5 Quotes About Stress That You Need To Hear

I have gone through periods of extreme stress and also periods where stress is extremely minimal. There have been many quotes about stress that have helped me see stress in a different light. This is because the right thoughts and outlook can be your best friend when it comes to stress management, and the more you learn, the more armed you are with information that helps you get there.

1. What Meaning Are You Giving Things That You Are Stressed Out About?

Repeat this in your mind at any moment of stress or upset: Nothing has any meaning save the meaning I give it.

Two people I know lost their jobs because of COVID-19. One person is feeling really good and the other person is so stressed out that he’s having a ton of stomach issues.

  • The one who is fine with it sees it as an opportunity to expand into a career path that makes him happy. He’s excited to see what he can create and do going forward.
  • The one who is stressed out sees it as a failure and is worried about what will happen now that he’s lost his job.

It’s the same situation – a loss of a job – but one person gave it one meaning and the other person gave it another meaning.

Therefore, if you are stressing out about something right now, ask yourself what meaning are you giving it?

Can you change the meaning you are giving it?

Can you see it from a more positive perspective?

If you can do those things, you are going to feel much better about it.

2. Are You Meditating To Relieve Stress?

Meditating is a simple, effective way to decrease stress and anxiety so you can reach all your goals.

Meditation can help you relieve stress among many other things. You’ve heard it before, I know. That’s because it’s true. It helps reduce stress hormones, settle your mind, and make you more mindful – all of which contribute to less stress.

If you aren’t doing yet, you need to start. Stress isn’t the only thing that will benefit from your decisions to meditate.

In fact, Jon Butcher from Lifebook says that meditation is the one thing that benefits all 12 areas of your Life Book.

So stop putting it off if you are stressed out (even if you are not) and challenge yourself to start meditating today and discover the benefits for yourself.

3. How Rigid Are Your Expectations?

srikumar rao stress quote

Srikumar Rao says that when you cannot accept what is happening you will be stressed. This makes so much sense.

For instance, most of us don’t want a pandemic to hold us back from doing what we want, and some of us can’t accept that it’s happening. That’s stressful!

He says you have to acknowledge what’s happening and then ask yourself what you should do now. Then focus your attention on the actions. This will help you destress.

This guy is full of wisdom that can help you feel less stress, by the way. Here are some more quotes from Srikumar Rao.

4. Take Control Of Your Thoughts

IF a thought brings you stress, get another one

A thought is all that’s needed to bring stress. And focusing on that thought can keep stress around for as long as you are willing to focus on it.

If you want to get rid of stress, get a new thought.

This means you need to redirect your focus to something else. Watch something funny, talk to a friend, learn about something – put your focus and your thoughts onto a subject that doesn’t bring about stress.

5. Focus On Other People To Reduce Stress

If you start doing for others, I promise you, it fills you up. That reduces your stress which curbs the physical symptoms of stress

Doing stuff for other people makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you are contributing, helping, and uplifting other people, which, as Dr. Phil says, fills you up. Then your stress goes down.

Volunteering, donating, helping neighbors, helping family, helping friends, helping people online – there are many ways that you can do things for other people ad fill yourself up.

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