22 Tips to Make Your Life More Interesting and Exciting

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Are you one of those people who are too sick and tired of their nine-to-five job? Are you one of those people who start seeing life as boring and routinary? If yes, it’s about time you make some changes.  It’s about time you go out of your comfort zone. Remember that you have the control to make those changes. Hence, make your life more exciting and enjoyable now.

Here are some simple tips for you to live a more interesting and exciting life:

1. Watch the sunrise.
Sure, it can be a challenge to get up from your warm bed, so you end up extending your sleep every 5 minutes. However, try to beat laziness. Try to shake up your routine. Wake up early. Watch the sunrise. Breathe fresh air. Waking up early means being more productive and accomplishing things earlier in the day.

2. Show random acts of kindness.
It wouldn’t hurt to perform random acts of kindness. In fact, it would bring joy to other people, and you would realize you can really make a difference. Offer a seat for the elderly. Pay for someone’s bus fare. Treat a random person to dinner. Assist someone carrying too many things. You may not become the type of hero portrayed in movies, but you can surely help someone in your own little ways.

3. Be a volunteer.
Experiencing the existential crisis that you don’t find any sense or purpose in living? Why don’t you try to be a volunteer? Do charity work. Seeing children or old people give their sweetest smile might just melt your heart. You might just start seeing your purpose in life. You might just see how wonderful life is.

4. Take a different route.
Tired of taking the same route on your way to work? How about trying side streets this time? Take the route that will make you appreciate nature. You might just discover new places and meet new people.

5. Redecorate.
Tired of seeing the same color as your wall, the same decorations in your room, and the same arrangement of your books and other stuff? Why don’t you redecorate them?  Paint your walls a different color. Change curtains. Hang different photos on your wall. Make your room look different. It’s the first thing you will see when you wake up, so let it inspire and motivate you to greet each day with a smile.

6. Adopt a pet.
Adopting a pet comes with responsibilities, but doesn’t that make your life more interesting and exciting? After a tiring day at work, you have a cute and lovable cat or puppy waiting for you to come home. You will always look forward to playing with your pet/s.

7. Try new hobbies.
Tired of playing the same video game? Why don’t you try new hobbies? Read a thriller book. Try a new sport. Learn a new skill. Try arts and crafts. Do something different to keep yourself busy again. Do something different to excite you.

8. Leave some room for spontaneity.
Sometimes, a boring life comes from following fixed schedules, so why don’t you try to be spontaneous sometimes? After work, you can visit this newly opened coffee house or restaurant. Or, you can go night swimming with your workmates. You can even take an unplanned trip. Being spontaneous will add spice and excitement to your life.

9. Go offline.
Who isn’t guilty of checking on his or her phone right after waking up? Who doesn’t browse his or her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account for a couple of hours every day? Instead of looking at how people are doing with their lives, why don’t you disconnect from the online world sometimes? Make use of that time to talk to your family and friends. Make use of the time to be one with nature. Make use of the time to plan for your next adventure.

10. Make new friends.
Meeting new people and making new friends will let you get some new perspectives about life. You will learn new things from them. You might just realize things that you’ve ignored before. Hence, don’t hesitate to meet interesting people.  These people will help you grow and appreciate life more.

11. Smile at strangers.
Have you forgotten that your smile can make a difference in the world? Smile at strangers.  It won’t even cost you a penny.  Another person might just need that smile to brighten up his or her day. So, spread good vibes.

12. Travel alone.
There’s nothing more exciting than traveling alone. You will discover new places. You will learn about different cultures. You will appreciate the people. There’s no need for you to travel overseas right away. You can start visiting nearby villages. Try a one-day trip alone. Save up some money for your next adventure so that you have something to look forward to.

13. Prepare your own meal.
You may be so used to eating in a fast-food chain because it’s quick and convenient. However, it would make a big difference if you cook your own food sometimes. Why don’t you prepare a big and healthy breakfast? Brew your own coffee.  Preparing your own food will make you appreciate every single bite of it.

14. Get a makeover.
Been wanting to get a pixie cut? Why don’t you do it now? Get a new haircut. Try a different makeup. Buy a new dress. Change your style. You will look fresh. You will feel more confident.  Watch Youtube videos, and do the makeover by yourself. Or, do it with your best friend. The makeover might be a disaster, but that’s what makes it more fun.

15. Do something you’re afraid of doing.
Afraid of heights? Afraid of leaving your boring job? Afraid of changes? Why don’t you face your fears one step at a time? Try extreme sports. Go bungee jumping or mountain climbing. Quit your job. Of course, you need to save up first before doing that. However, the idea is for you to embrace changes. Life will be more interesting and exciting if you are open to changes.

16. Write down your goals.
What can be more exciting than having a clear vision of your life goals? Write down these goals. Write down ways for you to achieve them. You will be motivated to wake up and work hard. Getting closer to your dreams will surely give more meaning to your life.

17. Surprise a loved one.
Sometimes, you get too focused on the idea that life is so boring that you tend to ignore the people around you. Remember that there are so many people who love you. They are always there for you. Why don’t you show them how much you appreciate them? Give your dear mother a surprise. Treat your significant other to a date or a  surprise weekend getaway. Send flowers. Express your love for them.

18. Host a party.
Sick and tired of staying at home all by yourself? Why don’t you invite your friends over for dinner? Host a party. Sing your heart out. Dance with your friends. Play some games. Goofing around with your friends will surely lift up your spirit.

19. Dance in the pouring rain.
Isn’t it fun and exciting to get yourself soaked in the pouring rain? Think of your childhood memories. Be a child again. Dance like a carefree human being. Dance in the rain. Do it with your partner or your friends to make it more fun.

20. Go skinny dipping.
Never ever tried skinny dipping? Why don’t you do it now? Find a pool or a hot tub. Go skinny dipping with your loved one. Have a drink to make the night even more exciting.

21. Attend concerts.
You’ve been working hard to earn a living. You deserve to have fun and enjoy life, so why don’t you get a ticket to your favorite artist or band? Don’t miss the concert. Invite your special someone or your friends, and enjoy a night full of love and music.

22. Learn a new language.
Isn’t it interesting and exciting to speak a new language?  You can enroll in a class if you want, but if you don’t have some money to spare, you can always go online. Check tutorial videos. Make use of your break time to learn a new language. It will awaken your thirst for knowledge, for new things.

Indeed, life can get boring sometimes. However, you can always do something, and it doesn’t always have to be grand.  You just need to change your perspective. You need to go out of your comfort zone. Take courage. Live an interesting and exciting life!

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