21 Common Signs a Female Friend Has Feelings for You

21 Common Signs a Female Friend Has Feelings for You
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Most girls are very caring to their friends. However, they can be extra-affectionate when they have romantic emotions toward someone. If you are here to confirm that a female friend has feelings for you, check out the usual signs.

The following are commonly observable in girls who like a boy friend.


1. She Pampers You More than Required.

One of the signs that a friend like you is how she spoils you. She gives you more attention than necessary. She treats you to snacks, movies, and shopping a lot. And if you are not feeling well, she appoints herself as your nurse.

2. She Likes Going Out with You—Alone.

You would know if a female friend has feelings for you if she likes being alone with you. She asks you to join her on a short trip whenever she wants to relax. Or if she is not okay, she finds your company comforting. You are the only person she likes to be with when she wants to be ‘alone’.

3. She Enthusiastically Listens to Your Stories.

If a girl likes you, expect her to give you full attention. She loves listening when you talk; you can tell this because she asks many questions, and her body language says so. She bends toward you to hear well, and her facial expression shows she is engrossed in your story.

4. She Sets Aside Everything Whenever You Need Her.

And whenever you need help, she will not hesitate to leave everything behind. She sacrifices time, resources, and even sleep to help you.

5. She Sees Even the Smallest Details of You.

Nothing seems to escape her eyes. She notices your new shirt, hairstyle, and even perfume. Also, she instantly knows whenever something is bothering you. For example, she knows if you are faking a smile or acting weird.


6. She is Often Energetic When You are Around.

Whenever you are together, she is always excited—full of energy. Even if claiming to be tired from work or school, she remains bubbly, especially when talking to you.

7. She Seems to be Always Happy Around You.

Aside from the high energy level, her happiness seems to overflow when with you. Her bright eyes say it all. Plus, the smile on her face never leaves.

8. She is Comforted by Your Presence.

You can also tell that a female friend has feelings for you if she admits to finding comfort in your company. Whenever she is not okay, she always asks you to join her. This is because she feels safe being vulnerable with you.

9. She is Suddenly Sulky When You are Talking to Other Girls.

However, she seems different whenever you are hanging out with other girls. This girl is often irritable and moody when she sees you talking and laughing with other girls. She would even find ways to take you out of the scene so you could be alone together.

10. She is Less Excited When Other People Join You Two.

As mentioned in no. 2, she likes being alone with you. Now, whenever someone joins the two of you, her change of mood is noticeable. Her contentment with being alone with you is replaced with sulking, and soon, she stops talking.

21 Common Signs a Female Friend Has Feelings for You
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11. She Makes Herself Extra-Pretty When Going Out with You.

Unlike on your unplanned meetups, this girl looks more fashion-ready during your planned friendly dates. You can tell she has really put effort into her hair, makeup, and outfit. Her OOTD is not complete without her favorite cologne.

12. She Shows Off When You are Around.

Sometimes, your lady friend sounds proud, obviously trying to be impressive. This usually happens when you are talking to her or you are together in a group. She likes to talk about her awards at school or how she ignores the guys who try hitting on her.

13. She Serves You a Lot.

Does this girl serve you like a king? If yes, she is a female friend who has feelings for you. For instance, she does not mind bringing you a lunch box at work or school because she knows you do not. Or she always lets you borrow her umbrella whenever you forget yours. If you do not have a ride, she will willingly pick you up for school or the office and drive you home later.

14. She Makes Sure to Greet You on Special Occasions at Exactly Midnight.

This lady wants to make you feel special. On special occasions, like Christmas or your birthday, she will make sure to send her messages at midnight. She hopes to be the first one to greet you always. And expect her greetings to be long sweet messages that bring you tears.

15. She Never Fails to Give You Presents.

Of course, her greetings come with precious gifts on special days. She loves giving you personalized presents, or she really spends a lot to give you something from your wish list.

16. She Loves Treating You to Snacks and Coffee Dates.

You are her favorite date (just friendly, she says). She likes inviting you out to grab some snacks or chill in a coffee shop. She does not care if it is always on her as long as you are available for her.


17. She Shares Her Secrets with You.

Typical girls share their secrets with lady BFFs. However, if a female friend has feelings for you, expect her to trust you. She is not afraid to share her deepest secrets with you because she feels safe being vulnerable in your presence.

18. She Tells You About Her Past.

In the same way, she opens up about her life to you, including her painful and messed up past. She trusts that you will not judge her but instead understand her better. This girl hopes you will take her as she is.

21 Common Signs a Female Friend Has Feelings for You
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19. She Checks on You All the Time.

This lady friend who likes you will not let a day pass without checking on you. She wants to be updated with your life because she is interested in you. Also, this is her way of showing her care. She hopes you are doing okay and thinks of how she can help you whenever you are not okay.

20. She is Concerned About Your Affairs.

This is another sign that a female friend has feelings for you. Even if not asked, this girl will always advise you on the different issues you face. She gets so engrossed in your problems that she eventually becomes involved. Even if she is busy with her own life, she will help you find solutions to your problems.

21. She Sacrifices Her Needs for You.

She is selfless to you. You are just her friend, but she is willing to put your needs first. In fact, she can go out of her way to pick you up in the middle of the night. Or she will gladly give you her last bucks whenever you are broke.

What Do You Think of Her?

If you have a friend like this, rest assured that she has genuine affection. So, considering these signs, have you confirmed if your female friend has feelings for you? If yes, is there a chance that you can be together? Friendship is the best foundation for a relationship. Thus, it would be best to end up with someone you have been good friends with ever since.

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