18 Terrible Signs He Pretends to Love You

18 Terrible Signs He Pretends to Love You
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Do you know what is the worst realization ever? It is discovering that the person you have deeply adored does not really feel the same towards you. What is more painful is when you are in a relationship with that individual—your boyfriend—and he is only pretending to love you.  

If you want to confirm if your partner really loves you or he is only faking it, you can check out some of these obvious signs.

18 Terrible Signs He Pretends to Love You Video


A man will use all his strength to be there for the woman he loves. Can you say this is true with your boyfriend? How much effort does he exert for you?

1. He Is Not Consistent.

If your boyfriend is not consistent in being romantic and serving you, it can be considered a sign. For instance, he would only pick you up from work once in a blue moon, but he is not really a busy person. Or he would only ask you out whenever his friends are not hanging out. Please know that a man who loves a woman will not get tired of making her feel valued.

2. He Is Only Devoted to You Whenever He Needs Something.

In connection to no. 1, your boyfriend will only remember doing good things to you if he needs help. Like, if he needs to borrow money, he would consistently call you in the morning and at night to greet you. Then, after a few days, he would tell you what he needs, and after getting it, he is back to his usual I-have-no-time-for-you attitude.

3. He Asks Something in Return for a Favor.

Does your boyfriend ask for something in return whenever he helps you? For instance, you were probably so happy when he came to your rescue while you were in trouble. Then, a few days after, he asked you to help him with his own concern, too, reminding you how he had helped you.

4. He Often Waits for You to Make the First Move.

If your guy is in love with you, expect him to initiate sweetness and service. Although it is not mandatory for men to be the initiators, it is their nature to pursue the women they like. So, if your boyfriend always waits for you to text or call first, invite for a date, or do other stuff together, maybe he is not really into you.

5. He Thinks Special Dates Are Not Worth Celebrating.

Yes, not all men are indeed sentimental. Many people out there are not fond of celebrating anniversaries or other special occasions with their loved ones. However, if your boyfriend is entirely against celebrations, saying they are just a waste of money, it would make you question the value of your relationship.  

6. He Is Not Always Available.

Your boyfriend is supposed to be your knight-in-shining-armor. He may not be perfect, but you would prove his sincerity by his willingness and effort to be there for you whenever you need him. On the other hand, if your boyfriend is always busy whenever you need help, you should ask if he really cares about you. You should at least feel him trying to be available for you.

18 Terrible Signs He Pretends to Love You
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A guy in love treats his girl like a princess. He is a gentleman towards her and would make her feel special above anyone. Do you feel this way whenever you are with your man?

7. He Is Not Always a Gentleman to You.

Does your boyfriend make you carry heavy stuff even if he is around? Is he unlikely to open the door for you or serve you food? If your boyfriend does not care about your comfort, he is not a gentleman. The worse thing is when he can act like one toward others.

8. He Can Easily Take You for Granted.

How can a man take you for granted? For instance, he knew you were waiting for him, but suddenly he received a call from his friends and decided to cancel your date last minute. Or, if you can access his social media account, you have probably noticed that he was actually actively chatting with someone else when he would hardly respond to your messages.

9. He Is Sweeter to Other Girls.

Is he often cold toward you? When was the last time he was sweet to you? While there are individuals who are not really expressive, it is a different story if you often catch him sweet or very lively around other girls.

10. He Does Not Care About Your Feelings.

If your boyfriend is insensitive to your feelings, he does not truly love you. A man who loves his girlfriend will avoid doing the things that can upset her. However, know that you deserve someone better if your guy is not bothered by your tears and says you overreact whenever he offends you.

11. He Is Not Supportive.

You would know if your man truly loves you if he supports your goals and passion. If your boyfriend keeps discouraging your pursuits, it means he does not believe in you. If he were in love with you, he would be your no. 1 fan.

12. He Is Not Generous to You.

Is your boyfriend stingy toward you? Would he rather spend his money on his friends and other people than you? If he thinks it is a waste of money taking you out on a date or buying you presents, he does not love you.


A relationship without trust cannot last. One proof that a man loves his partner is by doing his best to secure her. So, does your boyfriend value your trust?

13. He Flirts with Other Girls.

If your boyfriend openly flirts with other women, it means that he does not respect your relationship. He may say that it is harmless, but you should know better than to believe him. He would not be giving attention to other girls if he really loved you.

18 Terrible Signs He Pretends to Love You
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14. He Hides Conversations with Other Ladies.

Have you caught your boyfriend hiding texts and chats with other girls from you? Or have you discovered that he has other social media accounts you know nothing of? You should not trust him if he says he loves you so much.

15. He Does Not Like You Checking His Phone and Stuff.

Does your boyfriend get mad whenever you touch his phone? Is he against sharing passwords with you because privacy matters much to him? Please know that a person who truly loves someone will value transparency and trust more than their privacy.

16. He Lies Often.

If you have caught your boyfriend lying to you several times, you should not trust him. Moreover, you cannot really say that he loves you. If he really did, he would avoid breaking your trust. Plus, he would be honest with you because he knew you deserve nothing but the truth.

17. He Badmouths You to Others.

Does your boyfriend expose the skeletons in your closet to his other people? And does he like to criticize you in front of other girls to give them a hint that he is unhappy with you? Expect that he is looking for a way out of your relationship.  

18. He Keeps Secrets from You.

If your boyfriend entrusts his secrets to anyone but you, you cannot say that he truly loves you. A person who loves you would be open, honest, and transparent with you. Plus, he would trust you more than anyone else.

You Deserve Better

If you experience all or most of these signs from your boyfriend, choose to love yourself a little bit more. It is obvious that he is only pretending to love you. Stop living in an illusion that you have a happy relationship. Instead, decide to walk away and find the strength to claim what is yours—dignity.

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