10 Smart Ways to Manage Stress in Life

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We often say that when we feel the pressure and tension with all the things surrounding us, we become “stressed.” Well, to feel stress is normal, as it occurs in just about every aspect of our lives. And while it is something that we can never get rid of, stress is actually quite manageable. In fact, stress can be either good or bad, depending on how you handle the situation.

So how should stress be managed? Here are 10 quick and smart ways:

1. Start with a morning inspiration.
There are good days, and there are bad days. However, days all start in the morning, and you can somehow alter the way things go later by keeping in mind an inspiration. You may want to wake up in the morning and recite a mantra that lifts your spirit or think about the people and things that motivate you to do your best.

Morning inspirations are like breakfast; they refresh your mindset and feed your heart with positive vibes. Hence, despite the tension and pressure the rest of the day may bring, you can cope easier because you are carrying an inspiration in your heart.

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2. Keep in touch with your loved ones.
Stress can be draining at times, and the feeling can be worse when you are away from the people you love. When in such situations, don’t forget to contact your family and friends or those people you truly value. Chat with them on Facebook, through text, or give them a call. You may not necessarily open up about how you’re feeling, but hearing from them would really channel a good feeling because you know that you’re hearing from people you care about and vice versa.

3. Take a walk.
Taking a walk always helps in managing stress. Not only do you get a quick exercise, but walking also gives you a break from your routine. Walking takes you places and offers a change in scenery. And when you are stressed, these things are important because you also get a change in perspective along with the change of environment. And yes, oftentimes, a change in perspective is all it takes to alleviate stress.

4. Drink water.
Water keeps you hydrated. It also keeps the brain nourished and filled with the oxygen it needs to function effectively. It is then a must to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to think and decide properly, especially in stressful times. And yes, when you are starting to feel the pressure, drink a glass of water to calm your senses and cool down your emotions.

5. Have a pet.
Some people prefer living alone, and this setup can be detrimental when faced with a lot of stress. This is because they have no one to become when they are loaded with tension and pressure immediately. If you are one of these people, then it is recommended that you get a pet instead.

Having a pet around (whether it is a dog or a cat, or a hamster) allows you to release your myriad of emotions during times of stress. Your pet serves as your soundboard, and unlike humans, they do not retaliate with tantrums whenever you are throwing a fit. And at the end of your drama, they’d still come to you and keep you company because they know you need some care and affection in a rather nonverbal way.

6. Go offline.
These days, stress is aggravated by being online. This is because you manage two personas: one in real life and the other online via social media platforms. And since the online environment exposes you to more intimate and in-depth interactions, the tension you get from this place can be as intense as you experience in real life.

It is then recommended that you take a day off from social media and other online connections every once in a while. This break allows you to rediscover yourself and reflect on the things that exhaust you mentally and emotionally. It also gives you some time to rearrange your priorities and let go of things that keep you cranky. And once you go back online, you then get a fresh view of life.

7. Follow a proper diet.
The food we eat also has to do with how we can manage the stress we encounter. Following a balanced diet allows our body to function normally despite the tension we encounter. It also gives us more energy when facing stress without resorting to caffeine or nicotine to stay focused.

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8. Travel!
For sure, you have a bucket list of places to visit and explore. If you are already getting burned out by everything that’s surrounding you, then it’s time to pack your bags and go somewhere, to a place you desire. A weekend getaway helps you breathe, as sometimes, all our system needs is a breath of fresh air and some Vitamin Sea.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the luxury of time to go on a holiday, maybe it’s better to visit a museum or stroll in the park nearby. A few hours away from everything definitely does wonders in managing your stress.

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9. Sit back and breathe.
Stress has this ability to push your panic button, and once it does, you no longer think straight. You end up making decisions you’d later regret. Hence, it would be best if you mastered the art of sitting back and breathing until you relax.

You may want to learn some breathing exercises and patterns that you can use to ease your panic moments and manage your adrenaline rush so that you can stay cool and calm as a cucumber in times of stress.

10. Don’t forget to pray.
You may not be the religious kind but praying helps a lot in managing stress and anxiety. When you are in such situations, you realize that there are things that are no longer under your control. Given so, you can only pray for the best to happen.

Praying gathers all the positive vibes in your system. You then see the possible positive outcomes of the scenario you are in and not be bothered by failure or defeat. Through praying, you will also feel that no matter how difficult the current situation is, everything will be all right at the end of the day.

It is through stress that we realize our limits and potentials. By effectively handling stress, we learn more about ourselves and become better at facing the challenges life has in store for us.

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