Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Is Something You MUST Watch

I’m vegan, and it was hard to watch Cowspiracy. I can tell you that it made me feel hopeless at times. But, it’s important to watch. And, in the end, it got me revved up to do something about the disaster that is heading towards us if we don’t actually pay attention and do something. Cowspiracy is on Netflix right now, if you are interested in watching it. And, if you are a parent or care about the future at all, you DO want to watch it. You need to at least consider the ideas in the documentary for the health and livelihood of the future. It’s a hard truth to hear, but it’s something we all need to hear.

Here’s The Trailer: At Least Watch This

Here’s A Short Version Of The Film

If you don’t have the time right now to watch the entire Cowspiracy documentary right now, I highly suggest watching this short 15-minute video. It will give you some things to think about when it comes to the future of the environment and what you can do.

Is It A Bunch Of Bull?

I hope you will go on to watch the whole COWSPIRACY documentary if it resonates with you. This is important stuff for everyone to educate themselves on considering no big organizations are talking about this aspect of environmental decline.

I know that for many, the short version may be enough to get you to think about animal agriculture and how you play a part in it.

Once you watch the documentary, you may hear a lot about how Cowspiracy is a bunch of ‘bull’.

Of course, these videos and articles will mostly come from animal agriculture sources, but that’s how it goes. Nobody wants to be threatened and made look back, so they need to fight back with whatever they can.

After you read and listen to those sources (or better yet, before you do) check out this video by Mic the Vegan. He is one of those people who can do the research and can clearly put together a video that counterargues the arguments from people who criticize the documentary.

We Need To Take Matters Into Our Own Hands As Individuals

After watching Cowspiracy, I saw a popular meat producing company talk about how they were cutting emissions and doing their part to save the environment, and it seemed absolutely ridiculous to me knowing that by producing meat they were doing way more damage then they could ever fix simply by cutting emissions.

However, it was a good lesson on how the meat and dairy industry will make it look like they are doing things right to take the heat off what they are doing wrong.

The biggest thing I’ve realized is that people who run this world are not going to take care of us. If we want to do something about the environment, we have to make the changes as individuals and show those people what we do and do not want by voting with our money and speaking up to make the issues known.

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