44 Free Mindvalley Masterclasses That You Can Take Today

There are so many free Mindvalley Masterclasses available for you. They have classes for your soul, brain, health, motivation, abundance, career, happiness, and wealth. Most of Mindvalley’s Masterclasses run from about 60-90 minutes. All of them are hosted by Vishen Lakhiani and have an expert teacher in them. They always have some good tips, exercises, and techniques to help you progress in some way.

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All Of Mindvalley’s Masterclasses Are Free

Yes, all of the classes are free. You do have to create a Mindvalley account to take them so that you can get access to the class when you want to watch it, but that is free too. Following is a list of free Mindvalley Masterclasses that you should be able to take at any time for free.

You will find classes that teach you how to find your life purpose, reduce stress, embrace your energy body, practice energy medicine, practice tapping in your life, change your relationship with money, improve your relationship, get over your ex, be more productive, read faster, remember better, and so much more.

44 Current Free Mindvalley Masterclass Sessions Available

If you want to take a free Mindvalley Masterclass today, scroll through this list or search for a keyword of interest. There will be something that interests you. There is a free Mindvalley Masterclass for spirituality, business, parenting, productivity, memory, speed reading, healing heartbreak, money, stress relief, improving immunity, and so much more.

Just remember, you need about an hour to an hour and a half for each Mindvalley Masterclass. And I suggest you keep a pen and paper handy to take notes.

Note: The newer classes from Mindvalley are closer to the bottom of this list. Every time Mindvalley releases a new class, it gets added to this list. 

1. Achieve Your Personal Vision Of Success In The 12 Dimensions Of Your Life With Jon And Missy Butcher

lifebook online mindvalley masterclass

If you feel like something is missing from your life, I recommend this Mindvalley Masterclass with Jon and Missy Butcher. There is a reason it’s the top Mindvalley masterclass.

Jon and Missy have created something called Lifebook, and it is a program that looks at 12 different areas of life in depth. I’ve taken the program and you can read my Lifebook review here if you are interested.

If you want to set goals that will give you a fulfilling and happy life, then they offer a structure (the Lifebook structure) that helps you do that.

They will help you think about more than just your career or love life or whatever else you are focused on. And, they will figure out your life vision and what you want your career, love life, and all other areas of your life to look like.

Join Entrepreneur And Creator Of Lifebook, Jon Butcher, In This FREE Masterclass And Learn How To Map Out Your Legendary Futureshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

2. Get A Hold Over Stress And Gain Peace With Paul McKenna

Paul Mckenna Free Masterclass

The newest Mindvalley Masterclass is fitting for almost everyone in this world because it’s all about stress! Or, rather, relieving stress. Paul Mckenna is a popular author and hypnotherapist and teaches you more about stress and how to relieve it in this 60-minute Mindvalley Masterclass.

Check Out The Everyday Bliss Free Masterclassshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

3. Bending Reality With Vishen Lakhiani

Bending Reality Mindvalley Masterclass

This Mindvalley Masterclass is a little bit different because this is Vishen Lakhiani‘s own personal Mindvalley Masterclass. So instead of Vishen hosting the Mindvalley Masterclass and talking to someone else, it’s just him. The term ‘bending reality’ was used in Steve Jobs’s biography and because of that Vishen started to wonder if there was a way to get the universe to have your back and move towards your goals and intentions in life, and that’s where this Mindvalley Masterclass was born from. It’s really about figuring out where you are in the consciousness spectrum and expanding your consciousness, which is essential for change and growth. This Mindvalley Masterclass will help you expand your mind and think differently about yourself and the world, and it will possibly start you on a new path in life.

Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani – Free Masterclassshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

4. The Proven Framework for Extraordinary Transformation With Vishen Lakhiani

quest all access pass mindvalley masterclass

If you are interested in many of the masterclasses on Mindvalley, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is for you. It gives you insight into what Vishen Lakhiani has learned from all the different teachers he’s come across. And he’s come across a lot! You will learn how to optimize your personal development journey so that you are always growing and becoming smarter, happier, and more fulfilled.

