15 Positive Affirmations To Counter Your Negative Beliefs About Time

Do you find yourself complaining about time? Do you say things like, “I only have two days off and then I have to go back to work?” and then find that those two days fly by and don’t give you the satisfaction you were looking for? Or do you find yourself talking negatively about time at the end of the day and then feel like you are not really making your moments count?

Positive affirmations about time

The way you talk to yourself about time can affect your life in a big way. It can affect your mind as you focus on a lack of time, wasted time, unwanted time, etc. It can also affect your body as you stress out about the lack of time or forget to enjoy the moment that you are in.

The chances are good that you have some negative beliefs about time that are affecting your entire life. To counter those beliefs, you need to adopt some positive affirmations that will help you see time in a different and more positive way.

15 Positive Affirmations About Time To Counter Negative Beliefs

Use the following positive affirmations about time, or, if you would rather, create your own positive affirmations about time that help you counteract the things that bother you the most.

It doesn’t matter what the affirmation sounds like. The important thing is that it is positive and makes you feel good about time and the way you use it.

  1. I spend my day doing things that have meaning and fill me with joy.
  2. I enjoy every moment I have fully.
  3. This moment offers so many opportunities.
  4. This moment offers so much joy.
  5. I have more than enough time to do everything I want to do.
  6. There are enough hours in the day.
  7. Time is endless.
  8. The time is always here and now.
  9. Time allows me to achieve my dreams.
  10. Time equals opportunity and fulfillment.
  11. Time is on my side.
  12. This moment offers so much love.
  13. Time is always present.
  14. Peace is found in the present moment.
  15. I remain present so that I can receive all the gifts this life has to give me.

Please feel free to share any positive affirmations about time you currently use or you think you will be using in the future.

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