Conscious Uncoupling Review: The Quest For Healing From Breakups

conscious uncoupling

If you are in pain right now because of a breakup or the anticipation of one, then Conscious Uncoupling can help you experience healing. Katherine Woodward teaches how to heal your heart, feel powerful again, and go on living with a sense of happiness rather than dread or despair. Conscious Uncoupling was born when Katherine …

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4 Questions I Keep Getting About The Quest All Access Pass

Questions About Quest All Access Pass Mindvalley

Since I published the post about the Quest All Access Pass from Mindvalley, I’ve been getting some constant questions that I thought were interesting and worth answering in an article, as I’m sure many people searching for the Quest All Access Pass have these similar questions. 1. Why Am I Finding Different Prices For The …

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8 Reasons Mindvalley’s Membership Is Awesome

quest all access pass

Having a better conversation with yourself starts by developing a new awareness and new beliefs that allow you to change your self-talk. Mindvalley has courses focused on every area of life that will impact your awareness and your beliefs in a positive way. I know because I’ve taken many of their courses and am where …

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How Lifebook Online Can Help You Create Powerful Affirmations

Lifebook Online Review

There are plenty of done-for-you affirmations out there. But, for affirmations to truly work, they should be personal to your needs, wants, and desires. So how do you come up with affirmations that align with your ideal vision in life? Lifebook Online is a quest offered through Mindvalley and created by Jon and Missy Butcher. …

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7 Quotes From Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy For Abundance

Abundance sign

I recently finished a quest by Marisa Peer on Mindvalley called Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance. I loved it! The quest is full of insights on how to create a more abundant life in terms of wealth, love, happiness, and success. Marisa Peer is a therapist who is well known for her  Rapid Transformation Therapy …

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Emily Fletcher’s The M Word: Why It Can Help You Handle Life Better

Emily Fletcher quote: We meditate to get better at life.

Not convinced you need to make meditation a part of your life? Emily Fletcher encourages you to develop a daily meditation practice in the morning if you want to get better at living life. She is a meditation teacher who is passionate about making meditation a priority in everyone’s life because she knows how important …

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The Habit Of Ferocity: My Review And Thoughts On The Mindvalley Quest

the habit of ferocity review

I have found that there are some quests on Mindvalley that you could do all in one day and still get the benefit. The Habit of Ferocity is not one of them. This quest requires a lot of thought and integration, and I can tell you that at the end of the quest you are …

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44 Free Mindvalley Masterclasses That You Can Take Today

Free Mindvalley Masterclass

There are so many free Mindvalley Masterclasses available for you. They have classes for your soul, brain, health, motivation, abundance, career, happiness, and wealth. Most of Mindvalley’s Masterclasses run from about 60-90 minutes. All of them are hosted by Vishen Lakhiani and have an expert teacher in them. They always have some good tips, exercises, …

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Marisa Peer And Transformational Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life

facebook reviews on marisa peer's hypnotherapy quest

One of my first professional experiences with positive self-talk was with a hypnotist through self-hypnosis. I was very upset about a diagnosis that someone in my family had received and I couldn’t calm down. I was crying, anxious and I felt like I was losing my mind. The session promised to help me get rid …

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Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith: What’s This Mindvalley Quest About?

bigstock Chakras And Endocrine System 235616512

In my late teens, I was obsessed with chakras. I remember reading about kundalini and these little vortexes of energy inside our bodies that are responsible for our life energy. Then I got into partying, and learning about chakras went out the window. But, I just heard that Anodea Judith has a new Mindvalley quest …

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4 Affirmations I Created For More Positive Thoughts Via Srikumar Rao

Surrounded by negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are like clouds. Sometimes you can find one or two in your mind, but sometimes they crowd up your mind so much that you can’t see any light through them. We all get negative thoughts. But, we also all have the ability to minimize them as much as possible and create more positive thoughts …

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Take The Superbrain Quest And Challenge Your Brain To Get Stronger In All Ways

uperbrain quest challenge

Everyone has a superbrain according to Jim Kwik. Even though he was made to feel like he had a stupid brain when he was younger, he found a way to overcome other’s judgments, become a brain coach to the stars, and create a quest on Mindvalley called the Superbrain quest. So, if you think that …

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10 Ways The Superbrain Quest Can Make You More Productive

Superbrain Quest Mindvalley Screenshot

When a course called Superbrain by an expert in brain performance comes up, you know I’m going to take it and review it in some way on this site. The Superbrain Quest is a Mindvalley course taught by Jim Kwik. Jim has been a brain coach for many organizations, actors, and people like you and …

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Speak And Inspire Quest Challenge: Learn How To Impact Others Positively

Hand holding microphone and showing thumbs up in front of a crowd of silhouette people. Public speaking and giving speech

If you have a message, but don’t have the communication skills or confidence to get that message out there in a way that’s impactful, then the Speak and Inspire quest by Lisa Nichols is a 30-day challenge you will want to take. 5 Reasons You Should Take The Speak And Inspire Quest Challenge 1. You …

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Be Extraordinary Review: 10 Ways It Will Make You More Productive

Becoming Limitless Productive

Vishen Lakhiani created a course called Be Extraordinary and put it on Mindvalley. It was originally named Becoming Limitless. Limitless means without end, limit, or boundary, so it seems obvious that Be Extraordinary can help you live an amazing life. But, how do you become limitless? You get out of the victim mentality, realize your …

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Be Extraordinary: 9 Quotes From Vishen Lakhiani About His Course

Screenshot from Becoming Limitless with Vishen Lakhiani

Be Extraordinary is a course on Mindvalley created by Vishen Lakhiani. I’ve taken Be Extraordinary and followed Vishen and Mindvalley for a long time, and I really think that Be Extraordinary is important for growth and evolution – not just in you and me, but in the world as a whole. The program helps you …

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I Took Lifebook Online: Review Plus Thoughts On Who It’s For

The Lifebook Quest Mindvalley Review

I’ve taken the whole Lifebook program from Lifebook Online to Lifebook Mastery. I’ve found that the beauty of Lifebook Online is that it helps you get clear on what you want in your entire life, not just in one area. If you want more clarity in life, then Jon Butcher and Lifebook can help you …

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