How to Know if a Girl likes you: 19 Hopeful Signs

How to Know if a Girl likes you: 19 Hopeful Signs
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Are you waiting for signs to confirm that there is a chance to be with the girl you like? Probably, you are afraid to confess your feelings because she might reject your affection. However, what if she likes you too all this time?

If you want to gather your courage to date the girl of your dreams, you can check out some of the signs she likes you too:

No Effort Chemistry

1. She Maintains Eye Contact During Conversations.

One of the hints that she likes you is her fondness for locking gazes with you. Most girls feel awkward maintaining eye contact with guys they do not have feelings for. It is because they do not want to give them false hope. They say the eyes are the windows to humans’ souls. Normally, women only want to open their ‘windows’ to the men they want to connect souls with.

2. She Laughs at Your Jokes, and She Makes You Laugh Too.

Girls in love will find corny jokes hilarious—especially those cracked by the guys they like. Also, they will try to act dorky around them to lighten the ambiance between them. So, if this girl seems so happy and funny when you are together, you can tell she enjoys your company so much.

3. She Likes to Sit or Stand Close to You.

Another universal sign that a person likes someone is how they often find ways to be close to the one they are attracted to. Therefore, if this girl loves sitting or standing next to you, there is hope that your feelings are mutual.

4. She Keeps Conversations Going.

Does she always ask you open-ended queries and follow-up questions? And whenever she talks about herself, does she endlessly talk like she wants it to be forever? This is one of the common signs that a girl is attracted to you. She will make sure your conversations are interesting and do her best to keep them going.

5. She Always Says “Yes” to Everything You Ask from Her.

Whenever you ask a favor from her, does she always say “yes”? Just like how you would not be able to decline her requests, a girl will not turn you down if she likes you. On the contrary, she will be willing to help you when you need it and may even sacrifice time, effort, or resources just to help you out.

6. She Loves to Tease You.

If a girl likes to tease a specific guy, it could be because she likes him. Teasing could be her way of catching his attention or trying to make him laugh. So, how about this girl you like? Is she fond of teasing you? If yes, she probably craves your attention.

7. She Can Talk to You for Hours, Personal or Over the Phone.

Is this girl willing to talk to you over the phone for hours at night? Or does she like staying to chitchat with you even without important topics? Girls will not waste much time talking to someone unless that person is special to them. So, if this lady you like does not mind chatting with you for hours casually, it means she finds you attractive.

Genuine Connection

8. She Opens Up About Her Past.

If a woman shares her past with a man, it means she wants him to know her deeper. It is also a sign that she trusts him enough that she is willing to be vulnerable in front of him. So, how about the girl you like? Has she ever opened up about her heartaches in the past or childhood memories?

9. She is Comfortable Sharing Her Inner Thoughts with You.

Does she often call you whenever she needs someone to talk to? If she does not hesitate to let you know what she thinks, it means she is comfortable with you. Girls often share their inner struggles with their closest girlfriends or BFFs. If a girl opens up to a guy, it could mean she likes him.

How to Know if a Girl likes you
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10. She Tells You Her Secrets.

In addition to her past and inner thoughts, a girl who likes a man would willingly share her secrets with him. This is a sign that she is getting intimate with the person. So, have you already reached this point with your adored girl? If yes, it is clear that you are special to her too.

11. She Always Checks on You.

Does this girl often message you just to ask how you are doing? If she is this thoughtful towards you, it means you are important to her. She wants to be updated with your life and ensure you are in a good place. If not, she will do everything she can to help you.

12. She Stays by Your Side When You are Not Okay.

In connection to no. 11, if a girl likes you, she will always be there for you. Whether you are sick or simply feeling down, she will be by your side. She does not mind sacrificing time, effort, or even money just to help you feel better. Remember, women have their mother instinct in them. So, expect them to take care of the people who are important to them.

13. She Sacrifices Other Tasks Just to be with You.

Yes, the girl who likes you will willingly give up her other activities just to be with you or help you out. She will not waste any chance to be with you, even if it means making a sacrifice.

14. She Cannot Stop Herself from Touching You.

Another sign that a girl is attracted to a guy is how she cannot resist touching him. No matter how she tries to act demure, her body is unconsciously drawn to that person. Therefore, if you notice that the girl you like is fond of holding your hand, patting your back, or giving you a friendly hug, she is definitely attracted to you.

15. She Wants to be Alone with You.

Do you feel that she is happier when you are alone together than when you are with other friends? If yes, she really likes you. People in love will find ways to be alone with the person they love. They could make excuses to avoid the crowd or have the person’s company alone.

Opening the Door to Her Social World

16. She Likes You to Meet Her Friends.

Is she fond of talking about her friends to you? It is a hint that she likes you to meet them. This becomes clearer if she invites you to hang out with her and her BFFs. Or she would probably invite you to her apartment to meet her roommates.

17. She Invites You to Family Occasions.

And how about this one? If she invites you to meet her family or join them for a celebration, she is definitely head-over-heels with you. She wants you to feel welcome in her home, and she wants her family to scrutinize you for her.

How to Know if a Girl likes you
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18. She Asks You to Join Her Organization.

Is she convincing you to join the organization she is part of? Yes, she probably wants you to be part of their advocacy, but it could be just half of her reason. Probably, the other part is her desire to spend more time with you.

19. She is Proud to Introduce You to Others.

How does she sound when she introduces you to other people? Does she sound too proud and excited? Oh, she could be flaunting you to the world already! Instead, she probably wishes she could introduce you as her boyfriend next time.

What are You Waiting for?

Have these signs helped you realize that the girl you like is attracted to you also? If yes, maybe it is about time you become bolder. What if she has been waiting for you for a long time already? So, do not waste any more chances to confess your feelings to her.

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