What Does Friend Zone Mean? 14 Signs You are Friendzoned

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Probably, your friends are teasing you about being friendzoned, and you have no idea what they are talking about. All you know is that you have told them about how the girl you like seems to be oblivious to your feelings for her.

So, what does a friend zone really mean?

Friendzone refers to the state in which you are nothing more than a friend to the person you like. In other words, you want to bring your friendship to a romantic level, but your friend wants it to remain casual.

If you want to confirm if truly you have been friendzoned, check out the following signs:

1. You are her favorite chaperone.
If she always tags you along to shopping or running some errands, then it means she is comfortable with your companionship. When a girl likes a boy, it would be awkward for her to ask him to chaperone her all the time.

2. She is too comfortable with you.
It is normal for girls to be tensed or shy whenever the guy they like is around them. Thus, if she is too comfortable with you to the point of being overfamiliar, like being too straightforward, then there is nothing romantic in how she treats you.

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3. She tells you about her crushes and dates.
Does your girl-friend confide to you about her dates and crushes? If she often does it, then it is either she trusts you so much or she wants to make it clear with you that her heart is not available for you.

4. When you ask her out, she brings other friends along.
Have you ever tried taking her out on a date but your plans for making special moments got ruined because of chaperones? You would know if a girl likes you too if she prefers being alone with you. If she brings her other friends to your dates, then it says something about your position in her life.

5. She keeps pushing you to other girls.
If she keeps teasing you with other girls or pushing you to date soon, then she is not afraid to lose you to someone else. It also means she is concerned about your love life, and she hopes you find the right girl (who is not you).

6. She dresses in front of you.
If your friend is too comfortable that she can dress up in your presence without any malice, then you are simply a friend to her. She has no reason to be conscious around you—that is it.

7. You are her crying shoulder.
Among the roles of best or close friends is to serve as the crying shoulder of a person. If she often calls you for comfort whenever she is broken-hearted or distressed, then you are simply her huggable teddy bear.

8. She does not bother dressing up for you.
One of the signs that a girl likes you is if she always looks her best every time she has to see you. Therefore, if your friend does not even care to brush her hair or wear a decent shirt whenever you need to meet up, then you are clearly just a friend to her. She has no reason to impress you.

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9. She has a corny pet name for you.
Oftentimes, girls give corny names to their close friends, including guys. If your friend calls you “BFF”, or the likes, then maybe you are just a mere friend to her.

10. She is not awkward whenever she hugs or touches you.
It is normal for close friends to be touchy without any malice. If she hugs you, touches your arm, or holds your hand without hesitation, then it means you do not electrify her a bit.

11. You always do the adjusting.
Does your friend adjust her schedule just to hang out with you? Or is it always you who wait for her available time and even adjust your own plans just to be with her? If she does not make the same effort to see you, then it means the feeling is not mutual.

12. You frequent her home but her family only see you as mere friends.
If you are a regular visitor to your friend’s home and her family sees nothing special about it, then it means they see you as an ordinary friend of their girl. Maybe she has also assured them that there is nothing deep going on between you.

13. She sets you up with another girl.
Another sign that she feels nothing special for you is when she excitedly sets you up for a date. If she is playing cupid and she tries to find you a suitable girlfriend, then it explains everything.

14. She introduces you to the man she likes—or her boyfriend.
Probably, the worst sign that you are friendzoned is when she excitedly introduces you to the guy she is dating, crushing on, or maybe her boyfriend already. If she ever had a feeling for you and knew you like her too, then at least she would be hesitant to introduce you to him. It would be awkward.

Friendship—a Good Start

If you are convinced that you have been friendzoned, it is alright. Do not be hopeless. It does not mean that it is impossible that the girl you like would ever like you back. Who knows?

Friendship is the best foundation for a good relationship. Do not stop being friends with her just because she likes someone else. She may date other guys and you may be a mere best friend to her now, but you have no idea what would happen in the future.

Now, just focus on being a good friend to her—with no hidden agenda. If nothing happens beyond your friendship, surely there is someone else out there for you. At least, even if you do not end up with each other, you can keep her as a friend for life.

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  1. I have known this girl for 3 yrs . She is 20 years younger than me . we have always been close . A few months ago she had a crush on me . Which was kinda awkard for me . Told her to find someone her own age . Know she introduces me to her boyfriends and never calls or texts me anymore


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