Benefits of Positive Affirmations

There is one part of you that is priceless. No one could ever offer you enough money for this part of you because it is the very thing that helps you survive and thrive in this world. Without it, you are helpless and at the mercy of other people and circumstances. It’s something everyone should cherish and use daily, yet some people don’t. It’s your mind.

Deep Thinking And Using Positive Affirmations

Your mind is the part of you that allows to you think and feel. It is your direct line to the world around you and it helps you create your life. Whether you are using it or not, your life is still being created by the thoughts your mind produces.

And, yes, you might not be consciously using it.

Conscious thinking is a choice. You can choose to use your mind to solve problems, improve yourself, and face issues that come up. Or you can choose to not to think consciously and instead be unaware of what’s going on and how you could change it. If you don’t think consciously, you will be run by other people’s thoughts and your subconscious thoughts that are constant repeats of what you believe and ‘know’ to be true.

Personally, I want to be a conscious thinker where I’m able to think about what’s happening, respond to it appropriately, and figure out how to change things to get what I want.

I don’t want to be a slave to my past experiences and live ruled by my subconscious thoughts that are often misguided and not serving my life in a positive way.

That’s where positive affirmations come in.

Thoughts Impact Your Life

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It’s true that thoughts become things.

Everything begins with a thought.

There was nothing created that didn’t begin with a thought.

You don’t do anything in this life without first having a thought about it.

Moreover, every area of your life is affected by your thoughts.

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Finances
  • Quality of life

They are all affected by your thoughts and how you choose to think about things in those areas.

For instance, if you think you are not smart and capable of being in the career you truly want to be in, then that’s going to affect whether or not you do what you need to do to get into that career – and how well you do it if you do try. If you truly think you are not good enough, your negative affirmations around those thoughts will keep you from putting the effort of learning, growing, and becoming the person who fits into that career perfectly.

You Can Create Your Own Reality

you become what you believe oprah

Whether you are doing it consciously or not, you are creating your own reality.

The thoughts you have manifest into your reality.

Even if you are living blindly, absorbing other people’s thoughts instead of consciously thinking, you are still creating your own reality through those thoughts.

Your thoughts are affirming things to yourself. You are declaring ‘truths’ to yourself on a daily basis. And, the things you affirm to yourself the most will repeatedly show up in your life.

For instance, if you think all women are mean, you will constantly bring mean women into your life. Or if you think that life is full of devastating obstacles, then you will bring those devastating obstacles into your life. If you see yourself always failing, you will always fail.

The good news is that you can start to affirm better things to yourself and create a better reality. You can start to use positive affirmations instead of negative affirmations and shift the way you respond to situations. You can shift the way you behave in situations. And, you can shift the way you view situations.

But First You Have To Be Aware That You Are In Control Of Your Thoughts

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When you develop the awareness that your mind is powerful and you can CHOOSE to think positive or negative thoughts, that’s when things get good. You realize that it benefits you to replace all those negative affirmations with more positive ones, and that’s when your life starts to change.

You start to guide your thoughts and your actions towards your ideal life.

And things constantly improve in your life.

It All Starts With Your Beliefs About Your Mind

What do you currently believe about your mind?

Do you believe that you are not in control of your thinking? Or do you believe that you are in control?

Do you believe that your thoughts directly affect your responses and behaviors in life, thus affecting the reality of your life? Or do you believe that things just happen to you and you have no control over how things play out?

It’s really important to develop some strong beliefs about your mind, and how beneficial it can be to you, in order to make the most of positive affirmations in your life.

Following are a few of my beliefs.

1. Life Is A Direct Result Of How We Think

I can look at someone’s life and tell you how they think. If their life is a mess and nothing ever works out for them, then they are predominately thinking negative thoughts and affirming negative things to themselves.

But, if they are happy and living a good life full of fun, love, and success, then they are predominately thinking positive thoughts and affirming positive things to themselves.

They are choosing to be the master of their thoughts.

They are choosing to rise above problems and solve them with their minds.

They are choosing to challenge the victim state (things are being done to me) and rise above it.

They are choosing to make choices that benefit them and their life.

And, they are choosing to find the positives in their lives and make those positives a focus.

2. We Can Develop Our Mind

By being aware that our mind is creating our lives, we can start to take control of how we think and what thoughts we want to have the most. We can take the negative affirmations that are holding us back in life and replace them with positive affirmations that serve us better.

I do this all the time when negative thoughts arise. I flip them around and find a positive affirmation that makes me feel better and helps me get up and take action. The more I use the positive affirmation, the more I believe it, and eventually, my subconscious absorbs that affirmation and believes it fully.

I like to think that my mind has opened up and expanded thanks to positive affirmations.

3. Thoughts Become Things

I have seen this over and over again in my life. This is why the Law of Attraction appealed to me when I first heard about it years ago.

Before I knew about the Law of Attraction, I can’t count the number of times I said, ‘I knew that was going to happen!’ or ‘I told you that was going to happen!’

4. Positive Affirmations Are Important

What I say to myself the most, I believe. And this works in everyone’s life.

I have a skinny friend who constantly affirms to herself that she is fat. She believes it. Despite the fact that she doesn’t have much fat on her at all, she’s even gone to meetings where people are overweight and want to lose weight.  This area of her life is a constant struggle for her because of what she affirms to herself. If she could develop some positive affirmations around her body and weight, such as, ‘I’m beautiful the way I am,’ or, ‘I love my body and everything that it does for me,’ then her relationship with her body and her struggle with eating and weight would change.

Positive affirmations are so important!

  • They are a reminder that you want to believe something different.
  • They are a reminder that you can create your life the way you want to create it.
  • They are a reminder that things are not always as they seem.
  • They are a reminder that you can choose to think about things differently because there are other ways of thinking out that are available to you. You can literally choose to feel good, do good things, and live life in a positive state of being.

I’ve proven this over and over again in my life.

Positive affirmations have helped me see myself and the world around me differently.

They have helped me develop new beliefs and new ways of behaving.

They have changed my habits.

And most importantly, they have helped me take charge of my life and create a life I want instead of being a victim in life.

Are Positive Affirmations Really Important?

positive affirmations belief

I truly believe that everyone should be using positive affirmations in their life. They should be a part of everyone’s toolkit in creating the life of their dreams. In fact, they are a free self-help tool that everyone has access to because everyone has the power to choose what they think about.

Positive affirmations can help you overcome fears, overcome issues, make positive changes, find love, develop relationships, think about yourself differently, think about the world differently, take action when needed, boost every area of your life, and ultimately help you create the life you want.

So, yeah, they are important.

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