40 Reasons to Love Your Mom More

loving mom

1.She supports all your crazy ideas – just not the ones that could hurt you.
Mothers know best and when she believes that something is right for you, she would do everything just to help you achieve it.

2.She respects your life’s choices even if she doesn’t totally understand them.
You mom may be too old to understand your choices but it doesn’t mean she will let you go through them alone.

3. She’s the first person to give you a call whenever you’re still out late.
Mothers worry too much, in a good way. Always let her know that her (adult) baby is safe and sound.

4. She makes you feel special at times when you feel worthless.
Your mother will be the only person who will love you for who you are even at times when you feel unloved. She will remind you how precious and beautiful you have become even if you, yourself, can’t see it.

5. She gives you strength whenever you’ve lost confidence in yourself.
She will never give up on you even if you have already given up on yourself.

6. She understands that you’re not perfect and still helps you love yourself.
She will always remind you that imperfections can be beautiful.

7. She’s always there even if she’s miles away and she makes sure you know that.
Mothers are really good at expressing how much they care – even in the form of several voice and text messages.

8. She’ll always wait for you no matter how long it takes.
She never gives up on the hope that someday, you’ll find time to pay her a visit. Go home. She’s waiting.

9. She doesn’t say it but she misses you every day.
She’s not the person to demand love and attention but she longs to spend time with you.

10. Her mere presence gives you a genuine peace of mind.
You know that when you’re with her, nothing can ever harm you.

11. Hearing her voice makes you feel at home wherever you go.
Every aspect of her, even just the sound of her voice, represents home.

12. She’s the first one to greet you on your birthday.
She celebrates your life and your existence by staying up late just to greet you – at exactly a minute after midnight.

13. She always says YES to every outfit even if you know how old-fashioned it is.
She doesn’t care what you wear and how you wear them – even if you know that they look hideous. Try it! Kidding.

14. Sleeping next to her makes you forget that the life is hard.
There’s an ultimate level of comfort that you feel whenever she’s around.

15. Seeing her cry breaks your heart and all you want to do is to hug her.
The most awful, terribly heartbreaking thing in the world is seeing your mom cry.

16. She helps you achieve your dreams no matter how long – and expensive it is.
She’ll tell you to focus on your goals and nothing else.

17. She doesn’t say NO to anything that will make you a better and happier person.
She’ll give you everything you need just to help you become the best version of yourself.

18. She always puts you first even if it means sacrificing her own happiness.
That’s what mothers do, but she doesn’t see it as a form of sacrifice but an act of love.

19. She’s too pure and precious for this world.
And by all means, you have to protect her from it.

20. She would take a bullet for you even if you’re not ready to do the same.
Because you don’t have to; she’s your personal superhero.

21. She always chooses you over anything.
Even if the other option is a shopping spree at her favorite fashion store.

22. She doesn’t expect anything in return even after giving you everything.
She will love you with everything she’s got and you don’t have to do the same – but you should.

23. She knows when you’re sad and tries her best to make it go away.
She’s the only person who knows you inside and out.

24. She gets mad at you because she cares.
Tough love can often be misunderstood but it’s still pure and genuine motherly love.

25. She accepts you for what you have become.
She doesn’t care if you defy societal expectations – as long as it’s legal.

26. She looks weak but she’s actually a real life Wonder Woman.
The image of a mother isn’t always that of a weak and fragile woman. Mothers are tough and amazingly strong.

27. She knows how to turn a bad day into a good one.
She knows what exactly she should do to make you smile again.

28. She thinks food is the first answer to all of your problems.
Because she’s right.

29. She’s a good listener.
Better than the “bestest” best friend.

30 Her patience is her strongest trait.
Because she knows you’re not always a good girl and it’s okay.

31. She’s strong when it matters.
She’s not always the mild and gentle soul. She can also be a rock and an armor when you need one.

32. Home is wherever she is.
She carries the love and comfort of home with her.

33. She takes the sunshine with here wherever she goes.
She has a way of making you smile even if nothing is worth smiling for.

34. She cheers you up with just a big warm hug.
Mom’s warm and gentle hugs are the best.

35. Her smile is the best thing in the world.
And seeing her happy means the world to you.

36. Her voice over the phone is an alternative medicine for homesickness.
It works like magic and it won’t cost you a thing – just a few cents in your telephone bill.

37. She understands failure and won’t let you face it alone.
She’ll never leave you even if the world has given up of on you.

38. She’s the patron of the lost – literally finding lost things in the house.
It’s stereotypical but it’s true.

39. She’s not only a great homemaker but also a dedicated provider.
Being a woman won’t stop her from playing both roles.

40. She looks so fragile but is a strong person in the inside.
No, you don’t have to protect her all the time but it’s good if you do.

Of course, there are still many other reasons why our loving, caring, forgiving, and very supportive mothers deserve our love more.

So what are you waiting for? Go and tell your mom how much you love her.

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