Take this masterclass for 3 core principles to unlock your most extraordinary self.show?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

5. Embrace Your Energy Body With Jeffrey Allen

duality mindvalley masterclass

If you believe that there is more than just your physical body – or want to believe it – then this Mindvalley Masterclass will give you insight into your energetic body and it’s power over your life. Jeffrey Allen takes you through a few exercises to give you a feeling for your energetic side. You will calm your mind so you can tap into your inner voice, create an energy ball, figure out where energy is stuck in your body, and learn how to create more synchronicities in your life. This isn’t so much a spiritual class as it is an energetic class. It’s about connecting to the part of you that you don’t often connect to you. I find this type of energy work really helps you get present in the body and tapped into your energetic self at the same time, which is exactly what Jeffrey Allen talks about – you need to work with your energetic and physical self for your best health, success, happiness, etc.

Join master healer Jeffrey Allen for 60-minutes FREE and discover an entirely new world of energy.show?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

6. The Secrets of Energy Medicine With Donna Eden

energy medicine mindvalley masterclass

Donna Eden has been one of my favorite Mindvalley teachers so far. She is full of joy and if you can’t feel good around her, then something is probably not going well in your body or mind. I just find it hard not to smile and feel alive listening to her. She teaches how to use energy for healing – hence, Energy Medicine. She healed herself from MS when she was young and she will have you connecting to your energetic self in a way that you likely haven’t done before. If you think that energy work is only for professional healers, then this Mindvalley Masterclass can help you switch mindsets and understand the power you have for self-healing. In this Mindvalley Masterclass, Donna Eden will teach you how to re-energize yourself, conquer stress, choose the right foods for you, and ground yourself.

Free Masterclass Reveals Instant Health Hacks Using Energy Medicineshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

7. Unlock Your Superbrain With Jim Kwik

superbrain mindvalley masterclass

I would recommend this Mindvalley Masterclass to anyone who wants to improve their memory, which I’m assuming is you. So, essentially, I would recommend this Mindvalley Masterclass to everyone. Jim Kwik is another one of my favorite teachers on Mindvalley. He teaches you how to improve your memory and brain health in simple but life-changing lessons. His Mindvalley Masterclass will teach you more about your memory, peak brain performance, how to develop a good brain, and how to remember names. This is a Mindvalley Masterclass you will likely recommend to your friends and family.

Learn Faster. Forget Less: A Mindvalley Masterclass With Jim Kwikshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

8. Read Faster And Learn Better With Jim Kwik

super reading mindvalley masterclass

This Mindvalley Masterclass is another one from Jim Kwik. This one is about training your brain to read faster and recall more information. This complements his memory quest very well, but it also stands alone as a quest that can help you learn more in a shorter amount of time. The more you can read – and comprehend what you read – the more knowledge you have at your disposal to achieve the things you want to achieve in life. Jim Kwik is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend learning from him whenever you can.

Free Masterclass: Train Your Brain to Speed Read and Retain More Informationshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

9. Discover Your Life Purpose With Michael Beckwith In This Mindvalley Masterclass

live visioning mindvalley masterclass

If a purpose in life is what you are looking for, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is for you. You will learn how to discover your deepest desires and tap into that spiritual self that knows who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go. Michael Beckwith will help you go deeper into yourself through his insights, teachings, and reflection questions. Michael Beckwith is hands down my favorite teacher from The Secret. He made such an impact on me with the passion behind what he was saying.

Free Masterclass: A Formula To Discover Your Life Purposeshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

10. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy With Marisa Peer

rapid transformational therpay mindvalley masterclass

I’ve talked about Marisa Peer on this site before. Her Masterclasses on Mindvalley are the most talked about Mindvalley Masterclasses in all the of the Mindvalley groups I’m a part of. This Mindvalley Masterclass gives you a taste of a rapid transformation therapy session with Marisa. It will help you reprogram your mind for abundance.

