21 Great Questions to Ask Suitors before You Say Yes to the Right One

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There are things to think about and questions that need to be answered when a young man and woman step into the courtship stage. Getting to know someone is important and at the same time fun. Moreover, it is also significant to find out as much as you can about someone before you say “YES.”

It takes a lot of questions to expose beliefs and perspectives of your potential suitor, especially in this age of endless connection where the most relationship doesn’t go far beyond the surface. So, you really need to dig deeper and evaluate your suitor before both of you enter into a serious relationship. Sometimes it is difficult to know what questions to ask, but with these questions, I listed down, you will have an idea of what to ask.

To help you tap into the power of knowing, here are 21 questions to ask your suitors before you say “YES” to the right one.

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21 Great Questions to Ask Suitors Before You Say Yes to the Right One

1. Why did your last relationship end?
It is not like you need to know all the details about their breakup, but he should at least be able to explain what happened in his previous relationship. Here are a few warning signals for this question: It’s either he doesn’t want to talk about his past relationship, which means he hasn’t moved on yet or he doesn’t know why they broke up and they don’t have closure until now.

2. Have you moved on from your previous relationship?
This is one of the most important things to ask when you’re entertaining a suitor because you wouldn’t know if he’s just using you as a rebound to forget his ex-girlfriend. Dig deeper and look into his eyes to see how sincere he is while he’s answering your question.

3. How do you deal with heartbreaks?
We all know that dealing with heartbreaks is not that easy. One thing to know how he handles throbbing experiences and circumstances in life is how he deals with simple heartache.

4. What are the qualities you’re looking for in a Girlfriend?
This is one of those relationship questions to ask a man that takes some time and thought. You’ll also be given the chance to know if he’s looking at a physical appearance or from within. This is also a great way to know if you have those qualities he is looking for.

5. What do you want from a relationship?
Does he want a “friends with benefit” type of relationship only or does he want something to take seriously? If you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship, then you already know the answer that is more acceptable.

6. Do you have difficulty with dealing with lust?
Lust is something that is hard to deal with, especially with men. However, you’ll know if he’s just after your body or your heart based on his answer.

7. What kind of Boyfriend are you? Are you a strict one or not?
One thing you need to consider before entering into a relationship is what kind of boyfriend he is. Well, probably you’ll know this as you go through with your relationship. However, it is also important to know or even just have a hint of what he is, before you enter into the kingdom of love so you won’t have any regret in the end.

8. What makes you angry?
You need to know things that can make him mad, so you will have an idea whether you can handle it or not.

9. Are you an introvert or extrovert type of person?
Introverts get their energy from being alone while extroverts are socially active when surrounded by people. Considering this act will give you the idea about their personality style that you might compare to what kind of personality you also have.

10. How do you handle conflicts in a relationship?
How he handles conflicts in a relationship will tell you if he’s the type of man who easily gives up or will please you and won’t let you go no matter what the situation is.

Questions to Ask Suitors before You Say Yes to the Right One
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11. What is your dream or ambition in life?
Either you’re looking for a goal-oriented man or not, this is still important to ask. A man with a dream is someone who will lead you to the right path rather than someone who simply has no dream at all.

12. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
You will know if he is a family-oriented type of person, once you ask this question. A man who truly loves his parents is the man who will also truthfully love you despite your flaws.

13. What do you believe about God?
Asking your suitor what his belief is will give you an idea of whether he meets your spiritual expectations or not. Although true love has no religious boundaries, it is good to know whether your spirituality will be compatible or not.

14. Do you drink, smoke, or take illegal drugs?
If you’re the type of woman who wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend that drinks or smokes then, you better ask him this question first. Taking illegal drugs is also not a turn-on to a man so you must avoid him if he’s into this thing.

15. How do you earn, spend and save money?
Asking this question will help you know if he is financially wise. If a man is financially responsible, then he is someone who will give you a better future.

16. What do you do for fun?
This is the perfect question to see if both of you are a perfect match. If you love art and he also does, then the two of you are probably compatible with each other.

17. Do you enjoy reading?
A man who loves to pick a good book is a major turn-on for some women. You can tell a lot about a man’s personality with this simple question.

18. What’s your worst habit?
Before any serious feelings start forming, it is good to know his worst habit first. If his worst habit is something you can’t stand, then it’s probably best to quit dating him while you’re ahead.

19. What are your weaknesses and what are you doing to overcome them?
In a relationship, humility is vital to success. A boyfriend who is proud and arrogant will only bring you headaches and heartaches. Thus, you have to know if your suitors are humble enough to admit their weaknesses and mistakes – and if they are doing something to change and make themselves a better person.

Questions to Ask Suitors before You Say Yes to the Right One
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20. How do you spend time with your little siblings, nephews, and nieces?
Single guys who are thoughtful and close to their little siblings, nephews and nieces, and who always spend time to make them happy in many ways, have the tendency to be more loving, responsible and fun to be with. If your suitor can make little crazy kiddos laugh and happy, then there’s a good chance that he can also make you smile.

21. What are your plans for your future wife and children?
Even if you’re just expecting a boyfriend, it is wise to know if your suitor will become a responsible husband and father. A boyfriend-girlfriend relationship surely is a sweet thing. However, to make sure you won’t have a boyfriend who’s only sweet and romantic during the early stage but fades after a month or two, try to know your suitor if he’s true, sincere, and will be consistent.

These questions are just a simple guide in order for you to find someone who’s worth giving your “Yes”. However, these are not foolproof, so you still need to dig deeper to find out his real personality, the decisions he makes, or how he treats other people. Meanwhile, I hope this article will help you figure out if he’s a hit or a miss in your future dating or courtship stage.

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