Be Extraordinary For Teens Review: A Course For Happier Teenagers

Teenagers are taught a lot of useless information, but the Be Extraordinary For Teens course teaches them things that will help them upgrade their lives and be better human beings. It includes information that will impact their lives in a positive way. I can guarantee they will be happier and more successful if they can successfully implement what they learn in this course into their lives, hence the Be Extraordinary title. And it’s free right now to take!

Be Extraordinary For Teens Is In Part Repurposed Content From Be Extraordinary

On day one he’s talking about being a victim and how you live your life for certain people, including your spouse. That’s not very teen-friendly. I’m not sure if there are some out there, but most teens don’t have a spouse. So, it was obvious from the start that he repurposed some of the content from his original Be Extraordinary course and threw it into here.

But what they’ve done differently with this ‘for teens’ quest is added Gahmya Drummond-Bey to the equation. She helps interpret what Vishen Lakhiani is saying in a way that teens will relate to.

Gahmya was a teacher and now she calls herself an International Curriculum Designer. Love the name! And she’s fun and interesting to listen to.

Screenshot of Be Extraordinary For Kids

Also, she makes direct eye contact with the cameras when she’s talking, even though she needs to constantly turn her head because that’s the way Mindvalley quests often film – with two cameras and angles. But the eye contact makes you feel like she’s talking right to you.

Another difference is that they replace Vishen’s swear word with animal noises. If you’ve watched any of Vishen’s talks, you likely know which word I mean, but if not, I’m not going to ruin the surprise. Considering I’ve heard kids swear more than most adults I know, I don’t think it’s totally necessary, but it’s funny and appropriate.

What Be Extraordinary For Teens Covers

The important stuff. Teens are going to learn a lot of great things in this 10-Day (plus 4 bonus days) Be Extraordinary For Teens quest.

  • Teens will learn about two levels of being – the victim stage and the awakening stage. This is important because teens that grow up in a victim mindset carry it into their adult life and can have a hard time shaking it.
  • They will learn how to create a day that is awesome by taking control of it through a popular exercise.
  • Teens will learn what Brules are and how to identify them in their lives. This will be very freeing for a lot of teens who are living life on other people’s terms right now.
  • They will learn how to create a happiness mindset. Oh, how I wish I had been taught this stuff in school. Most adults had a negative mindset, and it was modeled into my being as I grew up. If this was taught in school, it could change a lot of things for kids and the adults they become.
  • They learn how to be grateful. This is an important skill that all teens should develop for an extraordinary life. Happiness, health, and success all stem from gratitude. There’s not a personal growth teacher out there who wouldn’t recommend gratitude to help you achieve what they are trying to teach. Teens need to develop this habit early so it becomes a lifelong habit. Be Extraordinary For Teens helps them understand why it’s so important and develop it.
  • They learn why it’s important to focus on what they truly want with end goals and how to do it.
  • Teens learn how to contribute and why it’s important. This is important for the next generation. We need an army of people who are willing to contribute and keep our world going.
  • They learn how to love themselves. How important is this for their future health, relationships, and success? So important! Self-love can carry us through the hard times and keep us motivated to keep going after our dreams and happiness in general.

Teenagers get information from both Vishen and Gahmya and they have exercises to do each day to help them understand the content and implement it. It’s homework, but it’s fun homework that will strengthen their character and help them become a more confident, happy, and successful person going forward.

Teenagers Should Enjoy This Quest

This isn’t your regular class and teenagers should appreciate that.

Be Extraordinary For Teens is going to be good for every teenager, no matter how they feel about themselves and life right now. It’s going to give them the information and tools they need to create a life that feels good to them.

In the end, teens who finish the course can get a competition certificate mailed to them with their personal name on it, which is fun.

You can get this course for free right now on this page, so jump on it. If you have the Quest All Access Pass, it’s already in your account.

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