Take The Free Masterclass: Experience A Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Session To Bring You Abundance in Wealth, Health & Loveshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

11. Be A Powerful Communicator With Lisa Nichols

speak and inspire mindvalley masterclass

If you want to have an impact on the people around you – or anyone for that matter, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is for you. Lisa Nichols knows how to communicate in a way that gets her the desired results she is looking for. So whether she wants to persuade, inspire, discover, or connect, she can do that… and she can teach you how to do it too. In this Mindvalley Masterclass, you learn how to get people’s attention and keep it through various methods. You will also learn about storytelling and why conviction is so important when speaking.

Free Masterclass: Discover Lisa Nichols’ FOUR secrets to Powerful Communication, so you can communicate clearly and effectively at work and at home.show?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

12. Instantly Apply Feng Shui In Your Life With Marie Diamond In This Mindvalley Masterclass

Marie Diamond mindvalley masterclass

If you are interested in Feng Shui, then this Mindvalley Masterclass will interest you. Marie Diamond has helped businesses transform their success with the use of things like Feng Shui. In fact, she’s had huge clients, such as Steven Spielberg and the Rolling Stones. While Feng Shui isn’t the only thing she is an expert in, this Mindvalley Masterclass focuses on that area of her expertise. You will learn things like what a power position is, why decluttering is important, how colors impact things like abundance, and where you should not have mirrors in the bedroom – as well as the best place to put mirrors.  You will also do a meditation during this Mindvalley Masterclass.

Learn Five Unique Techniques from Feng Shui & Apply Them to Enhance Your Life, Health & Wealthshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

13. The Science Of Extraordinary Performance With Steven Kotler

steven kotler's mindvalley masterclass

If operating at peak performance is what you are after, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is worth taking. I would also say that if you are not inspired in life, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is for you. You will learn about how humans can operate at peak performance and get some action steps to help you live a more passionate life.

Free Masterclass: How To Turn Extraordinary Performance Into An Effortless Habitshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

14. Rapid Biohacks For Exceptional Health With Ben Greenfield

ben greenfield's mindvalley masterclass

If physical health is what you are concerned about, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is a good one. Ben Greenfield has studied anatomy, biomechanics, microbiology, nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, and pharmaceuticals. He is very intelligent and athletic and has hacks that can help you live a stronger and longer life. In this Mindvalley Masterclass, you will learn how to fight afternoon crashes, how to boost your metabolic rate, and how to create a healthier body. Some myths you are buying into may be busted during this Mindvalley Masterclass as well.

Take The Free Masterclass: Reveal the Sexy, Fit Body Hiding Inside You With These 4 Anti-Aging Techniquesshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

15. Meditation For Super Performance With Emily Fletcher

meditation emily fletcher mindvalley masterclass

For anyone who wants to learn about meditation or just learn more about meditation, this Mindvalley Masterclass will be an enjoyable one. Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation, which focuses on mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting. I know how important meditation is for all areas of life and considering Vishen Lakhiani started off his online career-focused on meditation it was a no-brainer that he would have a meditation Masterclass and course on Mindvalley. Not only will you learn more about her meditation insights, but you also get to do a 15-minute meditation with her that will help you boost your energy and release stress.

Free Masterclass: Meditation For Super Performance With Emily Fletchershow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

16. The Japanese Art of Healing Your Money Wounds With Ken Honda

Ken Honda masterclass hen honda

This is a Mindvalley Masterclass for anyone stuck in their beliefs around money in a way that is not serving them well. Learn what Ken Honda has to say about money, including how to find a balance between money IQ and EQ, why earning more will never make you feel rich, and what your money EQ type is.

