14 Undeniable Signs God is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship

14 Undeniable Signs God is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship
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Are you currently head-over-heels with someone, but it seems like circumstances are hindering your way to being together? You are annoyed because you want to bring your dating status to a higher level, but things do not go your way. But what if God is protecting you from a bad relationship?

If you are a Christian with a strong faith in God, believe that things happen for a reason. Maybe, the Lord is thwarting your plans because He knows the relationship will only lead you to heartaches and misery.

Check out the following signs that God is protecting you from a bad relationship:

Red Flags

1. You See the Person’s Negative Traits Early On.

One of the common problems in failed marriages is the inability of the spouses to know the true colors of their partners earlier. Some people are good at hiding their bad sides during the early stages of relationships. So, if you have already discovered the rotten character traits of the person you are dating, be thankful. The Lord has shown you the kind of person you will be dealing with.

2. The Individual Has Habits You Do Not Like.

Aside from attitude problems, you should also be cautious with the habits of the person you like. If they are into unhealthy hobbies, such as too much alcohol drinking and partying, consider it a red flag. Thank God if you have discovered these as early as possible too.

3. You Hear About Their Bad Relationship Record.

How about their past relationships? Has someone told you about their messed-up past? If this individual is known to have short-term relationships, which ended for the same reasons, you better watch out. Of course, they would not tell you they were always the problem. So, if credible people tell you about the pattern of this person’s past relationships, be wise enough to listen.

4. Others Who Know the Person Warn You Against Them.

In connection to no. 3, be thankful if the Lord uses other people to warn you about the person you are dating. It is a sign that God is protecting you from a bad relationship. People who are truly concerned about you will not badmouth the person you like if it is not for your own good.

5. The Person Has an Obvious Anger Management Problem.

Another red flag that you should not ignore is an individual’s anger issues. If, as early as now, you have seen how horrible and traumatizing they can get once angry, run away as soon as you can. You would not want to build a family with someone who threatens your peace, security, and safety with their hot temper.

6. They Cannot Manage Their Finances Well.

Is the person you are dating bad at handling finances? Worse, you know they are not capable of saving a penny because they spend all their money on leisure. If God has let you discover this as early as now, be wise enough to save yourself from future headaches.

7. Your Family and Friends Do Not Like Them.

Do you feel bad that your loved ones, including your family and friends, are not giving this person a chance? Have they told you straight to the face that they do not like that individual for you? It may hurt you now, but you should realize that they only want what is best for you. Be grateful for having loved ones who care so much about you that they will not tolerate your wrong decisions.

14 Undeniable Signs God is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship
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8. You See That They Cannot Treat Their Family Right.

How does that person treat their parents or siblings? Something could be wrong if they are not close to them and do not even seem to care about them. Worse is when you have seen them disrespect their family members. If you have observed this behavior, choose to walk away from that person. God does not want them for you.

Not in God’s Standards

9. There Seems to be No Peace When You Pray about the Person.

Have you been praying about the person and your relationship? How does God respond to your prayers? If peace and joy are absent whenever you mention them to the Lord, maybe He has a better plan for you. The Holy Spirit will give you peace if you are praying about something within God’s will.

10. It is Obvious that the Individual Has No Faith or Respect for God.

A contradicting faith is another sign that God is protecting you from a bad relationship. If as early as now you have already seen that this person does not believe in God—and even laughs at your faith—choose to walk away.

11. They Do Not Meet the Godly Standards for a Good Partner.

What are the standards for a godly partner? You should check the Bible. Many Scriptures will tell you the specific traits that a good husband or wife has. For instance, the Bible tells us its descriptions of love (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). If the person you like cannot love you with patience, humility, hope, and selflessness, then their love is not from the Lord.

12. Spiritually Mature People Discourage You from Dating the Person.

God can also use your brothers and sisters in Christ to send you His message. Believers are gifted with discernment, and through it, they can perceive if something is God’s will or not. Therefore, do not ignore your spiritual leader or Christian friends who tell you something is off with the person you like.

13. The Person is Distracting You from Your Commitment to God.

It is a no-brainer that God does not want you to date someone who will steal your passion for Him. That is why if the person you like is causing you to miss church activities, ministry commitments, and even your personal time with the Lord, they are obviously bad for you.

14 Undeniable Signs God is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship
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14. You are Drawn to Temptations Because of the Person.

And if you are facing temptations because of this special someone, you should check if you are still doing God’s will. The right person will draw you closer to God—not farther from Him. If an individual is causing you to sin now, think about the future. Do you think they will help you grow spiritually? Or are you going to lose faith and the passion for serving God because of them?

Choose God’s Will for Your Life

Have you confirmed that this person is not God’s will for you? If yes, choose to leave as soon as possible. Do not linger any longer, for it will only cause you more danger. It may be hard to accept now but be thankful if you have realized that God is protecting you from a bad relationship. If you let go now, you will allow Him to work things for your good. Who knows? The Lord is probably preparing the right person already.

God has better plans for you. Therefore, listen to Him if He warns you to stay away from someone or something. Then, you will not do wrong in life.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


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