Growing Up Quotes: Everyone Can Relate To At Least One Of These

Growing up is a part of life. When you are a kid, you can’t wait to grow up. When you are an adult, you wish that growing up hadn’t happened so quickly. It’s all very weird and unfair, but that’s just the way it is. The good this is that we learn a lot of lessons as we grow up and mature. Here are some growing up quotes from people on Twitter that everyone can relate to.

Growing Up Quotes_ Everyone Can Relate To At Least One Of These

1. Your Life, Your Choices

A part of growing up is dealing with your decisions good or bad. – Jordon Scott

When you are younger, you can blame other people – your teachers, your parents, your siblings, your friends – and you do.

Growing up means you realize that everything you do in life is a result of your decisions. You choose to react and behave the way you do, and those choices are yours, whether they turn out good or bad.

The good thing is that you are always learning, so there’s really not such a bad choice; instead, it’s just a choice that taught you a lesson so you can make better choices in the future.

2. Growing Up And Giving Up Are Not The Same Thing

Growing up doesn’t mean giving up. – Gran 

I had a friend who worked in a hospital as a housekeeper. She was surrounded by people who had started working there when they were young and just never stopped. Almost all of them had said they had dreams of doing other things, but as they got older, they just gave up (and essentially took the easy way out).

I think a lot of people buy into the belief that as you get older you might as well just give up on your dreams and wants. But that’s just a bullshit rule, as Vishen Lakhiani would say. It’s not the way it has to be.

3. That Person You Admired While Growing Up…

My Korean War veteran grandfather passed over 5 years ago. He was the sweetest man who ever lived, and a great outdoors mentor. Growing up, there was rarely a week that would go by that he didn’t take us kids somewhere fun, or teach us something new and valuable. – Krystle Baker

This is one of the best growing up quotes because when you do grow up, and look back at life, you see that there’s always one person that you admired.

That person usually took the time to teach you or spend quality time with you. It could be your grandfather, your teacher, your mom, or someone else. They earned your respect and they still have it after you have grown up.

Ironically a lot of people find that they appreciate those people even more after growing up than they did when they were young. It’s another ridiculous truth of life. I wish I had appreciated the older people in my life more when I was young… and they were alive.

4. We Hold On To A Lot Of Things While Growing Up

When people compliment me, I think they’re being sarcastic. Do I need to up my therapy or did I just watch too many mean high school movies growing up? – Taylor Tomlinson

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we don’t take a lot of things we learned growing up with us. In fact, we are shaped by a lot of what we learned while we were growing up. So when we react to someone’s words with hurt, it may just be because growing up we were hurt by someone who talked to us in the same way.

But we are not defined by our past. Taylor can change the way she reacts to other people’s compliments. She just needs the right guide to do it.

Marisa Peer is very helpful with changing the thoughts and reactions that we brought with us from childhood.

5. Doubt Is A Part Of Growing Up

All of my children have been through stages of doubt. It is a part of growing from childhood to adulthood. – Sally Clarkson

We tend to think there’s something wrong with us when we start to doubt ourselves, but there’s not. It’s a part of maturing and growing up and questioning what we want, what we are capable of, and who we are.

That’s why I think something like Lifebook’s 12 categories should be something every high school graduate dives into before they move on with life. It can help them see that life is out there waiting for them AND that they could get it with the right mindset, beliefs, and action plan.

6. Not Everyone Had Everything Handed To Them While Growing Up

Growing up with limited resources you get creative. – Cage The Elephant

When it comes to quotes about growing up, this one is on point for many people! He was talking about how he figured out that ramen and PB&J sandwiches went together, but for other people it goes way beyond food. When you don’t have everything handed to you or provided for you, it takes some creativity to get the things you want and do what you need to do.

7. You Can (And Should) Still Do Things You Did As A Kid After You Are Grown

Being an artist as a job is really great and is the opposite of growing up. You spend all day drawing pictures and concentrating with your tongue hanging out the side of your mouth. You are not much different from a 4-year-old. – Mr. Bingo

You can always still act like a kid when you are an adult. It doesn’t cancel out all the things that come with growing up, such as responsibility, obligations, and commitment. But it does help you reach into that place where your inner kid lives – the kid who knows how to have fun with life and enjoy it. The more connected you are to that inner kid, the more fun you are going to have with life – period.

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