A Few Quotes About TV To Inspire You To Turn It Off More

Have you ever worried that you were going to look back one day and regret all the time you spent watching TV? Will you regret not using that time for more rewarding activities, like working towards goals or spending time with loved ones? If so, then you may have a TV addiction – or, at the very least, be watching way too much TV.

Not long ago, I took the TV out of my bedroom because I felt like I was addicted to TV and it would solve the problem, but it didn’t. I just moved with the TV and watched it outside of the bedroom. If you want to kick your TV addiction, you need to develop a different mindset towards the TV. Following are some quotes that can help.

TV Is Often Mind-Numbing Crap

Tv quote


Groucho Marx was in many films, which makes this quote from him a little ironic. In fact, it may have been a joke from the comedian? But, regardless, it’s a good mentality to adopt if you want to break your TV addiction.

Unless you are watching documentaries, TV is made up of stories, imagination, and fake drama. It’s not adding to your knowledge. It’s not improving your skills or capabilities. The only way to do that is to turn off the TV and do something in real life that helps you grow as a person.

In other words, when someone turns the TV on, make it a habit to go into another room and do something else. Read a book, do a craft, study something, or cook. Just don’t stay in the room where the TV is on.

Television Is A Distraction From Real Life Relationships And More

People will look at anything rather than each other. Doesn’t this just feel true?

I find that TV is a huge distraction from everything. It distracts me from spending time with loved ones, doing things that help me in my business, and even doing things that I enjoy.

For instance, I visited an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years. For some reason, we decided to watch movies and spent the whole evening with our eyes glued to the TV. We never really did catch up, and I can’t help but regret that night. She lives across the country and I feel like our time would have been much better spent away from the TV.

In fact, I have another friend who invites me up to her TV-free cabin once a year, and we spend time playing games, talking, walking, and daydreaming. When I leave, it feels like we actually got to spend time together, even if we are a little annoyed with each other. At least it feels like there is a real connection going on there and we are not distracting ourselves with mindless stuff when we could be spending quality time together.

TV Doesn’t Equal Bonding Time

TV is not a bonding tool. A walk in the park, a board game, an honest conversation, or even cooking together is time spent bonding.

Yes, you can talk about the show afterward, and you may find yourself more connected as you laugh at the characters or complain about someone, but real bonding time is about forming a closer relationship through getting to know each other and experiencing life’s ups and downs together.

If you are around other people – friends, family, or your lover, then take the time to do some real bonding in your free time. You will thank yourself later.

Feeling Empty Inside? It Could Be The TV!

I don’t know about you, but after a night of watching TV, I feel empty. Like I wasted my night and did nothing with purpose or passion. It leaves me feeling as if something is missing.

If you get that feeling like life is passing you by, then turning off the TV may be the answer. When you start to experience life – your life, then you start to feel like your days have more meaning in them.

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