11 Kinds of Friend You Should Find and Keep

Friend You Should Find and Keep
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Find and keep a friend who always does good things for you even though you mistakenly hurt her or him sometimes. Someone patient continues showing you gestures of goodwill even if you are angry with her or him and you’re not on speaking terms.

11 Kinds of Friend You Should Find and Keep:

1. Always keep the communication open.

Someone who does not create walls that separate the two of you.

Someone who does not destroy the way of communication or connection that keeps your friendship alive.

Someone who does not stop caring for you and lending you a hand even if the two of you have misunderstandings.

2. Care for your family and friends.

Find and keep a friend who cares for you and care for your family and other people who are close to your heart.

Someone who does not feel insecure or jealous of the people who share your love, such as your romantic partner, family, friends, and other loved ones.

Someone who does not compete but instead cooperate with your loved ones to make you happy.

Someone who does not only respect you but also respect your loved ones as well.

3. Mature enough.

Find and keep a friend who does not get angry or offended over petty things.

Someone mature enough to prioritize more important things like saving the friendship the two of you have built over the years than accommodating her or his own ego and pride.

Someone who does not give you mere silence but peace of mind.

4. Humble

Who is humble enough to admit her or his own mistakes and courageously approach you to apologize rather than blaming you.

5. Forgives you.

Someone who forgives you when you ask forgiveness and does not keep records of your past mistakes.

Find and keep a friend who does not judge you but instead understands you.

Someone who accepts you for who you really are.

Someone who understands your flaws and help you overcome them so you can grow a better person.

Someone who does not force you to change to a person whom you don’t want to be but instead inspire you to change and be a better person on your own.

6. Not self-centered.

Find and keep a friend who is enthusiastic to know you better.

Someone who enjoys listening to your stories.

Someone interested to hear you and not just tell their own.

Someone who shares the spotlight with you rather than take it all.

7.  Will never betray you.

friend you should find and keep never betray you
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Find and keep a friend whom you can tell and entrust your secrets with.

Someone who knows how good a person you are.

Someone who doesn’t easily believe what others are saying about you because she or he knows you better than them.

Someone who also tells you her or his secrets with confidence. Someone who also believes in your loyalty as a friend.

Someone who is not only kind and helpful to you but also someone who has trust and confidence in you.

8.  Happy to receive.

Find and keep a friend who gives you gifts and appreciate the gifts you give to her or him.

Someone who helps you and ask for your help because she or he depends on you. Someone who treats you as a reliable friend.

9. Who doesn’t leave you during hard times.

friend you should find and keep stay with you
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Someone who celebrates with you in times of prosperity and success and becomes your support and strength when you’re weak.

Someone who stays with you when you need her or him the most.

10. Compassionate.

friend you should find and keep Compassionate
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Find and keep a friend who is sympathetic and empathetic, and compassionate—someone who does not only feel your pain and suffering but also does something to alleviate them.

Someone who does not only cry for you but also comforts your heart and mind to wash away your tears.

11. Care for you.

friend you should find and keep care for you
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Find and keep a friend who cares for you consistently.

Someone who does not only give you material things but, more importantly, the spiritual things you need, such as her or his patience, respect, humility, trust, kindness, honesty, compassion, and understanding.

Someone who nurtures you with love.

Someone who brings you closer to God.

Someone who guides you towards the path to eternal life.

Someone who wants to make your friendship last forever.

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