7 Positive Affirmations For When You Feel Worthless

Sometimes all the losses, unkind words, and bad experiences with others can bring us down and make us feel worthless. While there are many things you can do to help yourself, the right affirmations can help you realize your self-worth despite what happens, what other people say, and what experiences you have. Bottom line: If you feel worthless, you need to avoid telling yourself you feel worthless and say the following affirmations instead.


1. I Am The Only One Who Decides My Value

A lot of times we feel worthless when other people compare us to others. For instance, our parents telling us that we are not doing ‘as good’ as someone they know can hurt our self-esteem.

And sometimes people don’t tell us directly that we are worthless. We simply feel worthless because they ignore us or pass us over. Or, we notice that they admire traits that we don’t have and that causes us to feel worthless.

But, the fact is that what other people believe does not dictate how valuable we are or are not. Their beliefs about the world and how people should be are not universal.

Everyone has a different way of being in this world, just like everyone has a different way of adding value to the world.

Figure out what you have to offer the world and then offer it up. Know your value and keep your head high.

2. I Appreciate My Unique Life

Lifebook: Turn Your Life Into A Living MasterpieceWe also feel worthless because we compare ourselves to other people. We see other people getting what they want and being treated in a way that we may not be getting treated.

The problem is we are not like these other people, so of course, we are not going to have the same experiences as them. We are going to experience life differently. We are going to have different problems and different rewards. And we need to recognize that and appreciate that.

For instance, a friend of mine has a boss who seems to treat all the suck-ups better than everyone else. My friend has often compared himself to these suck-ups who seem to know exactly how to get the raises and rewards despite being lazy and gossipy, and he feels like crap when he does. But then he reminds himself that many of these people have unhappy lives elsewhere because they are suck-ups. They may not have good relationships, or be truly happy, or be authentic and able to be themselves. That’s when he starts to appreciate and value his way of being.

Try to see why your way of being is perfect for you, and then appreciate it.

3. I Always Treat Myself With Respect And Love

When we feel something is worthless, we don’t treat it with respect or love. This includes ourselves.

When we don’t feel we are worth anything, we mistreat ourselves, and as we mistreat ourselves, our sense of worthlessness expands.

Stop that today! Decide that you are going to treat yourself with respect and love – always.

Start caring for yourself.

Start respecting your decisions, beliefs, and way of life.

Start allowing yourself to care about how you feel, look, and are treated.

Stand up for yourself!

And, most importantly, be kind to yourself every second of the day.

4. I Have Done A Lot In My Life

When we feel worthless, we tend to forget all of our accomplishments in life. It’s as if we have never done anything good – ever. But that’s not true.

You have done a lot in your life, and you need to remind yourself of that.

Title a piece of paper with ‘I Have Done A Lot In My Life’ and then list out all of the things you have done. You may not remember everything at once, but the more you affirm to yourself that you have done a lot, the more you will remember those forgotten moments where you accomplished things and felt happy and proud of yourself.

Soon, you will see just how much value you really have in this world. And you will go forward paying attention to all those amazing things you do each day.

5. I Am Awesome At…

You are capable of doing so many things. AND, you are already awesome at so many things.

What talents do you have?

Can you cook, write, draw, or sing?

Are you able to see the finer details and create something whole and complete?

Are you able to multitask like nobody’s business?

Can you make other people feel good when they are down?

Are you a good listener or speaker?

Are you great at coming up with ideas to help other people in need?

Are you compassionate?

Do you have an awareness in life that other people don’t have?

Figure out what you are awesome at and then affirm that to yourself as often as you can.

Remember, you don’t have to be awesome at everything. We all have our own gifts and talents. Just like a pack of superheroes, we all have our own unique power that we can bring to the table.

6. I Can Do Great Things Today!

If you feel worthless because of your past, this is the affirmation for you! You are not a slave to your past. You can create new habits and beliefs that help you feel powerful and valuable like never before.

Sometimes we get stuck in the past and focus on what we’ve done wrong or what we haven’t done at all.

For instance, a friend of mine suddenly felt worthless at the age of 40. She was focused on all the things she had done wrong and all the things she neglected to do. She felt like she had wasted a lot of years doing things that didn’t really matter to her, and that made her feel worthless. But, once she stopped focusing on the past and started focusing on the here and now, she realized that she had the ability to do things well from that moment on. She started living life on her terms, doing things that mattered to her, and adding to her self-worth every step of the way.

7.  I Am Constantly Working On My Personal Development

The great thing about being a human is that you can work on improving yourself every day.

You can learn something new every day.

You can build on a skill every day.

You can become someone different tomorrow simply by working on yourself today.

This is especially true if you have the ability to get online. You can take courses from places like Mindvalley and Skillshare that help you expand your awareness and abilities rapidly.

So, you are going to have so many more things to offer others as you progress through your life as long as you continually work on your personal development. Use this affirmation to stick to the habit of learning and growing.

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