15 Toxic Signs He Doesn’t Appreciate You

15 Toxic Signs He Doesn't Appreciate You
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Do you feel taken for granted by your boyfriend? Do you think he does not appreciate you at all? If you feel this way, you have to do something about it. You can talk to him about what you feel and give him a chance to improve how he treats you. Or, if you think he will never change, you can choose to save yourself from such a toxic relationship.

It is not healthy to be committed to someone who does not know your value. If you are looking for the signs that he doesn’t appreciate you, here are some to consider:

No Gratitude

1. He Does Not Thank You.

If you never hear your boyfriend utter a “thank you” for your efforts to help him, he clearly does not appreciate you. If he truly values you as a girlfriend, he will not ignore your sacrifices to be a good partner. He would thank you for every little thing you do for him.

2. He Takes Your Efforts and Gifts for Granted.

Do you feel that your boyfriend takes your sacrifices for granted? Like you travel a long way to visit his home, only to be told he is going out with his friends. Or does he make you feel that your presents are worthless? For example, he does not wear the shirts or shoes you gave him on Christmas.  And then, his only reason for not using them is that he does not like their style.

3. He Says What You Do for Him is Not Enough.

Whenever you confront him about how you feel, does he respond by saying your efforts are not enough? Is he demanding unrealistic things from you, such as becoming ‘beautiful’, ‘smart’, or ‘rich’ so he can flaunt you to others or get more from you?

4. He Does Not Attempt to Return the Favor.

Considering everything you have done for your boyfriend, what does he do to ‘pay back’? Can you easily run to him whenever you are in need or trouble? If you cannot count on him during your challenging times, it means he takes you for granted.

Values Others More Than You

5. He Compares Your Efforts to What Others Can Do for Him.

Does he bluntly tell you that his friends can help him more than you? If he tries to intimidate you by saying he can depend on them more than you, he obviously does not appreciate you as a girlfriend. It is a slap to your face, being called his partner.

6. He Likes Spending More Time with Others.

In connection to no. 5, you can say that your boyfriend takes you for granted if he has more time for other people than you. For example, do you seldom meet in a week, but he regularly hangs out with his friends or colleagues? If yes, indeed, you are not his priority.

7. He Always Compares You to Other Women.

Another clear sign that he does not appreciate you for who you are is how he compares you a lot to other girls. Doesn’t it hurt that he wishes you were as beautiful, fashionable, or outgoing as the girls he cannot help talking about? You do not deserve to be treated this way.

8. He Listens to Others’ Opinions but Not to Yours.

Is he closed-minded when it comes to your ideas? Does your boyfriend tell you to shut up whenever you want to share some thoughts? If he can respect the opinions of others but not yours, there is no way he appreciates you as a person.

9. He Rather Asks Others for Advice.

In the same way, he surely does not appreciate your judgment if you are the last on his list when he seeks advice. It is insulting that he trusts other people’s wisdom but not you—his partner. If this is how he treats you, there is no guarantee that you will have smooth and open communication, which is necessary for a healthy relationship.

15 Toxic Signs He Doesn't Appreciate You
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10. He Cancels Commitments with You to Set Other Appointments.

This is not just about his lack of appreciation, but this tells a lot about his respect for you. If he values your time, he will honor his prior commitments with you. If he values you, why can he cancel them just to give time to other people? You cannot talk about appreciation if there is no respect.

11. He Ignores Your Calls and Messages to Entertain Others’.

Have you ever had difficulty reaching your boyfriend because he was not answering your calls and messages, only to discover later that he was chatting with someone else? If he appreciates you as his girlfriend, he will never ignore you for others. This just shows that he prefers talking to other people than you.

No More Efforts

12. He Considers It Impractical to Celebrate Occasions with You.

When was the last time you celebrated your anniversary together? Is he against the idea of spending a bit of money just so you can enjoy each other’s company on such as special occasion? If he is not thoughtful enough to appreciate your milestone as a couple, do not expect him to value you as his partner.

13. He Does Not Bring You to Meet His Family or Friends.

Does it seem like he is hiding you from other people? For example, he is not proud of you if he does not invite you to family gatherings or friend get-togethers. It is equal to saying he does not appreciate you as his girlfriend or your relationship. If this is the case, there is no point in staying with the person.

14. He Never Initiates Planning for a Date.

When was the last time he asked you out? Are you the one who constantly initiates planning for your dates? If he does not seem excited to spend time with you or do something fun together, you have to ask if he is still interested in your relationship. On the other hand, if he appreciates you as his girlfriend, he would love to ask you out.

15 Toxic Signs He Doesn't Appreciate You
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15. He is Always Late for Your Meetups.

And whenever he agrees to go on a date, does he always arrive late. Are you always the first one to reach your meetup place? Or if he has to pick you up, does it take him hours to reach your house? Yes, some people are habitually late, but if your partner appreciates you as his woman, he will do his best to be a gentleman. He will not let you wait for him for a long time.

You Deserve Someone Who Appreciates You

Have you confirmed that your boyfriend does not appreciate you? If yes, what will you do about it? Will you let him continue taking you for granted? Or are you going to break up with him immediately?

If you love him, you can try talking to him about the situation. Tell him how you truly feel and wish he would do. If he really loves you, he will listen and improve the way he treats you. However, if he ignores your hurts, it is a sign that he does not care about you at all. The best decision is to walk away from the relationship and wait for the right person who can appreciate you.

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