7 Quotes On Dreams That Highlight The Value Of Your Dreams

Do you keep track of your dreams? Do you find them valuable? I’ve spent years focusing on my dreams, I almost always remember my dreams in the morning, and I find my dreams extremely valuable. I’ve used them to gain insight into my emotions, life, and future. I don’t just take my dreams at face value. Instead, I allow myself to dissect the dream, think about what’s going on in my life, and then add it all together to come up with a dream interpretation that makes sense to me. In short, my dreams have helped me live a better life. Not convinced? Following are some quotes on dreams that may help you see your dreams differently.

Dream Quotes

1. Your Dreams Have Messages

Dreams are a reservoir of knowledge and experience, yet they are often overlooked as a vehicle for exploring reality. – Tarthang Tulku

As someone who has kept a record of and explored my dreams for over 25 years, I can say that your dreams do hold a lot of messages that can help you adjust your course in life towards more happiness and health.

I’ve discovered fears I didn’t know I’ve had. I’ve discovered answers to problems that I’ve been having. And, I’ve discovered issues with my emotions, relationships, and career that I didn’t know I had – at least not consciously.

Giving you access to your subconscious mind is what dreams can do best. They can show you all those beliefs and patterns in life you have that you may not be aware of consciously. But, once you get that awareness, you can do something about it to create a better life.

2. Your Dreams Are Intelligent

Our dreams are the most powerful and intelligent part of who we are because they are a product of our subconscious mind. – Lauri Loewenberg

Anyone who says that your dreams are useless obviously hasn’t recorded and dissected their dreams. If they did, they would see that dreams have a way of shining light on all kinds of issues in life and can help people solve those issues.

As I said, your dreams allow you to access your subconscious mind, the place where everything that has ever happened to you is stored.

Accessing your subconscious mind and changing the information in there is the ticket to changing certain habits and limiting beliefs that are creating problems in your life. Accessing your subconscious mind through your dreams is the way to start making those changes.

3. Do Some Dreams Have No Meaning?

All dreams have meaning because it is a thinking process. – Lauri Loewenberg

None of your dreams are useless. Even the ones that are weird or all over the place have some sort of meaning because they come from your brain! They come from your thoughts. They come from your experiences. They are a part of who you are, so they are not meaningless.

4. You Can Learn More About Your Health While Dreaming

When we go to sleep and dream, our subconscious will give us lots of information about ourselves, about our lives, and about our bodies. – Lauri Loewenberg

Not only can you learn more about your fears, concerns, or questions about life, you can also learn more about your health.

Our bodies know a lot more about our state of health than our conscious minds do. For instance, if you ever work with energy medicine, you will start to see that you can feel when things are wrong in your body.

Most people aren’t working with energy medicine or that in tune with their body – which is where dreams can help. They can give you information about your health in symbols, images, or stories. You just have to be willing to listen to them and interpret them.

5. Why It’s Important To Start A Dream Journal

Most people maybe remember one or two dreams per week, if that. – Kelly Bulkeley

Kelly Bulkeley explains it like this: our brains function in a different way during sleep as different parts of the brain are active. When we wake up our brains shift to waking consciousness, so it becomes hard to retain dream information from the quick shift into one brain state from another.

That’s why a dream journal is such a good idea. Once you commit to writing in one, you start to wake up with the intention of writing your dreams down first thing. I’ve found that the intent helps you stay in an alpha state and focus on your dreams.

6. Why Lucid Dreaming Is Important

Facing fears is one of the beauties of lucid dreaming. Resolve it inwardly, and it ceases to have any energy. – Robert Waggoner‏ 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a lucid dream, you know how powerful they can be. A lucid dream is where you become ‘awake’ in your dream. You realize that you are dreaming and then you can take over the direction of the dream.

Research shows that during lucid dreaming, parts of the brain that are normally suppressed during sleep become activated.  Some people think that you should let your dreams occur naturally, and avoid becoming lucid in your dreams, but they haven’t experienced how beneficial a lucid dream can be.

For example, one friend became lucid in her dream and was able to call for her dog that had passed on and it gave her some comfort and closure.

Another friend had a recurring nightmare about a monster chasing her, and when she became lucid one night she was able to turn around and see that the monster was her – but an angrier version of her. She woke up and realized that her anger was getting the best of her life, and she started doing something to work on her anger.

7. Nightmares Need To Be Embraced

Really what constitutes a nightmare is arguably rejected aspects of your experience. – Andrew Holecek

Don’t run away from your nightmare because your nightmares are just aspects of your thoughts calling out for attention and help. Andrew recommends doing the opposite of what you would normally do – run away.

Instead, turn around, face it, and find out what’s really going on with the nightmare.

Embrace the nightmare and see it for what it really is.  Embracing the nightmare helps dissolve the monsters and dissolve the issues.

Just thinking about doing this the next time you have a nightmare may help you become lucid during a nightmare and take control over your dream so you can face the ‘monster’ head-on.

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