9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great… No Matter What Happens

9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great No Matter What Happens

Does your birthday often make you burst into tears? You are not alone. Whether it’s because everything always goes wrong on your birthday or because you don’t like getting another year older, birthdays can be miserable days without the right planning and mindset. 9 Things You Should Do For Your Birthday To Make Sure It’s …

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Two Disappointing Work Experiences That Taught Me Two Valuable Lessons

stick with goal

Today has been a hugely frustrating day for me, but I’ve learned two valuable lessons. It’s all because I based my work plans on what I saw a few months ago instead of on the goals I wanted to achieve. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it’s an important one that I want to …

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The New Planners For Kids By The Happy Planner: Making Planning Fun And Personable For Kids

The Happy Planner For Kids 1

The Happy Planner has a new line of planners out for kids! Personally, I wish these planners had been around when I was young. I would have loved this type of planner with monthly calendars, weekly spreads, and just a whole bunch of fun.   The Happy Planner For Kids Unlike the adult Happy Planner, …

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