The New Planners For Kids By The Happy Planner: Making Planning Fun And Personable For Kids

The Happy Planner has a new line of planners out for kids! Personally, I wish these planners had been around when I was young. I would have loved this type of planner with monthly calendars, weekly spreads, and just a whole bunch of fun.


The Happy Planner For Kids

Unlike the adult Happy Planner, it seems that the kids don’t have a choice when it comes to their layout. They get the standard horizontal weekly layout and no option to choose a vertical layout.

It looks like all of The Happy Planner kits for kids comes with the planner, stickers, an eraser, note pads, a bookmark, and washi tape.

They have come out with a few different layouts.

Cool Dude – Obviously this is for kids who aren’t all about princesses. It has stickers of trucks, comic-type covers, and sports stuff.

Girl In Wonderland – Stickers of unicorns, bunnies, and cameras are included in this kit. The color theme is pink all around. This is probably the kit I would choose now, but as a kid I wasn’t that girly.

Keep Laughing – This kit is colorful both in its layout and in its stickers. The ‘Stay Rad’ sticker would have sold me as a kid. I didn’t even know kids still said that. Anyway, this kit reminds me of happiness in a planner.

Magical Girl – Unicorns, stars, mermaids, and rainbows are the theme of this kit. Even the washi tape has rainbows on it. This is also a colorful kit.

There are also a couple of value pack sticker pads. One that runs along the theme of colorful and suitable for all kids, and one that seems a little more pink and magical.

Letting Kids In On The Planning

I don’t have kids, but all of my friends do.

One of my friends has been using a huge planning calendar with her kids since they were young. She sits down with them, goes over the month, and makes sure she gets their opinions and keeps them informed about what is going on.

She keeps her calendar planner on her fridge for all to see.

She says planning with them has helped give them structure in life. They know that they can’t just do whatever they want every day because there are chores they need to take care of, events they need to go to, and other responsibilities that they need to prepare for.

It’s all written down for them on the planner, so there is no denying it.

When I told her about The Happy Planner for kids, she said she wished they would have had that when her kids were young (they are all late teens now). Even though she included them in her planning, she was the creative force behind it. Moreover, she wasn’t able to plan their school stuff with complete accuracy because she wasn’t the one at school.

If they had their own planners, they would have been able to add their own creativity to the planning – and that would have made the planning much more fun for them.

They also would have been able to write in their own personal plans, which would have given planning more meaning to them.

And, she thinks, it would have helped them remember things better because they were the ones putting on the stickers and making it pretty (or cool). It would have been more personable.

Planning Their Own Life Creatively

This article talks about how planners are great for students because they reduce stress, remove bad habits such as cramming, and instill the life skill of being organized, which we all know is useful when you get older.

While you could use any old planner for kids, The Happy Planner is all about creativity. That’s why I’ve loved it over the years, and kids likely would too.

They can add stickers and washi tape to their already colorful planner. I remember loving stickers as a kid… and, come to think of it, I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love stickers. Washi tape may be new to some kids, but I’m sure it would add to the fun of creating their own layout.

And, just like in the adult Happy Planner, kids can add their own personalized sheets, bookmarks, and notes into their planner because the Happy Planner for kids uses the disc system that allows you to easily remove or add pages.

Family Planning Night?

If you have ever been addicted to The Happy Planner, you probably took one night per week to sit down and plan your coming week. And, before the start of each month, you took a little longer as you planned your month and your first week in it.

If your kids have a Happy Planner, then this could be a family thing each week! Forget game night. Take the time to create, plan, and make some memories while doing so.

That way they can fill in the things you want them to fill in, as well as the things they want to fill in and need to remember.

Doing that will also help your kid build a habit of planning and paying attention to their planner, which will ensure they are more likely to do what needs to be done and less likely to make excuses like ‘I didn’t know’.

For now, I think they are only selling the kid’s planning stuff on their website. You can check out their line of kid’s planners and stickers here.

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