Check Out The Money EQ Free Masterclassshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

17. How To Heal From Heartbreak With Katherine Woodward Thomas

How To Heal From Heartbreak masterclass screenshot

I would say that every Mindvalley Masterclass and every Mindvalley Course is going to help you be more conscious in your life. But, I think most of us really need to become more conscious after a breakup. We can get too in our heads and lose track of reality. We can beat ourselves up mentally, beat others up mentally, and become a miserable, small person compared to who we used to be. How To Heal From Heartbreak is something that can help us gain a new awareness around our breakup and give us the space we need from the pain in order to start healing our hearts.

Free Masterclass: How to Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Ever Aftershow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

18. The Science Of Better Sleep With Dr. Breus

sleep mastery mindvalley masterclass

In this Mindvalley Masterclass, you’ll learn some myths that could be robbing you of the restful sleep you need each night. Dr. Breus also shows you an awesome 5-step plan you can implement to drastically improve the quality of your sleep.

If you are somebody who:

  • Has a hard time falling asleep and finds yourself tossing and turning
  • Wakes up at all hours of the night
  • Feels exhausted in the morning

You will enjoy this masterclass.

Free Masterclass: How To Sleep Like A Baby And Perform Like A Mastershow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

19. Unblock Your Abundance With Christie Marie Sheldon

unlimited abundance mindvalley masterclass

If you feel like something is holding you back from the abundance you deserve, then this Mindvalley Masterclass will be a good one for you. Christie Marie Sheldon is an energy worker, but she also helps you tap into those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life that you want and deserve. Her Mindvalley Masterclass teaches you where those abundance blocks live and how to remove them. You will take part in an energy clearing experience. And, you will hear how much your life can change when you get rid of these blocks holding you back. It’s inspiring and will make you take a look at your limiting beliefs closer.

Free Masterclass With Free Energy Healing Sessionshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

20. The Power of Spiritual Fitness With Jeffrey Allen

spiritual mindvalley masterclass

This is another Mindvalley Masterclass by Jeffrey Allen. This one is focused more on your spiritual self, but it still is about your energetic self. Jeffrey Allen says that he has discovered things that hold people back on their spiritual journey (which would also be their energetic journey) and when they can move past those blocks, they can get the results they are looking for in their life. In this Mindvalley Masterclass, you will learn the root cause behind negative emotions such as depression and stress, and you will be taken through a process that will help you stay connected to your internal inspiration so you are always doing what’s best for you and not someone else.

Book Your Free Spot at Jeffrey’s Latest Masterclassshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

21. The Evolution Of Health And Fitness With Eric Edmeades

wildfit mindvalley masterclass

This Mindvalley Masterclass is for anyone wanting to dig into health myths and become healthier. You will learn things like why we eat what we eat, what foods you should avoid, how to shift your eating habits to help you with weight corr3ection, and why you binge eat certain foods.

Free Masterclass: Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands and Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life.show?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

22. Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy With Marisa Peer

rapid transformational therapy mindvalley masterclass

Another Mindvalley Masterclass by Marisa Peer! This one is good for people who are feeling like they are not enough, can’t do it, can’t be it, and can’t have it. If you are stuck in a loop of negative thoughts, this Mindvalley Masterclass can help you get out. Stop settling in life and start going after what you want with the help of Marisa Peer. The truth is that people love this Mindvalley Masterclass and what Marisa Peer teaches them. I hear about how she’s helped people in every single Mindvalley related group I’m a part of. And, I’ve taken her Uncompromised Life program and experienced her ability to help you heal your mind firsthand.

Take The Free Masterclass: Experience The First Transformation of Super Achievers With Marisa Peershow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

23. The Path Towards Self-Awakening With Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch Mindvalley Masterclass

Neale Donald Walsch is like a wise grandfather who has so much information to give you that you need to listen to him. He is the author behind Conversations With God. This Mindvalley Masterclass helps you think deeper and evolve as a human being. There is an exercise that will help you relate to things and people around you better. You will learn life’s magic question. You will learn what the agenda of everyone’s soul is. In short, if you’ve been wanting to have a deeper understanding of life, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is for you.

