Unlimited Abundance Review: Why You Deserve To Take This Course

Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon can help you take a deeper look at how you talk to yourself, understand how that self-talk affects your beliefs and life, and decide whether or not you should change how you talk to yourself. In other words, Unlimited Abundance can help you not only develop more positive affirmations but believe them and act on them. So, if you are interested in learning more, here’s my Unlimited Abundance review.

3 Big Things You Will Do While Talking Unlimited Abundance

Unlimited Abundance Review: Why You Deserve To Take This Course

1. You Will Start To Admit Some Uncomfortable Truths

Sometimes we are not willing to admit things to ourselves. Like when we want something better in life, but we won’t admit what we are doing that is keeping us from what we want.

For example, you may want to affirm to yourself that you are going to make millions of dollars next year, but if you don’t pay off your monthly bills, then you are blocking yourself from bringing that into your life. You know that you can’t make the bills so you are blocking yourself from fully believing your affirmation.

Christie Marie Sheldon helps you see those counterproductive things you are believing and doing. She helps you understand why they are blocking you from getting what you want. And when you get it, you can stop wishing for things to become better and start doing things to help you remove the blocks and get what you want.

In other words, you will believe that you can make millions of dollars because you will be actively doing things that have a shot of getting you there.

2. You Will Confront Your Lies (And There Are Likely Many Of Them You Don’t Know About!)

Unlimited Abundance helps you bust open some of the lies you believe in. Why is that important? A lie can stop you from creating the change that you need to change.

For example, if you believe that you are not capable of creating wealth, then that can feel like a hard truth. But, it’s not. It’s a lie. You and everyone else is capable of creating wealth. You have the ability to create, sell, save, invest, etc. You can create wealth. You just need to figure out how to do it or where to start.

A lot of our lies come from family and friends. Some come from experiences. Some come from people who are supposed to know what’s going and so we believe them. But, no matter where they come from, it’s important to be able to take a step back, become aware of what we are telling ourselves, and then determine if it’s a lie or not.

I found that a lot of times, you are telling yourself lies and don’t even know it. You absolutely believe they are truth. Christie helps you dig around and figure out the lies you are telling yourself.

3. You Will Confront And Clear Your Fears

Fear holds us back in life.  I can’t count how many times I was too scared to do something so I talked myself out of it. Now, I get to look back on those times as missed opportunities, and that’s not a good feeling. When you are left wondering how different your life would’ve been if you had just taken a chance, it sucks.

But, there have also been times that I’ve moved past the fear and something amazing has happened. I’ve had a new opportunity, found a new success, met someone important, or just had an experience that I will never forget.

Unlimited Abundance makes it very clear that you have to move past your fears if you want abundance in your life. You have to be willing to have a fear and take action anyway. When you can do that, abundance starts to roll into your life.

For example, I know one woman who wanted to start up a vegan donut company and was terrified of doing so. Most people would have let their fear hold them back from going forward, but she kept pushing past her fears one step at a time and eventually she ended up running a highly profitable vegan donut shop. Her example is something I always think about when I have a fear that I can’t or shouldn’t do something.

Unlimited Abundance takes a close look at common fears. Fear of change and fear of rejection are two huge areas all of us deal with. Both fears can really hinder your ability to talk differently to yourself and change your life.

As you have probably read on the official information page for Unlimited Abundance, doing these things can help you experience more passion in your work, get more creative ideas that push you towards abundance, and feel differently towards abundance in all of the areas of your life.

24 Specific Areas Unlimited Abundance Dealt With For Me

The fact that you looked for an Unlimited Abundance review means this course is for you. I’m serious. If you heard about it, have an interest, then I guarantee it can help you because it tackles every single area of life where you may be limiting yourself or holding yourself back.

Here’s a list of what I tackled in my experience with Unlimited Abundance and why I think it’s so important.

1. Resistance – You may be living in a way that is causing resistance to abundance. For instance, you may feel like abundance is hard to have, and that’s acting as resistance towards abundance. In this section, you learn a cool trick to tell whether something feels true or not. It’s a technique I’ve used ever since I’ve learned it. In fact, it’s just a way of being now for me… I can instantly tell whether or not I’m believing a lie, and then blast it away to get rid of that resistance between me and whatever I want.

2. Doubt and fear – You will take a look at your mixed messages that create doubt and fear and then work on deleting them from your existence.

3. Fear of change – If you can’t allow yourself to change, then you can’t bring abundance into your life. If you are fine with who you are, where you are, and the level of abundance you have, then do the same things you are doing. But if you want something new, you can’t expect something new to come into your life until you change.

4. Fear of rejection – I didn’t apply for a job I thought would be amazing because I was scared of rejection. I actually thought that I wasn’t good enough for it and they would laugh me out of the interview room. That’s one small example of how fear of rejection interferes with getting the abundance you want.

