6 Things Becoming Focused And Indistractable Will Help You Do

Becoming Focused And Indistractable is a new quest on Mindvalley. I was surprised at how deep Nir Eyal gets into the topics of being focused and removing distractions. While some of the course contains common-sense ideas and tips, Nir Eyal explains them in a way that helps you understand them on a deep level where you go forward without any confusion on how to become more focused and less distracted. There are some really good gems in this course that will shift your views and habits in a way that will allow you to get more things done with fewer distractions.

A Quick Overview Of Becoming Focused And Indistractable

There are 27 days in this course. Each day has a short lesson on being focused or removing distractions. I found that there are 8 main aspects to the course.

  1. Understanding focus and distractions on a deep level.
  2. Understanding triggers that drive distraction.
  3. Actionable things you can do to increase focus.
  4. Actionable things you can do to decrease distraction.
  5. Actionable things you can do to increase motivation and ensure you get things done.
  6. Making work a more indistractable place.
  7. Improving your relationships with increased focus and fewer distractions.
  8. Raising indistractable children.

6 Things Becoming Focused And Indistractable Will Do For You

Becoming Focused And Indstractable Review

1. Help You Eliminate White Space From Your Day

Your time is valuable. You either have a schedule in place where you know how you are going to spend your day, or you have a ton of white space in your day where you do whatever comes to mind – which is usually something that wastes time.

How much white space do you have in your day where you are doing nothing or wasting time? And, as Nir Eyal says, how can you know that you are wasting time if you don’t know what you should be doing? This quest will help you understand why white space in your day is bad and what you can do to fill it in.

2. Improve Your Relationships

Relationships can often go on the backburner in our lives. But we need to dedicate quality time to our relationships if we want to maintain them and improve them.

This quest helps you understand how you can schedule time for your loved ones. It may sound unreasonable to have to schedule time with your loved ones, but if you don’t do it, then you may put off important dates and get-togethers for things that require your attention.

3. Reduce The Likelihood Of Distraction

Sometimes things pop up in our day that draws our attention away from what we want or need to be doing. There are some things that are out of our control (someone dropping by when you are trying to get something done), but there are plenty of things that we can do to reduce the likelihood we will be distracted when we need to focus. Nir Eyal teaches how to accomplish this in the Becoming Focused and Indistractable quest.

4. Teach You How To Use Dissatisfaction To Make Things Better

Happiness is not a consistent thing. It can’t be! If you were always happy then you would never be motivated to improve your life or go a different direction. You would do the same thing day in and day out without much advance in your life.

That’s why it’s important to embrace your human emotions, such as dissatisfaction, and use them to guide you towards a better place. You will never look at dissatisfaction in the same way again after you learn how to use it to your advantage.

5. Teach You How To Use Fun And Play To Stay Focused

If you find a lot of your important tasks so boring that they are hard to focus on, then this lesson is going to impact your life in a big way. It’s not going to help you take away the task if it’s something you need to do. Instead, it’s going to help you find a way to make it more fun so that you can stay focused on it and get it done.

6. Help You Help Your Children Become More Focused And Manage Distractions

Imagine if you had been taught how to stay focused when you were young. How would it have impacted your younger years? How would the habit have impacted you when you were becoming an adult and taking on more responsibility?

The gift of being more focused and less distracted is something you can give to your kids. They can develop the habits, at a young age, that will benefit them at school, work, and beyond in an insanely positive way. The ability to focus and get things done with distractions is a trait that every kid will benefit from for the rest of their lives in so many ways.

Becoming Focused And Indistractable Teaches Essential Lessons

There are more than 6 things that Becoming Focused And Indistractable will help you do. I highly recommend the quest if you want to bring more focus and fewer distractions into your life.

You can take the free masterclass here to learn more from Nir Eyal. You can also learn more about the quest here.

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