10 Ways The Mastery Of Sleep Can Help You Sleep Better

Are you a good sleeper? If you don’t know, Dr. Michael Breus can help you figure that out. He knows what it takes to have a good night’s sleep and he’s sharing all his secrets in the Mastery of Sleep. This Mindvalley course is a comprehensive course on all things sleep and it helped me switch a few habits and add a few tools that helped me to sleep better. From learning about how supplements can interfere or help your sleep to learning how to nap the right way, Dr.  Michael Breus covered everything you need to know about how to sleep better. And he’s extremely passionate about the topic, which you will see as you go through the course. Here are 10 ways that The Mastery Of Sleep will help you improve your sleep.

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1. Learn How To Makeover Your Bedroom For The Best Sleep Possible

Your bedroom plays a HUGE part in your sleep and making it over can help you get better sleep no matter where you live.

I live on a busy street. The only way into our large neighborhood is on that street, and so I hear every single car that revs its engine while driving by. This makes it very important for me to understand how to create an atmosphere where I can have the best sleep possible despite living on such a busy street.

In The Mastery of Sleep, you learn everything you need to know about creating a sleep environment that helps you get the best sleep possible. And if you were like me there’s probably a lot more to it than you think.

2. Learn The Best Way To Spend Your Hour Before Bed

It matters what you do with your time before bed. If you really want to sleep better, you need to pay attention to that time and do the things that help your body and mind unwind to a point where you can easily fall asleep when you are ready. Dr. Michael Breus teaches you what you need to do.

3. Learn How Food Affects Your Ability To Sleep

Nobody wants to hear that their favorite foods are affecting their sleep, but if you want to sleep better, then you will appreciate what Dr. Michael Breus has to teach you about food habits and how they affect your ability to relax and fall asleep.

You will learn what foods make it harder to fall asleep and when to eat to improve your sleep. This is not the same for everyone, so it’s important to know that what works for someone else may not work for you.

4. Understand How Prescribed Drugs Can Affect Your Ability To Sleep

Doctors might not tell you how your prescribed drugs can affect your sleep, but it’s simply because they might not know. Dr. Michael Breus does know, and he teaches what he knows in the Mastery of Sleep.

You may find yourself going through your medications and talking to your doctor to see if you can change them after you learn about this.

5. Learn How To Nap

Dr. Michael Breus says there is a right way to nap and he teaches it in The Mastery of Sleep. He teaches how to do something he calls a Nap-A-Latte, but he also talks about 7 other ways of napping and how to use naps to your advantage.

6. Learn About Natural Supplements For Better Sleep

Dr. Michael Breus teaches a full guide on healthy sleep supplements in his course. He talks about what he uses for himself and his family and what he recommends to his clients.

7. Learn Your Chronotype

I’ve noticed that everybody enjoys learning about this because it helps you understand who you are and how that influences your sleep, behavior, daily rhythm, and even character. Dr. Michel Breus teaches how to identify your chronotype in a few different ways and then you use that information to figure out what will work best for you in a lot of lessons going forward.

8. Learn Some Stress Relief Practices For Better Sleep

We all know a tired body doesn’t do you any good if your mind is alert and stressed out. The Mastery of Sleep teaches you some ways to relax and quiet your mind before going to sleep.

I also recommend taking Everyday Bliss from Mindvalley to learn more ways to deal with stress that lingers.

9. Learn How To Share Your Bed

If you share your bed, then you know that it can affect how you sleep if you are not a heavy sleeper who falls asleep instantly and doesn’t hear a thing while you sleep.

If you want to get a good night’s rest when sharing your bed, then it’s important to make sure that you do everything you can to maximize your sleep quality with someone else in your bed.

10. Learn How Caffeine And Alcohol Affect Your Sleep

When it comes to caffeine and alcohol, did you know that timing is important and can make a huge difference in your ability to sleep better? If you drink one or the other – or both, you will want to learn more about how they affect your sleep, and when drinking one or the other is not such a good idea. You will also learn the exact time you should start and stop your caffeine intake.

Bottom Line: Mastery Of Sleep Will Help You Sleep Better

Everything you need to know about getting better sleep is covered in The Mastery of Sleep. It’s truly a comprehensive course that helps you understand how you are sabotaging your sleep efforts right now and what you can do to get better sleep. Dr. Michael Breus is passionate about sleep!

Besides the informative classes, there are 4 Q&A days where previous students asked for clarification as well as asked questions around topics that were not covered in the course. Dr. Michael Breus doesn’t hold back and is excited to share everything he knows in these one-hour sessions.

Take the free masterclass to learn some myths around sleep and truths about how to sleep better.

And, if you are ready to take the sleep program that gives you the insight to develop a routine that helps you sleep better, you can sign up for that here.

If you think you might want to take this quest and more on Mindvalley, then I suggest you check out the Mindvalley All Access Pass as it gives you access to the sleep quest as well as many other quests on Mindvalley.

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