feel connected to other people, we feel less angry and safer. We are also kinder and happier because connection gives us the freedom to share parts of us with others – including our insecurities and fears – which can reduce stress and anxiety. A real connection makes us feel like we have someone …

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Relationship Challenge: Sit Down Each Day And Discuss One Question

Ask Partner Questions Challenge

Communication is what keeps relationships alive. You cannot stay strong, happy, and fulfilled in your relationship if you do not communicate. But, we often take communication for granted, limiting it to ‘How was your day?’ and ‘What do you want to do?’ We don’t take advantage of the time we have to communicate in a …

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Keep The Romance Alive With These 8 Affirmations

We only part to meet again

When you are displaying affection, thoughtfulness, and adoration – also known as being romantic – you are telling the other person that they are loved and appreciated. Romance keeps the fun and commitment alive in a relationship, so if you’re lacking it, you need to get it back if you want your relationship to thrive …

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6 Affirmations To Help You Let Go Of An Argument

Man giving the finger during argument

For most of us, our arguments fade away into time and we lose the intensity and hurt we felt around them. But, sometimes there is one argument that won’t dissolve away. It feels like it just happened, and it can affect our mood, relationships, and the present moment in a big way. There is no …

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6 Affirmations To Help With Fear Of Confrontation

Man and woman pointing fingers at each other

Do you hide or run from confrontation? Is your fear of confrontation making you miserable in some way? It probably is. How do I know that? Because in order to express ourselves and create any change we want to see, confrontation is often needed. Not an angry confrontation, though. I’m talking about approaching someone and …

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6 Important Affirmations To Help You Find Your Soulmate

Woman and man having fun together

In an article I wrote about attracting love, a guy commented that he had zero chance of attracting someone so why bother looking. That affirmation – I have zero chance of attracting someone – is going to keep him from finding his soulmate in many different ways. Mostly because he’s not going to allow someone …

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10 Affirmations To Help You Work On Nurturing Relationships

Man and woman holding hands over coffee table

Relationships require nurturing. They need attention and communication. If you don’t nurture your relationships, they will die. You may not be as close as you once were or you may just lose the person altogether. This is true in romantic relationships, friendships, or family relationships. So, it’s important to want to work on nurturing those …

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Important Relationship Affirmation: I Accept My Partner For Who They Are

I accept my partner for who they are

I was just watching Divorce Court. It is usually a pretty interesting show when it comes to relationships. Judge Lynn is very insightful and straightforward, and the show often gives me inspiration to write relationship posts. But, today, it is all about positive affirmations. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in my relationships is …

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Affirmation: I Deserve To Be Loved The Way I Love Others

I deserve love affirmation

I am no stranger to expecting more than I give. I have been there and done that. And, I have been in relationships where they expected more than they gave. Needless to say, all of those relationships have ended – including romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships. Now, I make sure to give as much …

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6 Habits For Healthier Arguments To Improve Your Relationships And Productivity

Argument Habit Productivity

The way you handle arguments in your relationships is very important to your productivity. Fighting can drain you, distract you, and keep you from doing the things you want to do. This is especially true of your romantic relationship. Fighting with the person who you spend the most time with, share big decisions with, and …

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How Positive Affirmations Helped Me To Find Love

Love is what is left in a relationship when the selfishness is taken out

I had a lot of unhealthy relationships when I was younger. I wanted to find love so badly, but all I kept finding were losers… attractive losers, but losers nonetheless. I figured that I would be able to change them. Of course, that never worked. I had one heartbreak after another as I either realized …

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10 Affirmations That All Single People Should Be Saying

There are people out there who are waiting to meet you. Waiting to love you. You have to stick around for them. Benedict Smith

If you’re single and want a loving, caring relationship someday, then it can be a struggle sometimes. This is especially true if you talk negatively about being single. You may not like being single, but if you say things like ‘I hate being single!’ then you are setting yourself up for some bad stuff. For …

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