Productivity Tip #2: Work On Personal Development Daily

The first productivity tip was all about getting clear on what you want to do with your life. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, so it’s important to constantly work on personal development so that the insights can come into your life consistently. The more you delve into you, the more you discover about yourself and what you want out of life.

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A Little Personal Development Can Go A Long Way

Knowing exactly who you want to be may not happen overnight, but a little bit of insight can go a long way.

For instance, one woman I know, who had a hard and hurtful dating life, got some insight through a small personal development program. She learned that she had a lot of good things to offer a partner. That helped her change her belief about why kind of guy she deserved and, ultimately, helped her finally find a great man.

When you get little insights like that, you can be more productive in all areas of your life. You can stop doing what doesn’t work and start doing what does work!

5 Reasons Personal Development Makes You More Productive

Still not buying into the fact that personal development can make you more productive? The following are just 5 reasons why it works.

1. Personal Development Helps You Develop Habits That Work

The more you learn about yourself and who you want to be, the more you develop habits that work and get rid of habits that don’t work. It’s just a natural process. This helps you use your time more effectively.

For instance, when you decide you want to travel more, you start to develop more habits that help you earn and save the money needed for travel. You use your time more effectively by doing things that help you achieve your travel desires.

2. Understand Your Weak Points

The more you learn about yourself, the more you understand what your strengths and weakness are. As you naturally work on your weaknesses and become stronger overall, you will waste less time.

For example, you may discover a weakness of distraction. You can’t help but check in on YouTube or social media, even when you don’t need to. As you work on eliminating that weakness, you waste less time and gain more time for doing things that really matter.

3. Relationships Improve

There’s a little thing that personal development does really well: it makes you a better communicator.

As you gain awareness, you understand yourself and other people better, gain confidence, and have an easier time communicating and dealing with people in a way that gets your point across and helps to resolve issues.

Talk about a productive trait! So much time is wasted on miscommunication and misunderstanding in relationships. Not just in personal relationships, but work relationships and everyday interactions with strangers.

4. Less Time Worrying and Complaining

How much time can you waste on worrying and complaining? A lot! Months, years, decades!

Personal development helps you get busy taking action, which means you spend less time worrying and more time doing.

Personal development also helps you to see why things are happening and accept things that you can’t control. That helps you complain less.

5. Sleep Better

The more confident you become in your life, the less you worry, stress out, and feel anxious. Reducing those things helps you sleep better, and that can really boost your productivity!

Sleep is as important as oxygen to health and well-being. It affects not only your physical stamina, but also your memory, organization, productivity, creativity, and mood. – Source

Create A Goal To Work On Your Personal Development Each Day

Even if it’s just looking up a question or watching a short video, it adds to my awareness and can help me tweak my life to be more productive and get what I want.

I’m also always (yes, always) taking an online course or two and making one day each week to focus on a module from the course. These courses always bring more awareness into my life and help me be more productive.

Don’t Have Time For Daily Personal Development?

Make time. It’s that important.

Cut out TV for an hour each evening and work on personal development.

Set up your phone or tablet on the counter while you do dishes and watch a personal development video.

Read an article while you are waiting in line somewhere.

Play a personal development CD in the car as you drive around for the day.

Listen to a personal development podcast while you are out for a walk.

If you look for ways to add personal development into your daily life, you will find ways. It doesn’t matter how busy you are.

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