When Does a Crush Turn Into Love?

Can a Crush Turn Into Love
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Many are confused between love and crush. Some believe they are in love because of the butterflies in their stomach whenever they see the one they like. However, after a few months, they find out that the feeling is gone, especially after being with the person regularly. Therefore, they conclude that it was only a mere crush all along.

When Does a Crush Turn Into Love?

However, is it possible for a crush to turn into love? If yes, how can it happen?

Typically, love starts with attraction, and crushing on someone is basically being attracted to a person. Therefore, having a crush on somebody can be your first step in finding out if you can love the person.

Here are some of the ways through which your crush for a person can evolve into love:

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1. You get to know the person better.

You cannot say you love a person unless you know them too well and still accept them for who they are. Many people outgrow their feelings after getting to know their crushes better. They discover some traits that they find unattractive. Or they soon realize that there is no spark between them.

However, upon spending more time with a person and seeing more of their interesting personality, one can either like that individual more or get turned off. If you still find your crush attractive even after seeing more of their character, there is a chance your feeling can turn into real love.

2. Your friendship grows over time.

Friendship grows between two people with constant communication and time. They begin to depend on each other for various things. Also, they get to know each person more and learn to put up with each other’s flaws. Therefore, friendship is a great avenue for growing love.

If you find your crush as a good friend, there is a big possibility that you can see the person as a potentially good partner too. Unless you discover something that makes you realize you are better off as friends, your feelings can grow together with time.

3. You find out that you have compatible traits. 

Compatibility between partners is necessary to make a relationship work. Their strengths and weaknesses should complement each other’s. Moreover, their personalities must not clash, or the relationship would be chaotic because of fights. Irreconcilable differences are among the top reasons why a couple breaks apart.

Once you realize that you and your crush have compatible personalities and attitudes, your brain will tell you to keep liking that person. Eventually, your attraction to your crush can grow into love, especially if you are always together.

4. You realize that the person is also fond of you.

Crushing on someone can give a person that addicting giddiness, but discovering that the feeling is mutual is ecstatic. It reinforces the attraction that one has for their crush. Soon, they may find themselves embarking on an exciting love story.

Once you find out that your crush also likes you, expect that you will be drawn closer to that person. It becomes more special when you start exchanging ‘friendly’ messages and stolen glances. Unless something ends your connection, you may find dating each other soon.

Can a Crush Turn Into Love
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5. You see that your crush can help you grow as a person.

Another reason a person will keep liking their crush is the positive effect from the attraction or friendship. Most people consider their crushes as their inspiration. The more their crushes motivate them to be better versions of themselves, the more the feeling will linger.

If your crush has been helping you grow and become a better person for a long time now, you cannot help but be thankful to the person. That sense of gratitude will attach you more to your crush. As you continue to see how that individual keeps you heading in the right direction, your feelings may eventually get more serious.

6.  You feel special and cared for when you are together. 

Is your crush a caring person? Everyone admires kind people who take care of those around them. Having a crush like this makes it harder for someone to let go of their attraction. Every time their crush treats them kindly, they become hopeful that the feeling between them can be mutual.

If your crush is caring and sweet towards you, your feeling for that person will keep on growing. How you are treated will make you feel special unless you realize that the individual treats everyone the same.

7. You develop mutual trust. 

One of the dreams of everyone who has a crush is to be the confidante of the person they like. They long to be that someone their crush trusts so much that they share their innermost thoughts and secrets with them.

Have you and your crush been talking about personal issues? Do you share your secrets? If this is the level of your relationship, then you have reached a level of mutual trust. Deep inside, you know that your feeling for your crush has gone to a more intimate level as well.

8. You become closely attached. 

Aside from mutual trust, constant bonding and other activities can help a person become closer to their crush. The attachment can make it harder for feelings to go away. Just like how close friends will feel lonely and miss each other when separated, a person will find it hard to stay away from their crush too.

Once you get close to your crush, you will be attached to that person. Being close means you have known that person better, and you can accept them for what they are. The attachment will make you care and long for that individual more than ever before.

9. You feel comfortable and happy around the person. 

It is easy to love a person who makes you happy, right? For this reason, most people grow naturally in love with someone who can make them feel happy, especially if they can be comfortable around that individual.

How can you not love your crush if you can be yourself and be genuinely happy whenever that person is around? It is not surprising if you already feel more than attraction for that individual by now.

Can a Crush Turn Into Love
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10. You can see yourself growing old with that individual.

It is easy to admire and have a crush on someone. In fact, most people have multiple crushes at the same time. However, not all of these are serious, and some may not even fit their ideal partners.

If you can imagine yourself building a family and growing old with your crush, then you may be ready to grow in love with that person.

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Just Wait and See

Love is not something you rush. It is something that you allow to bloom in its own time. Therefore, enjoy this season when you have this crush who can make you smile and shriek in delight. If that person is the right one, time will make it happen.

Even if you and your crush share a special understanding, it does not guarantee a happy-ever-after love story. For this reason, you should not rush love. Instead, let your friendship and trust for each other grow. Also, make sure to get to know each other well before committing to a relationship.

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