11 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Smile When He’s Mad at You

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While people always say that in a relationship, women are the ones who easily get mad at men, that’s not always the case, and it depends on the situation. For instance, did you not answer your boyfriend’s calls while you were out with your friends? Did you keep talking about your ex/es? Did you fail to show up on your date? Or, did you underestimate the things that he loves doing, like his favorite video game? These are just some of the possible reasons that your boyfriend gets mad at you.

Now, if you know that you’re the one at fault, how will you make it up to him? How will you make your boyfriend smile when he’s mad at you?  Here are some of the ways to make him stop being mad at you:

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1. Say sorry, and mean it.

If you’re the one who committed a mistake, then set aside your ego, and apologize to him. Make sure that you mean it. He will know if you’re being sincere; he can see it in your eyes. If your apology is genuine, then he will see that you realize your mistake, and you understand why he got mad. Remember that he’s mad for a reason. He might just be worried if you’re safe, or he’s mad because you failed to see the things that are of great value to him. Hence, apologize for your lacking.

2. Hug him tight.

If he’s used to seeing you like the aggressive one in the relationship, why don’t you give him that hug now? Your boyfriend might just melt like butter when you give him a warm embrace or a kiss. The fact that you’re the one who runs up to him and suddenly hugs him is already a big deal for him.

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Smile When He’s Mad at You
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3. Give him a massage.

Would he resist a massage from his favorite person? I don’t think so. He might be mad at you at the moment, but he would still appreciate any sweet gesture of yours. So, why don’t you give him that massage that he needs to reduce his stress? Massage him in the neck if you know that’s his weakness. He might just forget he’s mad at you because you really took the effort to show how much you want to make it up to him.

4. Be extra sweet.

If a massage on his back is not his type (highly doubt it though), there are still a lot of ways to make him smile when he’s mad at you.  While you’re used to being the one pursued by your boyfriend when you’re mad or sulking, it’s time for you to do the opposite. Ask what you can do for him. Lower your voice when you talk to him. Prepare him some coffee or cold beverage. Be extra sweet, so he’s left with no choice but to smile and forget about his anger.

5. Cook for him.

You might have heard the line “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” a million times, but it is always true. So, why don’t you cook his favorite food? You can also cook something that you haven’t tried yet, and make him the first one to taste it.  He might just forget his anger once he sees the mouth-watering dish you’ve prepared for him. If it doesn’t taste as good as how it looks, he might still end up laughing or smiling because he knows that you did your best just to make you smile.

6. Throw some jokes.

If you think that ladies are the only ones who fall in love with men’s sense of humor, then you’re wrong. Men would love to see the lighter side of women. No matter how mundane your jokes can get, your boyfriend will still end up laughing and realize how charming you are. So, don’t hesitate to make your boyfriend laugh even when he’s mad at you at the moment.

7. Compliment him.

If you think women are the only ones who want to get compliments from their boyfriends, then you’re wrong again. Sometimes, all you need to do is to say how cute and adorable he looks when he’s mad. Notice how his hairstyle looks really good on him. Notice how his rugged look is perfect on him. Your boyfriend can’t help but smile when you shower him with simple but genuine compliments.

8. Offer to do what he’s always wanted.

Has he been asking you to play a video game with him? Has he asked you to go to the gym together? Or, has he always wanted to take you to a basketball or baseball game and watch together? If so, why don’t you ask him that you do these things? The moment he enjoys doing those things with you, he will not keep bringing back the issue as to why he got mad at you.

9. Give him small surprises.

While girls are usually the ones surprised by their boyfriends, why don’t you break the convention? It’s time to reciprocate those small surprises that your boyfriend gave you. Leave small notes saying how much you love him. Take him to his favorite store or restaurant. Buy him his favorite comic book. Throw small surprises for him to make him feel loved, giving him no more reason to get mad at you.

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Smile When He’s Mad at You
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10. Give him your sweetest smile.

