4 Productivity Quotes That Are Resonating With Me Big Time

My productivity has taken a hit lately. I’ve had a ton of unexpected issues come up in my life, but I can only blame those things so much. I found some productivity quotes that are resonating with me big time and have given me some insight into why my productivity levels are not as high as they should be. They may resonate with you too. Heck, they may even help you be more productive!

1. It’s Not Always About Busyness

busyness quote

This is an interesting productivity quote. For me, it’s a reminder that when you are not being productive and busy, you can still be productive in some area of your life. That’s something that I need to remember.

For instance, when you take time to meditate, you are doing good things for your emotional and physical health. So, in a way, you are being productive.

As we learned in Lifebook, there are many different areas of your life and they all impact each other. Therefore, focusing on one area of your life, whether it be your mental health, relationship, or fun time, can impact other areas of your life – where you normally focus your attention – in a positive way.

2. Our Phones Are Interfering With Our Productivity

Phone time is affecting our memories, attention spans, creativity, productivity, relationships, stress levels, physical health, and sleep. If you feel like your phone is changing you  — you’re not crazy. You’re right."

We all know this. Anyone who has a phone and spends time on it for things other than phone calls or texts knows that it can be a huge time waster, energy drainer, and overall productivity killer.

I have been working on cutting down my phone time. I’ve been reading is Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World and I am determined to become a digital minimalist.

Catherine Price, the woman behind this productivity quote, is someone who is trying to help people make positive changes in their life when it comes to technology. If you think that you’ve become addicted to your phone, then you may want to check her out.

I think we’ve reached a point (me for sure) where we don’t know how to balance technology with our physical life, and many of us are suffering because of it.

3. A Productivity Quote About Wasting Time

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. Peter Drucker

I know you’ve heard this productivity quote before. But, do you implement the lesson into your life? I haven’t been.

I sometimes tell myself that doing this one thing will eventually pay off. Why? Because I love doing it.

But what I’ve learned is that if you know what you are doing isn’t getting you results, stop doing it. Stop trying to make it work just because you want it to. Instead, do what you know is getting you results or try something new that may possibly get you results.

4. Slow Internet Can Kill Your Productivity

The amount of productivity that is lost and frustration that is gained due to slow internet cannot be overstated. Subomi Plumptre 1

Yes, using the internet for useless things can kill your productivity. But, when you need the internet to write, network, or learn, slow internet can be a huge productivity killer too.

I’ve rearranged my office, and for some reason, the internet isn’t staying steady in the spot where I put my desk. I like the way my office is arranged, so I’ve been pissing and moaning about it while I’ve wasted hours of time that I could have actually been doing something.

I’ve found that when I lose internet connectivity or am working with slow internet, I am more likely to just stop working and do something else. That’s a huge productivity killer.

Ironically enough my internet became slow when I was trying to download a picture to put behind the above quote. Unbelievable.

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