6 Things Becoming Focused And Indistractable Will Help You Do

Becoming Focused And Indstractable Review

Becoming Focused And Indistractable is a new quest on Mindvalley. I was surprised at how deep Nir Eyal gets into the topics of being focused and removing distractions. While some of the course contains common-sense ideas and tips, Nir Eyal explains them in a way that helps you understand them on a deep level where …

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The Trick To Make 5 Second Decisions That Stop Procrastination And Boost Productivity

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The secret to productivity is simple, according to Mel Robbins… take action. But many of us instantly get into a state where we don’t want to take action, and that’s where procrastination comes in. Mel Robbins has a 5 second rule that helps you stay out of your head and take action instead. All you …

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The Power Hour: Beating Procrastination One Powerful Hour At A Time

power hour

There are plenty of people who use a Power Hour for things other than beating procrastination. For instance, the first definition you might find of a Power Hour is when you drink a number of shots within one hour. That’s great for getting drunk quickly or making a boring party much more fun, but that’s …

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Productivity Tip #26 – Overcome Procrastination (Don’t Put This Off!)

procrastination productive

Productivity and procrastination are not friends, which is why it’s so important to overcome procrastination. The great thing about time is that there always seems to be more of it. If we don’t get something done now, we can do it tomorrow or the next day. That type of thinking can become habitual, though, and …

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6 Affirmations To Help You Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination affirmations

If you want any type of success in life, you have to be able to overcome procrastination. Despite what it seems like right now, procrastination takes a huge toll on your success and happiness. If there is something that you know you need to do, and you can’t stop procrastinating on it, these affirmations will …

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Productivity Tip #13: Outsource When You Can And Should

outsourcing productive

Outsourcing is not just for businesses. You can outsource your house cleaning, shopping, meal planning, beauty tasks, and so much more. Outsourcing means getting other people to do your tasks for you, and it can help you be more productive in every area of your life. Can You Outsource? First, it’s important to note that …

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Productivity Tip #11: Force Yourself To Do Something On Those Days You Feel Like Doing Nothing

We never feel fulfilled until we are productive

Do you feel like doing nothing today? A man I know has Lupus. He was diagnosed 30 years ago and is now 70-years-old. He is almost always tired, but he forces himself to get up and do something productive every single day. All he wants to do is sit in his chair and do nothing, …

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11 Motivational Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Motivational Ways to Overcome Procrastination


We’ve all had those days when you don’t have a single ounce of motivation to cross even just one item off your to-do list. What’s worse is when you know that you still have days to accomplish these tasks until their deadlines so you just sit there, relaxed and stress-free. Familiar, right?

It may sound amusing to agree that you’re not the only one to have these lazy days but as much as we would like to admit, it’s actually hurting not only our productivity but also our ability to deliver high-quality results.

If you no longer need convincing about the unhealthy effects of procrastination on your efficiency as a student or as a professional, this article will help you get back on track and change your life for the better.

Be inspired by these motivational ways to overcome procrastination and get things done on time.

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