Sometimes, all it takes to take away his anger is to give him your sweetest smile. Instead of fuelling his anger, catch his eyes, and just smile. Show him that smile that you don’t just give to anybody. He can’t help it. He might not realize he’s already smiling back at you.

11. Ignite the torch.

Let’s face it. Most men, if not all, would love to be touchy-feely with their partners. And yes, physical contact is important in a relationship. It’s part of keeping the fire of the relationship. You’re the one who knows your boyfriend, so you know what works best for him. You know how to make him happy. Be extra touchy.  Be extra romantic.

Indeed, women are not just the ones who get mad. There are times that your boyfriend will get mad at you, and when he does, go the extra mile to stop his anger. Remember that a good relationship should be a give and take between the two of you. Make your boyfriend smile just as how he tries his best to make you smile every time you get mad at him.

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61 thoughts on “11 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Smile When He’s Mad at You”

  1. My boyfriend is mad at me because I lied to him wen he asked about something I didn’t tell him at once but I told him the truth later he told me to go home and he hasn’t called me yet he also get upset at every little thing I do

  2. I have a long distance boyfriend and we had plans last night so it was midnight and I by accidentally fell asleep, I now think he’s upset or disappointed since it’s my fault for falling asleep

  3. My boyfriend is angry with me because I kept a secret from him…. His friend ask me out, I didnt tell my boyfriend about it, so I finally tell him but was late, his angry because he said I refuse to tell him when the guy was disturbing me, is up to 3months now, he said I kept it to myself maybe because I agree to date his friend but is not true. He get angry at me it won’t talk to me or reply my chat. Am confused I don’t no what to do again.

  4. Am in a relationship with a man who is 19yrs older than me and he is having four children and a wife but he used to tell me that he loves me so much and he could sleep at my home for four days in a week but later he changed from 4to3 and now he told me that he will have to sleep one here and one there .But on top of that we have a big shop where we work together n his lady is not working so in short am the one working for the lady and the children.But what hurts me alot is that whenever we got some misunderstanding he tells me that( i married you to get peace but it’s like i was wrong and he continues to say that if you don’t mind you can get the money you feel like and go)but I love him not because he is having money I just feel it from the bottom of my heart.so what can I do

    • Hello Kisa,
      Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear this. But you are so young you should have enjoyed your life. If he doesn’t understand your situation and he said this hurtful things so you better leave him. Girl I am not making any judgment here but by being with him you will loose your self confidence and self respect which is important thing. The relationship you are in is a toxic relationship. And that bastard has a family of his own and girl you are his amusement. No love is greater than the love you do with yourself. So for your sake just leave him. Make new friend, move around and please do socialize with people eventually you will understand what you were doing.

  5. I did not nothing to him and he is mad at me and he won’t talk to me in anyway even my friends have tryed to talk to him

  6. I have a boyfriend and we live Miles and Miles away from each other. We haven’t meet directly face to face but we have been Video calls and texting a lot of time, almost every day actually. I love him so very much and I always have dreamed living together with him, be with him, and just be like other loving couples do.. we have been together for quite a long time.. but there’s a lot of obstacles that wanting us to be separated.. me and my boyfriend have been broke up before.. and it because he was cheating on me and my friend told me that she saws it and I saw it too.. but at that time I was refuse to face the truth.. I told to myself that he won’t do that I’m sure it was just a lie and it was actually not.. after a long time I finally ask him and he said that he wanted to change and that time we finally love each other deeply again.. but now.. I felt like his love is starting to fade away.. sometimes I made him mad and upset… He have been busy lately and I just missed him so very much.. and.. sometimes I want to try to ignore him or maybe stop being to in love with him so that he will realize that I love him so very much or realize all of my attention for him but at the same time I’m not sure if he is the type of boyfriend who will realize that.. and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing for me to do that.. I don’t want him to be more upset to me… I just really want to go back like before where we just look in each other’s eyes.. but I know that it sounds very stupid and to clingy.. I seriously don’t know what to do anymore.. please help…

