11 Positive Affirmations For Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life

If you want more abundance in your life, you need to start thinking differently. The way you think now has had an impact on your abundance, so if you don’t feel like abundance is in your life, then you want to think thoughts that have a different impact. Positive affirmations for abundance will help you think differently, act differently, and start to attract the type of abundance that makes you feel full and happy. Following are 11 affirmations you can start using now.

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1. Abundance Is About More Than Just Money

You don’t want to limit yourself and focus solely on money. That will hold you back from experiencing true abundance in your life.

Abundance simply means a large quantity of something. So, don’t you want abundance in…

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Experiences
  • Fun
  • Laughter

… and money?

When you start to think big in all areas of your life, you start to attract big in all areas of your life. And that’s when you are going to experience the type of abundance that you want.

2. I Take Action To Get What I Want

Abundance is not just going to fall in your lap.

If you want more love, you have to nurture your relationships and ensure they are loving and supportive.

If you want more money, you have to provide some sort of service – whether you work for someone or for yourself – that helps you earn money. You may also have to learn about creating wealth through other means and then start taking action on what you learn.

Using this affirmation is important because it will motivate you to keep doing what you need to do to experience the type of abundance you want.

3. I Remove Limiting Beliefs That Are Not Serving Me

In a Mindvalley program called Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon, you learn that limiting beliefs are what hold you back from experiencing true abundance. She calls these limiting beliefs abundance blocks. You can read my Unlimited Abundance review here.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that are not true and limit you. For instance, ‘I could never make the type of money that I want to make’ is a limiting belief. You don’t know for a fact that you could never make the type of money you want. That’s just a limiting belief. If you let that belief guide your actions and decisions, you may not do the things that you need to do in order to start making the type of money you want to make.

Always question your beliefs. If you find a belief that is not true and is holding you back from believing in yourself or doing what you need to do, remove it from your life and replace it with something better.

For instance, if you currently hold the belief that you can’t make a lot of money, replace that with the belief that you just need to figure out how to make a lot of money and then you will be doing so.

4. I Deserve Abundance

One of the biggest limiting beliefs holding people back from getting abundance is ‘I don’t deserve abundance’. You can counteract that with the positive affirmation, ‘I deserve abundance!’

It doesn’t matter what your parents, friends, or other people say. Some people will want to hold you back from experiencing abundance because of their own personal beliefs, fears, or judgments. But you don’t have to let them define what you are worthy of or capable of.

If you are alive, you are just as deserving as anyone else. There is no reason why you are not.

5. Abundance Will Be A Great Thing In My Life

If you are scared of abundance, don’t be. Don’t be worried that it will corrupt you or turn you into someone you don’t want to be. If you are a good person now, abundance will not change that. It will amplify that.

Abundance will help you to be the type of person you want to be. It helps give you a sense of happiness and fulfillment. And, it helps you contribute to the people you love and the world and make everything and everyone better.

In short, everyone will benefit from you having abundance!

6. I Celebrate Abundance In Other People’s Lives

If you tend to get upset when you see other people living in abundance, you are doing yourself a disservice. You are living in a state of jealousy and telling yourself that you are not abundant. This can hold you back from seeing opportunities and doing what you need to do to create and attract abundance into your life.

Always comes from a place of love and celebrate other people’s achievements and successes. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve learned that this is one of those positive affirmations for the abundance that will really help accelerate your attraction of abundance because it will keep you out of the lower states of energy and in higher states where it’s easier to attract wealth, love, happiness, fun, and opportunity into your life.

7. I Am Grateful For The Abundance I Already Have

Celebrate what you already have and be grateful for it. When you do that, you feel abundant, even if you don’t have everything you want yet. That feeling will help you attract more things you want into your life.

The feeling of being grateful for your current abundance is powerful. It keeps you in a high energy state – a state of confidence and joy – where you are more capable of doing great things that attracts more abundance in your life.

For example, when I was single and wanted a loving relationship that made me feel supported and cared for, I focused on being grateful for the love I already had in my life. I didn’t focus on being single. I focused on my friends and family and how much love I had in my life. That helped me avoid the negative thoughts of loneliness, which helps me avoid jumping into a relationship that I knew wasn’t right for me. Eventually, I found the love of my life who fills me up with more love than I could ever ask for.

8. I Can See Amazing Things In My Future

If you haven’t already, you need to hash out what you truly want in your life. Not just in wealth, but in all areas of your life.

I highly suggest that you look up Lifebook or the concept of the Level 10 Life in order to start creating a vision for your life that actually inspires and excites you.

When you create a vision of abundance in all areas of your life, your daily to-do list (and crossing things off of it) is going to seem much more rewarding because it’s a step towards that vision you have created.

9. Everything Is In A Constant State Of Flow

When it comes to positive affirmations for abundance, this one can really help you see how easy it is to allow abundance into your life.

I first did this with money. I viewed money as an energy that is in a constant state of flow. It goes from one person to another easily and effortlessly. It doesn’t get stuck. It’s always moving, and it can easily move into your life if you are allowing it.

But, this concept can really apply to everything because everything is in a constant state of flow, even yourself. Nothing is stagnant. Everything is moving and changing and flowing – and abundance can easily flow into your life and continuously flow through it.

Visualizing that will help you have an easier time accepting that abundance is easy to attract and can come into your life. So, if you are really stuck with the limiting belief that abundance is not for you, this is an affirmation that you will want to use as often as possible to help you clear out that limiting belief.

10. I Can Always Be More, Do More, And Receive More

This is one of those positive affirmations for the abundance that will help you to avoid settling in life. It’s not about greed, it’s about consistently improving and getting closer to the life of your dreams.

Every day you have a chance to learn something new, do something different, or attract something amazing into your life.

Don’t ever limit yourself on your quest to abundance. If you have a lot, you are capable of attracting more. There are endless choices and possibilities ahead of you, so get excited about that and you will be excited each day to reach new heights and attract more abundance into your life.

11. I Keep My Focus On Attracting Abundance

With all the things going on around us, it can feel greedy to want to focus on attracting abundance into our lives. Shouldn’t we be focused on helping other people get more of what they need in their lives? Shouldn’t we be focused on more than just ourselves?

Positive affirmations for abundance can often sound selfish, but that’s alright because the intention behind abundance is not selfish – it’s to do great things for yourself and for others. You don’t want abundance to hoard it. You want to be able to enjoy life and help other people enjoy life in the process.

Therefore, the affirmation ‘I keep my focus on attracting abundance’ will help you stop focusing on the lack surrounding you and focus on your power to do something about it.

For example, I always felt bad about people being hungry in my city. Focusing on that did nothing to help them. It just made me feel bad. But, when I started focusing on attracting abundance in my life, I started to attract more money into my life to help make a difference with hunger.

Focusing on attracting abundance doesn’t mean you forget about what’s going on around you. It just means your focus shifts from what you can’t do to what you can do.

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