50 Inspirational Bible Verses about Marriage

Inspirational Bible Verses about Marriage

Marriage is a gift from God and should be valued and treasured. It goes beyond the preparations, food, venue or even the gown; it should be entered by two people who are deeply rooted in love and has a relationship that is Christ-centered. To have a happy and successful marriage, it is important to include …

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28 Ways to Have a Successful Marriage: Bible Verses to Guide You

Ways to Have a Successful Marriage
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Marriage is where the family begins. And family is one of the most important parts of our society. Without a healthy marriage, families and homes may be shattered, children might become unsuccessful, and our world may not become a better place to live in. This is why our Almighty God, through His words in the Holy Scriptures, shared His everlasting guide and teachings on how the husband and wife can build and maintain a successful, happy and healthy relationship as a married couple.

Whether you are still searching for the right one to marry, just got engaged, just got married, or have been married for years, here are 28 ways to have a successful marriage, with Bible verses to guide you. Let these Biblical tips and pieces of advice help you, not only to have a happy and lasting marriage but also to build a better home and world to live in.

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