5. Fear of numbers – Are you afraid to say something like, “I want to make a million dollars within the next few years?” If yes, then that’s the fear of numbers that Unlimited Abundance will help you tackle. An abundance mindset shouldn’t be limited. You should understand how much money you want and then believe that you are capable of getting it. That’s what Christie Marie Sheldon will help you do.

6. Fear of scarcity – I used to have a fear that if I made too much money, other people wouldn’t be able to make as much money. It was almost like I didn’t believe I could make what I wanted because I was scared it would take away from others. That’s a fear of scarcity. Christie Marie Sheldon makes it clear that we can all have what we want and we need to think in terms of abundance and not scarcity. And then she helps us think about how to get that abundant feeling in ourselves.

7. Money issues – If you believe that being broke is a part of life, how abundant will you ever truly be? I remember always being told, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees!’ and feeling like there was a limited amount of money available to someone like me. It was a firm belief that caused a lot of money issues for me. Unlimited Abundance takes a look at the money beliefs holding you back from having the abundance you want.

8. Fear of growth – I love how Unlimited Abundance deals with this fear. It’s so limiting to see your life as stagnant, but it’s so freeing to see the growth happening in your life.

9. Fear of success – The thought of success can be scary, and it can obviously hold you back from abundance. I have a friend who is scared to make her writing dreams come true because, if she does, then she will have to interact with people and she doesn’t want to do that. That’s a fear of success. And it’s keeping her from getting the abundance she deserves.

10. Feeling stuck – If you are trying to manifest your dreams in reality, but it’s not happening, Unlimited Abundance can help you get rid of those beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

11. Indecision – Whether you are scared to make the wrong decisions or making decisions based on what you think you should be doing, but you are not really sure, then Unlimited Abundance can help you.

12. Disempowering values – You may actually enjoy NOT manifesting abundance. That’s probably not something you would be willing to admit, or even fully understand right now, but you will take a look at your values towards lack and abundance in this course and have a clearer idea of how your values might be mucking up your ability to become abundant.

13. Your future vision – Maybe you took the Lifebook quest from Mindvalley and know what you want, but you can’t get to what you want. This is where some fun questions from Unlimited Abundance will be beneficial.

14. Clutter – Chaos, lack of clarity, and clutter are all tackled in Unlimited Abundance. A lot of this has to do with your limiting beliefs towards life.

15. Blocks to welcoming abundance – Do you know your worth? Once you start to take a look at your value, you can start to welcome more abundance into your life.

16. Family blocks – In my experience, there is no one who can limit your ability to create abundance like your family. Their beliefs, their judgments, their examples, and their influence, in general, can affect your abundance. If you have a family block, you need to deal with it before you can have that abundance you want.

17. Blame – When you blame others, you get stuck. You can’t look inward and tackle the issues holding you back from the abundance you want. Unlimited Abundance helps you tackle the blame game.

18. Access to your highest self – Wherever you are, you can go higher. I’ve come to realize that we can always do better and be better. If you have limiting beliefs holding you back from accessing your higher self, then you need to tackle them before you can move into a higher version of yourself.

19. The path to your future self – Do you know what you need to do for abundance? To get where you want to be? You will ask yourself some questions to help you discover the answers and get in line with the energy needed to do what you need to do.

20. Lack of self-worth – This area is so important for living an abundant life. For example, I have a friend who has wanted to be an artist for 20+ years. She is an amazing artist, and I believe she could have a ton of abundance in this area of her life. But, she lacks self-worth. She has no confidence. I should probably direct her to an Unlimited Abundance review so that she can start thinking about her abundance and where she should go.

21. Financial blocks – If you tend to think of financial success in the future, then this part is going to benefit you. It doesn’t have to take 5 years for you to get some money coming in. You will start thinking about how you can create more financial success starting right now. On the Facebook page, where the Unlimited Abundance tribe meets, you are going to read lots of stories from people who are manifesting money into their lives despite not knowing it was coming.

22. Self-sabotage – I felt the whole course covers self-sabotage when it comes to getting abundance. It’s hard to admit it to yourself, but sometimes you are your biggest hurdle.

23. Financial mess– Have you ever thought about what you are scared to do because it will mess up your financial life? Have you ever thought about how it affects your ability to get abundance? You will now!

24. Financial illusions – Do you live in a world of financial illusion? How does your spending affect your abundance? Does it align with your heart? These are things you will look at in Unlimited Abundance.

As you can see, you are going to tackle a lot of issues holding you back from abundance. I can’t even scratch the surface.

Seriously, in this Unlimited Abundance review, I would never be able to put in all the things you are going to think about, question, and tackle in the course. I would be here writing forever. But, trust me, there is a lot of content in the course that will empower you to better beliefs, better decisions, and better action – all of which move you towards true abundance.