    • My dear,
      I am also in a long distance relationship for the past 7 year and it’s tough thing to maintain that. As you said that he cheated on you so may be he is spending his time with some other girl and just getting irritated with you and if so just leave him and this was just a possibility.
      Or as may be he is seriously busy with some work and he was having some stress and he is taking it out on you which is quite common. And if that so just give him some space. We don’t want to be nagging girlfriend here. Approach him slowly. Told him whenever he is free he can call you as you don’t want to disturb him when he is at work.
      And whenever you talk just keep your talk simple and relaxing for him. Make some humorous talk. Always told him that you love him and whenever their is any problem you are always their for him. Ask him simply about his work and what’s stressing him. Surly if he loves you he will come around. And if he doesn’t want to talk to you as sometimes it happens just give him some space and told his that you know it’s a tough time for him and just so he knows you are always their for you and when he feels like talking he can call you..
      And show him that you seriously care for him. Just leave him simple messages and all. Don’t demand him to call you. And when everything is alright just told him that you did feel hurt just so he should also know about his behavior.

  7. My boyfriend doesn’t like me or him to say sorry. He said,” saying sorry just make you feel better but he doesn’t fix the relationship. So when we get in a arguments, I don’t know what to do. Even if I try to do sweet things, he would still be mad. 😔

    • I have the same problem… if I say something, I’m wrong. If I stay quiet, I still make him angrier. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired of crying all the time.

  8. sometimes she is scared and not that she want to fight but she is scared that she might loose you or she probably thinking that u r into those romantic stuff so my advise buy some movies and invite her to watch it with you

  9. my boyfriend saw a whats App chart on my phone Thur it was a guy but i hv not even seen the person in-question as it was only on social media that we de chart, he became angry and hit me and i even sustained some bruises, the chart was not Nud i just asked the guy if he has eaten in a voice record, that was the one he capitalized on that am cheating on him. i have even apologize just for peace to reign but he is not responding. pls what should i do

    • My dear a guy that hits his girls is an irresponsible guy.My dear forget about him and move with your life,laying his hands on you were the first steps to show you that he doesn’t love you

  10. My boyfreind is mad at me just because I like someone but I really like him than the other person. what should I do? =(

    • Hello Melissa,
      You try to convince your boyfriend that you just have a lil crush on that guy….
      but you truly love your boyfriend more than him
      you can give a surprise gift to your boyfriend or go on a date with him and make him understand that you love only him and no one else

  11. I had a get together with my friends and I drank acohol and my boyfriend warned me not too before. My friend post the video of me tipsy. My friend saw me talking to my boyfriend and talked about the video and I told her not to tell him in his presence. And I forgot about it and today I talked to him really rudely because he said me not telling him was me keeping a secret from him and I didn’t agree with him and my boyfriend is a very emotional person and he eyes immediately turned Misty, right then I knew he was disappointed..Now he wouldn’t look at me or pick my calls.What can I do?

  12. Hello! Actually in my mood swings i just said that we should part away from each other. And when i realized that i should delete the text unfortunately he had read he is so angry he isnt replying to my calls and messages only thing he replied that he doesn’t wanna talk to me. He reads every text although. What shall i do to get him i really love him

  13. Hi,
    i have a problem with my boyfred that He caught me stalked his fb & ig in his laptop I know what I did is worse, But I have reason bcs i afraid he will cheating on me again
    Now he don’t want to meet me or talk to me for a while.
    What should I do :((

  14. My boyfriend gets mad at me for dumb things. I had mentioned I put in for an apartment in another city and his response was I will miss you. I took this as if I move there that he will break up with me. I explained what he said kinda sounded that way and it hurt my feelings he blew up saying I am impossible and everything hurts my feelings which isn’t true. Just when he’s being rude. I don’t know what to do.