Free Masterclass: Let Neale Donald Walsch guide you through the awakening of the real youshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

24. Unlocking The Healing Powers Of Your Chakras With Anodea Judith

chakra healing mindvalley masterclass

If you are interested in your Chakras as well as the mind, body, and soul and how they work together, then this Mindvalley Masterclass is for you. Anodea Judith is an expert on chakras and has some interesting things to teach in this Mindvalley Masterclass. For instance, you will learn how each chakra impacts your life and how to figure out which of your chakras needs work. You will also learn more about energy and the connection between mind and body.

Chakra Healing – Free Masterclassshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

25. The Quest For Personal Mastery With Srikumar Rao

personal mastery mindvalley masterclass

Learn how to become more resilient in life with this Mindvalley Masterclass. I wish I had Srikumar Rao by my side 24 hours a day to turn to when I have problems. He has a way of giving the best advice. That’s likely what makes him such a popular teacher who has helped thousands of people make positive changes to their life. Some of what he teaches in this Mindvalley Masterclass may be hard to accept, but everything he teaches can help you be less stressed and way more happy and satisfied in life if you are willing to play with the ideas. You will start to look at things differently as you take this Mindvalley Masterclass.

Mindvalley Masterclass: Learn How to Develop Extreme Resilience…In Just 60 minutesshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

26. The Genius Formula With Robin Sharma

the genuis formula mindvalley masterclass

Are you a part of the 5 am club? If not, then you may want to learn more about it because it could be the thing that helps you become more successful. You will learn about it in this Mindvalley Masterclass with Robin Sharma, along with other things like the 2x/3x mindset, the 90-90-1 rule, and how you can craft a perfect morning routine. Robin Sharma is one of the world’s top leadership and personal mastery experts. His Mindvalley Masterclass is all about priming you to be more genius in your own life through rituals, habits, and techniques.

Free Masterclass: Register NOW to get Robin Sharma’s Genius Formulashow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

27. Conscious Parenting With Dr. Shefali

dr. shefali mindvalley masterclass

There is now a Mindvalley Masterclass for all the parents out there – or people who have children in their lives and want to understand how to interact with them better. In it, you learn the needs of children and why traditional methods of parenting can stifle children. And, you will learn a better way to parent, which empowers the parent and allows them to be the best parent they can be to their child.

Free Masterclass: How To Be Less Reactive So You Can Raise Confident, Authentic Childrenshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

28. How To Master Altered States of Mind For Powerful Problem Solving And Guidance With Vishen Lakhiani

Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Masterclass

If you have taken or heard of the original Silva Life Method, and you liked it, then you are going to want to take this free Mindvalley Masterclass. In it, Vishen teaches things such as getting into an alpha state and doing advanced visualization. He is a certified Silva instructor, and he has created a new class on Mindvalley called the Silva Ultramind Life System which is a step up for the Silva Life System, and it was created by Jose Silva himself.

Check out this class here. 

29. How To Create New Opportunities At Work & In Life Through The Power Of Authentic Networking

mastering authentic networking

If you want to build relationships and manage them in a way that will serve you and everyone around you, then this is the Mindvalley Masterclass for you. Keith Ferrazzi is a master networker who wrote the book Never Eat Alone, and he can help you understand the power of authentic networking.

Mastering Authentic Networking – Free Masterclassshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

30. Energies Of Love

Energies of Love Mindvalley Masterclass Donna Eden And David Feinstein

Energy masters Donna Eden and David Feinstein, both of whom have been leading authorities in the field of energy medicine for the last 4 decades, are teaching a brand NEW online Masterclass with Mindvalley to show you how to master the energy of your relationships.  During a time where our most important relationships have been tested due to the stress of these uncertain times and month-long lockdowns, their profound wisdom may just be what you need to heal, rejuvenate and deepen your most important relationships.

If you’ve ever seen Donna and David interact with one another, you’d think they were high school sweethearts on their first date, not a couple who’ve been together for forty-odd years. The connection of mutual love and adoration they have for one another is almost palpable. But here’s what you may not know about Donna and David.

