7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating: Plus When To Confront Them

Everyone deserves to know when their spouse or partner is cheating on them. If you have suspicions, then you have to find out the truth. Your sanity and your relationship depend on you finding out. When you have a suspicion of being cheated on it can cause a lot of stress on your health, relationships, and success. You can become sick, depressed, and feel as though your world is a big ugly mess.

The thing to remember is if your partner catches wind of you trying to find out what’s going on they will quickly cover up any evidence of the affair and you may never know the truth. Then you will always have suspicions and questions and that’s no way for anyone to live their life.

7 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

signs of cheating

You think your partner may be cheating but those little signs that you are getting are not enough to prove it without a shadow of a doubt. The important thing to remember is that those signs are still relevant to you, as in they are telling your deeper self something that you may not consciously recognize. And just because you can’t prove it at this point doesn’t mean the way you are feeling is wrong or off point, it just means that they haven’t slipped up big enough yet.

Here are some tell-tale signs you need to watch for if you think they are cheating.

1. They Are Extremely Emotional For No Reason

They were feeling pretty good about everything last week but all of a sudden they are pissed off about everything and you feel like their body has been taken over by someone else.

This is possibly a sign of them already cheating.

When they first think about cheating or when they start to cheat, they may be happy and feel good because they are getting an adrenaline rush, like the one they had with you when they first starting dating you. Watch for this type of behavior.

Once the thrill wears off, they will start to feel guilt or shame. Those emotions will show themselves in anger and blame towards you if they keep it bottled in and do not come clean about what they have done.

If this isn’t a sign of cheating, then it’s probably a sign of something else they don’t want you to know about.

2. They Are Withdrawn And Secretive

In a normal relationship, where there’s nothing to hide, there shouldn’t feel like there is a distance between you. And there shouldn’t feel like there are secrets that they seem to be keeping.

If they no longer talk to you about things you used to talk about together and they seem to be receding away from you, then this is another sign that they may be in the phase of guilt.

3. They Can’t Give You Straight Answers

Talking about their day should come naturally. After all, they were there!

Sometimes our minds are tired and won’t let us access certain memories we have about our day, but this shouldn’t be happening all the time. If they are constantly trying to think of what they did for the day and fumble over their words while explaining things or answering your questions, then they may be trying to hide something from you. It’s just not natural.

4. They Keep Mentioning How Someone Else Understands Them Better

If your partner is making you feel like you don’t understand them, and there is someone else out there who understands them better, then this may be a sign of cheating. It may be their subtle way of telling you – without outright telling you – that you are not living up to their expectations and someone else out there is.

5. They Are Away More Than They Used To Be

If their job suddenly needs them for 15-hour shifts, whereas they used to only work 8 hours, then this could be a sign of cheating.

If they start hanging out with their friends more, especially overnight or well into the night, then this could be a sign of cheating.

If they don’t have a good reason for consistently going out and coming home late, then this could be a sign of cheating.

More time away means that they need more time away, so if you don’t think work, friends, or other reasons are lining up, you have a right to be suspicious.

6. They Compare You To Others

If you find that your partner is comparing you to anyone, then this could be a sign of cheating. It signifies that they are scrutinizing your good and bad qualities and how they feel about you.

They could also be trying to show you that there is a reason for them stepping out on you – even if you don’t know that they are cheating on you yet.

They could also be justifying the cheating to themselves.

7. The Talk Too Much About Someone Else

If they are talking about their new co-worker a lot, then that could be a sign they are interested in them. This is true whether they talk positively or negatively about them.

When someone talks about someone constantly, it means that they are thinking about that person constantly. They can’t talk about much else because this person is occupying their thoughts. It’s a huge sign of cheating.

Don’t Confront Them Without Proof

If you’ve seen signs of cheating and feel like confronting them over it, DON’T!

These signs of cheating will give you more validation that something might be wrong, but they do not give you solid proof of cheating that you can take to them and confront them with.

If you get up in their face accusing them of cheating without solid proof, then they may end their affair or work harder at hiding any proof you would have found otherwise. That sucks worse than finding out the truth.

Even if you have enough proof in your head, cheaters can talk you out of believing what you know to be the truth and literally confuse you until you have no argument left… unless you have something concrete that they can’t deny.

Therefore, recognize the signs for what they are and start gathering any sort of proof you can find.

Then, when you get that golden nugget of information that proves without a shadow of a doubt they are cheating, you can confront them.

Remember that no one deserves to be cheated on and you deserve to know the truth.

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