  15. my man always gets upset because we do not meet..i always tell him that my parents don’t allow me to go out but still he becomes hurt.so i do not know what to do because i love him.

  16. My boyfriend is mad at me cause I saw a friend. He told me so you are seeing other guys, I am gonna see some girls to then and he hang up to me. I tried to call him back but he doesn’t respond… I asked him if we could see each other so we could talk about it but he is ignoring me… it’s been 1 week now…. I don’t know what to do….

  17. My boyfriend is mad at me. I’m tryin to find ways to make him happy… I need some serious help and ideas of making him happy besides telling the truth. What else can I do??

  18. Right now my boyfriend is so mad at me, he thinks am cheating tho I gave him reasons to and that’s because we ain’t staying together and I go to his place whenever am back from school but the last time I went to his place I caught him wanting to read my chat with my ex so I had to look for some ways to collect my phone from him and delete I and my ex chats, he found out I deleted the chat and ever since then he thinks there is something between me and my ex tho I tried to explain things to him but he doesn’t believe my words and I love him so much now I just don’t know how to apologize to him because when I do he doesn’t listen he even told me he wants to be alone am clueless

  19. My boyfriend and I had an argument because I did not pick his call when I went out, to make matters worse I did not even tell him I was going out. That made him the more upset with me. And I do know I was in the wrong. I apologized to him and he said I should think about what I truly want in this relationship. The following day I sent him messages he would respond ( but not like the way he would normally do) I understand his still healing but I did make mention that I never did anything to betray his trust and he was being too harsh on me. My last text to him was that maybe he needed space and I should give him that. It’s been barely a week since all this facade started happening and I don’t think I can take it any longer.
    The good part is that we live in the same city and I would like to give him a surprise visit where we can have a sit down and talk about it, cause his been avoiding me since that day. I really hope we get over this hurdle cause it’s painful.

  20. I tried everything for my boy friend but he is still mad at me…………….. He is not talking to me since I talked to one his friend who was my senior in school….. Please suggest me what should I do

  21. my boyfriend is mad at me. I know its my mistake but he’s just so he’s not even replying my text…. what should i do cause I cant live without him. please help !

      • My boyfriend is angry at me cause I texted me a few days ago and made a joke about letting one of his guy call me and talk to me, and he got mad and told me I went to far and to stop calling. What should I do in that situation?

  22. I am also having the same problem….I want to talk with you can u help me and want to know what you did for this…I m really upset with my nature….plz do this favor with me

  23. My boyfriend is the sweetest man I know. He puts effort in our relationship and always have the initiative.. He knows I’m an introvert and does not like to open my feeliings. I get insecure.And I hurt him really bad. I told him I snooped at his chat messages. He was shocked, devastated and disappointed at me. He said I proved that he is a liar, I do trust him but I just need explanations why he lied to me. I now it’s my fault and I am so guilty about it.

    I will try doing these things to gain his trust back and to make him heal.. and love me again more…

    • ok baby girl d deed is already been done. Leave your phone around so he can check yours and make sure you deliberately put messages about him that he thinks you might not want him to see for eg
      put him as your secret lover
      i miss him so much, i can’t wait to see him again, he makes me get nervous around him
      i cant believe he has sweet lips
      i wonder what his hands feel like
      then put his name to it
      If john only knew
      he just turn me on
      but i just cant tell him yet

  24. My boyfriend got mad at me for not calling him. And then he calls and abuses me. He wont even let me explain,he would just call,and after talking Would hang up. I’ve apologized,but he’s always ignoring me whenever we meet. Please i need some advice coz i dunno what to do again.

    • Just ignore him. Don’t pick up his calls and don’t look at him when you see him. He’s trying to take advantage of you. If he really loves you he’ll apologize. It might take time and I know it’ll be hard to ignore him but it’s the best option.