Their relationship did not start out that way.

In fact, they didn’t even think their relationship would ‘make it’ because they seemed so utterly incompatible.

Donna was a deeply intuitive individual who led with her emotions. David was a scientific and logical thinker who led with his mind. And they’ll be the first to admit their first few years together was riddled with misunderstandings, arguments and conflicts. And it seemed no amount of ‘talking it out’ helped.

That was until they learned how to communicate beyond just words and actions. And to connect at a deeply energetic level. This is their secret to their 40+ year-long love affair which has only grown stronger over time.

Check out their masterclass here. 

31. Ken Wilber’s Free Mindvalley Masterclass

Free Mindvalley Masaterclass With Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber’s free Mindvalley Masterclass is focused on how to create an integral spiritual life practice. He talks about the framework for ultimate self-mastery and evolution and the four stages of consciousness. If you want to live a more holistic life, then this is the free Mindvalley Masterclass for you. Among other things, he discusses why bringing together the concepts of ‘growing up’ and ‘waking up’ is the key to a more united world.

Check out this powerful Masterclass here

32. How To Make Your Dreams Bolder

Dreams Bolder Masterclass With Naveen Jain Mindvalley

Naveen is no ordinary entrepreneur. He is, in every sense of the word, a visionary. And to give you an idea of just how BIG this man thinks, consider this: Naveen, through his company Viome, is looking to make illness optional by building the world’s largest database of microbial gene expression – allowing them to predict chronic disease through a person’s gut. And his other company Moon Express is about to be one of only eight entities (and the first private company) to successfully launch a mission to the moon. And in this Masterclass, Naveen’s revealing the secret behind his ability to set and achieve truly audacious goals:

Boldness, according to Naveen, is the single-core piece of programming embedded in all of the world’s most successful people that allow them to:

* Transcend their subconscious limitations

* Courageously take on problems larger than themselves

* And consistently achieve what others would call “impossible”.

Discover how to make your dreams bolder and achieve your full potential in Naveen Jain’s upcoming Masterclass.

33. The News Rules of Leadership

Keith Ferrazzi Masterclass on Mindvalley

Keith Ferrazzi is a business thought leader and professional relationship expert. Networking and business relationships are his areas of expertise.

If you are a leader and want to improve your leadership skills, then this masterclass is for you.

In this Mindvalley Masterclass, you will learn how to:

    • Skyrocket your team’s performance and productivity
  • Stay ahead of the opportunity
  • Build an A-team of star players
  • Rally the right people behind a common vision

… And doing it all while maintaining your own unshakable resolve and inner peace.

Discover how to awaken the ultimate leader within you in Keith Ferrazzi’s new Masterclass

34. 10X Fitter And Stronger

10x mindvalley masterclass
Bust some exercise myths and learning how to achieve amazing results in strength and fitness. While it’s important to work out and eat right, there are some shortcuts that you could make in your exercise routine to help you save time and get better results.

10x Fitness by Lorenzo Delano & Ronan Oliveirashow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=617569

35. Experience Lucid Dreams

Charlie Morley Free Masterclasss on Mindvalley

I personally know the power of lucid dreams, so I think this is a great Mindvalley Masterclass for anyone to take who wants more clarity over the life and ability to solve problems and work through issues. Charlie Morley is a personable guy who can teach you a lot about lucid dreaming. I highly recommend this one.

Introducing Experience Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morleyshow?id=TKrWUAgOhJ8&bids=901392

36. Love Yourself Deeply

Vishen Lakhiani's Ex Wife Free Masterclass

Self-love doesn’t always come easy. In this masterclass, you will more about how to love yourself, play by your own rules, turn your flaws into gifts, and more.

Take This Masterclass Here

37. Build A Powerful Immune System

Wildfit Free Masterclass Mindvalley

Eric Edmeades, the creator of Wildfit, has created another free masterclass for Mindvalley during the pandemic that everyone will want to take. Our immunity has become a hot topic, and we all want to improve it so that we can fight off illness and overcome it quicker. This masterclass talks about immunity and how we are suppressing it without even realizing it.

