13 Jon Butcher Quotes That I Love As A Lifebooker

If you take Lifebook, then you are going to gather your own favorite Jon Butcher quotes throughout the process. There are so many lessons and webinars where he offers great advice and tips for living your best life. Missy Butcher has equal amounts of great advice, but I’ll have to do another article on quotes from her because this one is focused solely on things that Jon Butcher has said.

Note: If you don’t know what Lifebook is, then read my Lifebook review to learn more.

13 Jon Butcher Quotes That I Love As A Lifebooker

1. Jon Butcher Says That The Lifebook Program Works

You can’t fail if you do the work.

Jon Butcher says that the Lifebook program works… if you do the work. It’s a proven system to help you get clear on what you want and then get clear on how to get what you want out of life.

That’s likely why they’ve put the Lifebook Online portion of the program up with a full refund if you want it. If you do the work, you are going to see how valuable it is, but if you don’t do the work, then it’s a total waste of your time. You will be no better off than you were before you took Lifebook and learned from Jon Butcher.

2. What Jon Butcher Does Each Day For Productivity

I set aside a good hour a day to think about my life.

This is a great tip for your morning, but you can use it at night too.

Jon Butcher says that you need to think daily about your life vision and the projects you are working on. He says that by setting aside some time each day to think about your life, you can stay focused, organized, and effective.

He also says that if you dive into your work without any sort of planning or thought, you are going to do a lot of ‘mindless busywork’. But when you sit and reflect on your life vision and your day, you are going to ask yourself questions like ‘What’s going to push my life vision the farthest today?’ and that’s going to help make it a productive day.

3. Jon Butcher Says There’s No Hack To Self-Mastery

There is no shortcut to self-mastery.

Jon Butcher says that there are a lot of hacks in life for various things, but when it comes to identifying limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back and then gaining control over your life, there is no shortcut to bringing consciousness and developing more insight, which is what helps you do those things. He says that it’s a layer by layer process that you have to get through and put the work into.

4. What Jon Butcher Says Self-Discipline Boils Down To

Self-discipline almost always comes down to deferred gratification.

Being able to do what you should do now despite having a temptation of an immediate reward is being able to practice self-discipline.

For instance, if you don’t feel like doing something and the reward is watching TV or doing anything else that you actually want to do, consistently doing the thing that you don’t want to do is practicing deferred gratification, and it results in self-discipline.

5. Jon Butcher Says Nobody Can Help You Get The Life You Want Except For One Person

Your life is yours. You own it.

I love this simple Jon Butcher quote. I feel like it’s the message at the heart of the Lifebook program.

It’s your life and you own it and you can do what you want with it.

You can flush it down the toilet, you can do things you hate all the time, or you can do things that get you closer and closer to the life vision you set out for yourself in Lifebook.

6. Jon Butcher On Unhappiness

When unhappiness comes up in my life I treat it as an unwelcome imposter.

I love this Jon Butcher quote! He straight up says that he doesn’t believe unhappiness belongs in our daily existence.

That is a completely different perspective than I hear from a lot of people who think that life and unhappiness go hand in hand. That doesn’t have to be true.

You get to choose how you think and react to life, and there is always a choice that leads you to happiness and a choice that leads you to unhappiness. If you do what Jon Butcher does and treat unhappiness as an unwelcome imposter, you are going to look for (and find) the choice that leads you to happiness.

7. Jon Butcher On How To Take Responsibility For Your Life

Lifebook is a way for you to take responsibility for your life.

Lifebook helps you to find what it is you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to get it. And then it helps you to move towards that vision with intention. When you know what you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to get it, you naturally take responsibility for your life.

8. Jon Butcher On The Entitlement Mentality that So Many People Hold

Self-responsibility is the only enucleation for that poison.

Jon Butcher says that we live in a world with a high entitlement mentality, where people want everything handed to them just the way they want it or else they complain. This entitlement mentality is making a lot of people miserable because things are not just handed to you the way you want them.

Jon Butcher says that governments are not going to hand it to you; in fact, nobody is going to hand it to you. Self-responsibility is the only thing that will help you remove that entitlement mentality that is making you miserable and help you get the life you want and be happy with what you have.

9. Jon Butcher On How To Cultivate More Self-Discipline

If you want to cultivate more self-discipline, set yourself up for a win.

This is a great tip from Jon Butcher on how to cultivate more self-discipline. He says that one of his Lifebook students committed to working out for one minute a day, which might sound ridiculous, but this guy was not able to commit to working out at all so one minute a day was something. After that, he was able to work his way up to 10 minutes per day and eventually made it a habitual part of his daily life.

If you are having problems with self-discipline in any area of your life, set yourself up to win by committing to doing something for at least one minute per day.

10. Jon Butcher On How Often To Do Lifebook

Any time you are in a major transition it’s a really good idea to revisit the Lifebook program.

Getting clear on your life is needed during a time of transition. Whether you lose a job, get a divorce, get pregnant, start a business, have a business fail, or anything else – sitting down and revisiting the Lifebook program can help you adjust, rewrite, and get on track to something that motivates you and inspires you.

It’s nice to know that when shit hits the fan in life, you always have Lifebook to turn to.

11. Jon Butcher On What The Lifebook Community Is All About

We are a group of people who are building our lives together with intentions.

I know that they have a goal of reaching millions of people with Lifebook. I can’t remember how big that goal is, but obviously the more the better.

People who have taken Lifebook, also known as Lifebookers, are a very unique group of people who are working towards something, feeling positive about life, and helping each other move forward in this world. It’s a high energy group that is making a difference in the world – one Lifebook at a time.

I’m happy to be part of this community and believe that if all the people in this world could take Lifebook and live by the principles they discover in it, the world would be an amazing place.

12. Jon Butcher On How To Help People Around You

If you are fortunate enough to get your own act together, then you are faced with the remarkable opportunity of helping people around you.

This is why Lifebook is so valuable. It doesn’t just help you get your own act together and live with purpose and passion, it helps you help others. In other words, once you get your shit together, you can help other people get their shit together.

And I think that you don’t even need to have your shit completely together in order to help other people. You simply need to be on that path where you know what you want and are working towards it in order to help other people.

Lifebook gives you more awareness, insight, and consciousnesses, which gives you a perspective and the tools that can help you solve problems in both your life and other people’s lives.

13. Jon Butcher On Having A Great Life

It’s not ok to have guilt for having a great life because other people don’t have a great life.

Somebody had asked how to deal with the guilt of having a great life when other people don’t. I loved Jon Butcher’s answer to this.

He said that it’s ok to have compassion for other people who don’t have a great life, but playing small doesn’t serve anybody. You need to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help people around you.

In other words, when you have a great life, you can help other people with your knowledge, time, energy, and money. And that’s why there’s nothing wrong with having a great life even when other people don’t.

These Jon Butcher quotes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Jon Butcher has to say. If you are interested in learning more from Jon Butcher and learning about Lifebook, I recommend taking this free masterclass. And, if you want to learn more about the Lifebook program, you can click here to do that.

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