How Guys Test Their Girlfriends

How Guys Test Their Girlfriends
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Do you ever wonder if your new boyfriend is observing you? Well, if a guy is serious about having a long-lasting relationship, it is normal that he would want to make sure he has chosen the right girl. He will test his girlfriend in different ways to see her responses to situations. So, what are the ways in which guys test their girlfriends?

If you want to find out how your partner can be testing you, check out some of the ways he may do it:

How Guys Test Their Girlfriends Video

How You Trust Him

1. He Intentionally Leaves His Phone Behind.

Does your boyfriend often leave his phone around you? Well, aside from being a good sign that he is not hiding any phone conversations from you, it can also be his way to know you more. You might not know it, but he is probably trying to catch you checking his phone. He wants to find out if you are one of those sneaky girlfriends who spy on their boyfriends’ phones and messaging apps.

2. He Talks about Other Girls.

What do you feel whenever your boyfriend talks about other girls? Do you feel jealous? Since your boyfriend wants to know if you truly trust him, it is possible that he will try to make you jealous of others. He knows that one way to do that is by letting you hear stories about the beautiful girls he has met.

3. He Introduces You to His Girl Friends.

Aside from talking about them, he may also introduce you to other girls to see if you get jealous easily. He knows that it is hard to be in a relationship with someone who will want him to get rid of his lady friends. Of course, men want to end up with women who trust them enough not to be jealous of their friends.

If He Can Trust You

4. He Asks to Borrow Your Phone.

Guys want to make sure they can trust their girlfriends too. For this reason, expect that your boyfriend will look for ways to prove you are trustworthy. For instance, has he ever borrowed your phone unexpectedly? If you let him borrow it without any hesitation, you are safe. Doubts would have only happened if you gave excuses not to let him have it.

5. He Will Ask About Your Past Relationships.

Has your partner shown interest in your previous relationships? Did he ask you how those failed? It is not only for sympathy and knowing what kind of a partner you are. He also wants to make sure you did not cause problems in those relationships. If you did, there is a chance you could do it this time. He just wants to be careful.

6. He Will Observe How You Hang Out with Your Friends, Especially Guys.

Has your boyfriend met your friends already? If he is making an effort to hang out with your friends, there is a possibility he is observing your social circle too. Just like how most girls would be uncomfortable around their boyfriends’ female friends at first, your partner could be checking if your guy friends are threats or not. You may not be aware of it, but he could be observing how you treat and act around them.

How Your Character Is

7. He Suddenly Cancels a Planned Date.

Your boyfriend wants to see how flexible you are too. That is why it would not be a surprise if he tests your patience from time to time. For instance, has he ever canceled a date at the last minute? How did you react to it? After a while, did he tell you it was only a prank?

How Guys Test Their Girlfriends
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8. He Tells You He is Broke.

Any man does not like to be loved for the material things he can provide. Your boyfriend feels the same. For this reason, he might let you know that he does not have much money to see if your behavior towards him would change. He wants to find out if you are willing to stay with him even if he is not rich.

9. He Lets You Spend Time with His Family.

Has he invited you to stay for at least a few days with him and his family? One of the reasons he would do this is his desire to know more about your character. He wants to see how you would treat his family or the people around him.

10. He Pretends to Forget Your Monthsary.

How thoughtful is your boyfriend? Has he ever pranked you that he forgot your monthsary? Probably, it was not a mere prank. He could be checking your reaction too, just like in no. 7. Being his new girlfriend, your man wants to know if you are sensitive or not. He also likes to find out how mature you are in dealing with disappointing situations.

If You’re a Homemaker Material

11. He Surprises You with a Visit to Your Place.

Does your boyfriend like sudden visits? Maybe it is not just because he misses you. He probably wants to see how your place looks whenever there are no expected visitors. If you are to be his future wife, he wants to see if you can manage house chores. Of course, he hopes to marry a woman who can be a homemaker for him and his future children.

12. He Challenges You to Cook His Favorite Food.

Aside from observing how clean your place is, your boyfriend probably wants to know if you can cook too. Therefore, do not be surprised if he teases you about your cooking skill. His main purpose is probably to challenge you to cook for him. It is also possible that he will ask you to cook him his favorite dish.

How Guys Test Their Girlfriends
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13. He Observes How You Deal with Kids.

Any man who wants to settle down and have kids would choose a woman who can be an excellent mother. Has your boyfriend let you meet his little nephews and nieces? Or did he ask you to help him babysit them for a day? He is probably observing how you act around kids and if you can take care of them.

14. He Lets You Handle Money

Some couples decide to have joint savings even if they are not married yet. If your boyfriend lets you manage your savings and regular budgets together, he can be testing how you handle money matters. Of course, he wants to make sure his future wife can be depended on in managing the family finances.

It is Okay

So, what if your boyfriend is really testing you? It is not something you should feel bad about. It is advisable that you do the same thing to secure your relationship. Find ways to test his faithfulness, character, and reliability as a future husband and father.

Love is not enough to keep a relationship long-lasting. There are individual factors that must be considered and adjusted too. If conflicting behaviors are settled early in the relationship, there is a higher chance that your love story will have a happy ending.

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