Take the masterclass here. 

38. How To Develop Powerful Focus And Become Immune To Overwhelm

Procrastination and Productivity Free Masterclass Mindvalley

In this free masterclass, you will learn more about distraction, where it comes from, and how to eliminate it. This may be a topic that is talked about by many people, but I guarantee you’ve never heard this talked about in a way that Nir Eyal discusses it. He uses a science-based approach to become more focused and less distracted. You will definitely learn something from him in this masterclass that you will use going forward.

Sign up for the masterclass here. 

39. Release Stress, Anxiety, And Worry Through Tapping

Tapping Mindvalley Masterclass

Tapping is a technique to help tap into your energy systems and relieve emotional and physical distress. Jennifer Partridge, is a master at tapping away issues. In this Mindvalley Masterclass, you can experience a live tapping session with Jennifer Partridge to experience the benefits of it for yourself.

Check out the class here.

40. Build The Business Of Your Dreams

Miki Agrawal free Mindvalley Masterclass

Want to build a business? This Mindvalley Masterclass features Miki Agrawal, who has build companies making over $100 million dollars. Her class may be the catalyst you need to turn your idea into a million-dollar idea.

Take her class here.

41. Intermittent Fasting

beyond fasting

If you want to learn more about fasting, then Ronan Oliveira is the guy to learn from. He will give you some fast facts about fasting that may make you look at it differently and approach it differently. He doesn’t teach a cookie-cutter way of fasting. Instead, he teaches how YOU can make the most out of fasting through mind and strategies.

Take the class here.

42. A Yogi’s Guide To Living In Bliss

Screenshot 2022 02 04 141053

Sadhguru is a popular teacher. He’s one of those guys who has an amazing answer for even the toughest questions, and he can help you reduce suffering and experience more joy. He laughs at his own jokes and has a lighthearted approach to life. If you want to think differently about things that are keeping you stuck in sadness, then this is the masterclass for you.

You can take the masterclass here.

43. The Power Of QI

Mindvalley free course

Lee Holden is a Qigong master. If you have ever watched Chinese people doing their slow, purposeful movements and wanted to try it out yourself, then you need to take this masterclass. Through Qigong, you feel the energy in your body and help it move in a way that promotes wellness not just in your body but in your mind too. It’s a fascinating modality of energy medicine, and I highly recommend you check out this free Mindvalley class.

Sign up for the Mindvalley class here.

44. Astral Projection With Jade Shaw

astral projection

Ready to leave your body and travel to other worlds, visit friends across the country or world, and get answers you’ve been seeking? Jade Shaw is a teacher of astral projections, and in this free Mindvalley Masterclass, she discusses astral projection and its benefits. You will also learn a process to follow to experience astral projection for yourself.

Sign up for the masterclass here.

A Quick Note About Every Free  Mindvalley Masterclass

For each free Mindvalley Masterclass, you need to give your name and email in order to get access to it. This is because they give you access to more than just the Masterclass and it goes into your Mindvalley dashboard. Your dashboard in Mindvalley is a place where you can go and access all your free and paid content and learn more about what’s going on at Mindvalley.

If you don’t have a Mindvalley account yet, you will get one the first time you sign up for a Mindvalley Masterclass.

For instance, when you sign up for The Genius Formula Masterclass, you will find a preparation guide for the Masterclass under ‘My Library’ in your Mindvalley Dashboard.

When you click on the preparation guide in the Mindvalley dashboard, you can click on the ‘Contents’ tab and go through each chapter to learn more about the teacher and get some insights to help you understand the material better. You can also find your workbook to go along with the Mindvalley Masterclass in Chapter 1.

mindvalley masterclass dashboard

If that doesn’t make total sense, don’t worry about it, you will receive an email that helps you figure out exactly what to do after you sign up, including how to access your Mindvalley dashboard and what to do for your free Mindvalley Masterclass.

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