    • don’t take his call for a few weeks and see what he will do. Besides you might have to look at anger issues and if he calls u back and said he’s sorry and couldn’t live without your voice then he is a keeper, if not drop him in the friends zone

  25. I have email him until he told me to stop bothering him as he got new gf a year ago since we parted ways way back 2015. I keep sending him by WhatsApp he told me not to message him I just make her wife mad. And so he blocked me. Lately, I found out he was not married yet. I was confused why he has to say that lies after all I broke his heart. What I will do to accept my apology?

    • Let time heal you both. It’s clear that he was not loving you, he was depending upon you and playing the victim to his own made up lies, believing that you are the only one with power to say he lives or dies….it’s not your fault. He decided to take responsibility for himself by cutting you off and setting you free. I hope you got your beautiful wings back and flew out of the birdcage- the door was open awhile ago. By not allowing you to apologize spoke volumes that he has already closed the book on that Chapter of the never ending cycle of codependence on you. I was you. I was him. I’m divorced and still together with mine. BUT, I learned how to stand and fly- he knows how to hold on. Apologies aren’t for just him to hear, forgive yourself. Give him to God.

    • baby he already told you out. Leave his sorry ass and find someone that would talk to you, a new friend. it was nice that you tried but it’s time to realize that you have done your part and keep your dignity intact and block him too

  26. Me and my partner is in relationship from last 5 years, and because of my some faults, he always like to blame me even for his personal problems also and he always leave me alone in his bad time. He is very much possessive for me, he has a huge friend circle including females but he don’t want me to get in touch with males even in the official manner. He blames me in abusive language regularly for everything. A week later he asked me to finish this relation and block my no. Blocked me from everywhere, then I used every no. of my home to reach him but he always abused me and blocked those no. and now, whenever he got drunk he use to call me and abuse me and then again block my every no. Please help me and tell me what can I do to make him understand this all is hurting me, not to do this behavior, I want to be with him only….how can I change him. He don’t want to meet me, don’t want to have a word with me in the polite manner, i also can’t go at his place. My friends tried to reach him but behaved very rudely with them also. Please tell me how could I realize him his mistake.

    • God bless you. ignore him.
      This will get his attention. Do not reach out. This will show him that you are valuable, strong and important to yourself. Your silence will make him wonder if you found better than him or how wonderful your life must be.
      You are a beautiful lady, made by God with so much love and grace to offer. Do not let him try to take that away so that he is more important. The spirit of anger tries to control him. Don’t feed it and thus give him inventive to turn from it. You are too good to grace him with your presence if he disrespects or abuses you…you must be strong and walk away. You are the gift- He wants you to show him you know your worth! Then he will respect you. (or he will also walk away bc he knows you are too good and he dies not want to change)
      If he does not follow and improve, a better man WIll. Have FAITH!!
      Be blessed 👑 Queen

    • If you have his phone number text him and maybe do something funny or somthing other thought was funny but do it to him i mean works for me except mine was painful

    • to make him smile when he’s far away. do things like singing but not at your best voice, try your best to add your own lyrics, pull your own key
      for example
      Rihanna sings I ve been every man looking for you babe searching for you babes
      where have you been wow
      are you hiding from me yeah
      you could then say
      why have gone so far
      somewhere in the crowd n tried to pull the key and choke at it
      then said i need some water cuz im trying to let the rain fall
      but baby this is how bad i miss u i can’t remember the lyrics

  27. My boyfriend doesn’t even give me the chance to apologize after a fight. He talks to me only when he’s done keeping malice.

    • Same here. That’s really very hard to deal with somebody like this. Hey but trust me, they have the most sensitive heart ever. The reason your bf avoid talking to you because he’s secretly avoiding to make you hurt from the words of his anger. Once he has been cooled down and back to normal, I’m preety sure he’ll act like nothing has happened and also might be asking sorry for that incident. So , try giving him some space, he’ll give a damn good comeback.

    • if a guy keeps malice with you and you cant apologize, say nothing dont remind him of the past events go in a corner and pick up a book or watch your favorite movie. when he cools down and he is coming to sit next to you. listen


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