Quotes About Intuition From Heidi Sawyer’s Lesson On Revealing Your Highly Intuitive Self

If you feel like your intuition is stronger than most peoples’, then life can feel a little weird. I know. I’ve always felt like I was more intuitive than other people and I couldn’t understand why they were unable to pick up on the things I could pick up on, or why they didn’t want to know more about intuition, personal power, and taking ownership over their lives. These are things that always felt natural to me, while other people often seemed to be stuck in a very different way of living. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped trying to be like everyone else and I’ve embraced my sensitivity and intuition more and spent time learning how to pay attention to them. Although, I’ve been focused on other things lately.

listening to intuition

This week the Hay House World Psychic Summit started, and Heidi Sawyer was one of the first people I listened to. Her lesson was titled ‘Revealing Your Highly Intuitive Self’. It reconnected me with the desire to tap into my intuition and improve it. Following are some quotes from her lesson.

1. Some Traits Of An Intuitive-Sensitive Person

They tend to really know very strongly when somebody else is emotionally upset even though their outer appearance is happy.

Many people are sensitive. They are easily overwhelmed in a highly stimulating environment. But, some people are intuitive and sensitive, which is what she talked about in this lesson.

She defines an intuitive-sensitive person as someone who comes across as a refined, exaggerated type of Highly Sensitive Person.

If you are wondering whether or not you are an intuitive-sensitive person, then the following are some other things she mentioned.

  •  They are very honest people.
  • They often know who is calling before they pick the phone up.
  • They have a feeling to call someone or contact someone at exactly the right time that person needs them to call or contact them.
  • They are uncomfortable with surprises, not because they don’t like them, but because they become easily overwhelmed by them due to their sensitive nervous system.
  • They are sensitive to scents.

All of this stuff describes me, not just now, but when I was a kid too.

2. A Good Sign You Are An Intuitive-Sensitive

They’re also really very attracted to a deeper level of personal awareness and development.

If you are reading this, then that’s a good sign that you are an intuitive-sensitive. Honestly, who would read an article with quotes about being an intuitive-sensitive except for someone who resonates with it?

Heidi also said that intuitive-sensitive people are often attracted to a level of personal awareness and development that most people aren’t.

Raise your hand if this is true for you!

I’ve always wondered why my friends don’t have the desire to learn and grow as I do. This is likely one reason why.

3. Does Being Sensitive Make You Intuitive?

Not every sensitive person is intuitive. But every intuitive-sensitive is sensitive.

I guess being sensitive doesn’t automatically make you intuitive.

I guess many sensitive people are too overwhelmed to pay attention to their intuition and sense things? I would assume that sensitive people, who can often react to strong feelings and emotions, should be able to develop their intuition if they could become more still and grounded.

4. How Heidi Describes Intuition

A level of awareness that is beyond a logical process.

Heidi said that the intuitive process is a lot faster than the logical process. What that means is that it’s often quite fleeting and hard to catch if you are not paying attention or being aware.

She also said that intuition goes through the body first and then the head second. Therefore, it’s more of a feeling, and you really need to be in tune with the present moment and your body in order to feel it.

5. Why Bother Developing Your Intuition?

We’re having to think a lot quicker and process things a lot quicker and deeper than we have in earlier times.

Life is only going to get faster. More noises, choices, and distractions are on their way!

By developing our intuition, we can avoid getting overwhelmed and stay in a space where we can gather an instant focus and presence… space where we can get real answers that are beneficial to us and not just answers that we think we should be receiving.

6. Developing Your Intuition Can Be Painful

You are not going to access the soul’s frequency unless at some point or another you are prepared to experience pain.

This thought kind of gave me pause and made me question developing my intuition, but if I think about it, I’ve already gone through a lot of pain in the process.

All those times that I’ve gone through hard times and found more of a connection to myself were worth it. They were painful, and admitting certain things about myself, others, and the world was painful, but you have to go through trials and tribulations in order to learn, grow, and connect more with your true self.

As Heidi suggests, you shouldn’t judge the feelings that you are having as right or wrong, but instead, just allow yourself to be with the feeling without judgment or shame. Allow it to be what it is, accept it, learn from it, and then let it move through you.

7. Work On Getting Rid Of Judgment

Whilst there is a lot of judgment present – self-judgment or judgment of others, it’s very difficult to get into your intuition insights. That’s when it becomes very muddled because you can’t see clearly because it becomes an opinion that flows through you rather than an energy.

Just another reason for us to try and reduce our judgment over ourselves and other people.

Heidi says that intuition is neutral and then you interpret it. But, if you are in a state of judgment, it’s hard to see that neutral intuition without a lot of preconceived notions.

For me, I think about every time I’ve ever judged someone as sitting beside me as a bad thing and then it turned out to be a life lesson or a blessing in disguise. I don’t like it when people sit right next to me if there are other seats open. But it has happened to me since I was young. I even had a woman sit down beside me on an otherwise empty bus!

I don’t get it. I don’t like them in my space, so why do they want to get someone in their space? It’s never made sense to me. As far as I’m concerned, they have a screw loose.

However, my judgment about how crazy they are has gotten in the way of allowing me to see what they are trying to teach me or what choice I should make now that they’ve sat beside me. So, now I try to see it as more than annoying and craziness. I try not to judge them and see the lesson in the situation. Or I allow myself to be guided into a reaction that is called for at the time.

8. Learn How To Manage Your Mind

Meditation is a necessary part of the intuitive process. Why? Because it starts the process of learning how to manage our mind. So instead of fear instantly taking over, there comes a point of a choice.

Just another reason to meditate!

Meditation has allowed me to get more control over my mind. I think it’s the reason for being able to not (always) react to things that used to drive me crazy. I’m able to stay still and present and avoid being overwhelmed. And, if I do end up getting overwhelmed, I’m able to bring myself back to center much quicker than I used to do.

In fact, I remember getting overwhelmed about something and letting it bother me for days. That never happens anymore. It’s an hour at the most, but usually, within a few minutes, I can gain control over myself and see things in a more positive light.

9. Developing Your Intuition-Sensitivity Is Uncomfortable

We have a biological instinct to stick with something that is familiar, even if it’s uncomfortable, for the simple reason that venturing into the unknown is more uncomfortable than sticking with what we know even though it’s uncomfortable.

It’s easier to live in ignorance than it is to educate yourself. That much I know for sure! But I also know that it feels weird and wrong.

It’s easier to avoid all those emotional feelings, feel someone else’s pain, and understand how imperfect life can be. But, I feel like I’m wearing blinders when I don’t confront them.

I wish I could just close my eyes to the fact that life is more than getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, and going to bed. But, it feels uncomfortable to be that ignorant.

My husband and I have often talked about how opening your awareness can suck. You can see how mean and harmful people are to themselves and their happiness, and you feel bad for them. But, you can’t make them more aware.

And, you struggle with having an understanding that you are in control of your life and attitude – even when it seems like everything is out to get you.

I could go on and on about this, but Heidi was absolutely right. It’s uncomfortable to develop your intuition, but it’s more uncomfortable to live a life of falsehood and ignorance.

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