How I Think Unlimited Abundance Really Helps You Become More Abundant

So, now you know that you’re going to look at a bunch of issues holding you back from abundance. From my experience, the course is so valuable because of the following things.

What You Believe, You Create

When you believe that all things are hard, for example, you make things hard for yourself.  Or, when you believe that you can’t do something, you won’t put forward the energy needed to actually do it. You will sabotage yourself along the way and prove what you believe most to yourself. I’ve done it my life many times, and I’m sure if you reflect, you’ll realize you’ve done it in yours.

Unlimited Abundance helps you get rid of beliefs that are limiting you from doing what you want, being who you want, and having what you want.

Once you start to believe great things for yourself, you start to do and create greater things, and more abundance comes into your life.

Your Thoughts And Feelings Give Off Energy

Your thoughts and feelings give off energy. She touches a lot on this in her Love and Above program, but the fact is that you are giving off a certain energy or vibration and you line yourself up with other things that vibrate on that level.

Think about it this way, if you are positive and get around someone negative, do you stay positive? Probably not. Their energy level affects you in some way and brings you down. Maybe not down to their level, but definitely down. But if you suddenly find yourself with someone joyful, your mood starts to increase. That’s a simple case of how energy affects energy.

You Ask Yourself Questions To Change Things

You will be asking yourself a lot of questions in Unlimited Abundance. This helps you tap into your intuition – and most knowledgeable self – and come up with answers to move you past your limiting beliefs and into abundance. It’s hard to explain this until you take the course, but believe me, it’s life-changing to ask yourself the right questions.

Older Course, But Still Applies To Today

This Unlimited Abundance review is being written in late 2018, but the course was created in 2011 from 24 webinar sessions (around 24 hours’ worth of program) that Christie Marie Sheldon did with some special participants.

I’m not sure if by the time you take the course it will be updated from when I took it, but if not, don’t worry. This course is still as relevant today as it was back then. And it will be relevant 50 years from now. It tackles issues that we all deal with and future generations will deal with.

Update March 2022: Unlimited Abundance has finally been transformed into quest format. This means that there are still 24 sessions, but it’s easier to navigate and join your tribe and do the work.

I think it may be the most content-filled course on Mindvalley. Don’t quote me on that, but from the Mindvalley courses I’ve taken so far, it definitely offers the most content.

The only thing about it being an older course is that the webinar was from 2011 as well. So there is no video. And, you can hear her typing, little alert noises, and her mike booming here and there simply because it was an older version of the technology. But, again, by the time you take it, the course may have been updated.

Practical Lessons With Some Energy Work

The only people who are going to have a problem with Unlimited Abundance are people who can’t get past Christie Marie’s Sheldon’s energy work. She has so much practical advice and work for you to do in the course, but she also gets you to connect to the light, which will feel weird for some people.

Plus, in each session, she works on clearing your limiting beliefs through an energetic group session. Sometimes she talks about the group energy and what percentage of people she perceives are able to do what she’s talking about.

I get that it can seem weird to some people, but you have to give it a try before you write it off. When you experience the benefits, start finding yourself thinking differently, and start attracting some abundance into your life, you will enjoy her energy techniques and find yourself using them all on your own.

If you are not sure about her and her methods, take the free masterclass on Mindvalley here. You will be introduced to her and what she does, and you will be able to tell whether or not her vibe is going to influence your learning and growth in a negative way.

You Deserve To Take Unlimited Abundance

I truly believe that you deserve abundance. Everyone deserves abundance. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all have it?

I also believe that this is one of those courses that everyone should take. It forces you to take a comprehensive look at your life – how you talk to yourself, what you believe, and what you are doing – and then helps you clear out what’s not working for you as your awareness grows.

In fact, I think it’s a course that kids should be taking in high school to look at their limiting beliefs before they get out and tackle the world on their own.

It’s going to take some work. It’s an amazing course that guides you towards eliminating the blocks holding you back from living the life you want, BUT you need to take time to reflect on what she’s saying, what’s holding you back, and what you can do to make things different. THEN, you need to take action on making things different. It’s not about wishing or magically making things better. It’s about getting a wide-open view of your beliefs and then taking appropriate action to move forward with better beliefs and more abundance.

But, the work is worth it. You deserve to experience more abundance in your life, and doing the work is what will help you get it.

If you are interested in Unlimited Abundance, you can read more about the course here.

If you have any questions about something that I didn’t include in this Unlimited Abundance review, please ask in the comments below. And, if you’ve taken Unlimited Abundance, please share your experience in the comments below.

Update March 2022: Unlimited Abundance is now included with the Mindvalley Membership. That’s huge. That took years to happen.