7 Soulmate Quotes To Help You Understand What Soulmates Are

Why do so many people look for soulmate quotes? Because we all want to believe in soulmates. Most people imagine another soul being born and then wandering the earth looking for them when they think of a soulmate. And let’s face it, the thought of one other soul being linked to ours for all eternity is a pleasing thought, isn’t it? It would mean that we are never alone – even if we haven’t found our soulmate yet – because they are there and we will reconnect with them eventually. Following are some soulmate quotes to help us understand what soulmates better.

soulmate quotes

1. A Theory On Soulmates

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” – Plato, The Symposium

Plato is considered a huge part of the development of philosophy. His powerful quotes are still impacting us today, and much of what he said is still applicable.

Now, the idea of humans being one person split into two may not sit well with some people. But, what an image! And, Zeus’s fear of humans being too powerful gives a lot of credit to the belief that we are stronger when we find our soulmate. We are whole. We can face the world as a beast when we are with our soulmate!

But, don’t worry, just because Zeus’s intention was for us to spend our lives in search of our soulmate, Plato believed that we could find that person.

2. What Is A Soulmate?

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself… the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy…” – Plato, The Symposium

So, your soulmate doesn’t have to be a lover. According to Plato – and many other people, your soulmate is just the other half of yourself, which means they can be found in anyone that you have a good relationship with.

By his theory, anyone who stirs your soul and gets you lost in a whirlwind of love and intimacy and friendship could be your soulmate. Your best friend? A family member? If you feel like they may be your soulmate, then don’t be scared to label them as such.

According to other people, your soulmate is the opposite sex of you. And some say that a soulmate must be a lover.

While there’s no proof one way or the other, I think we all have a connection with one person much deeper than with anyone else, and we feel that sense of belonging together on a level that we just don’t have with other people. So, whether the person is a man or woman, friend or lover, old or young, I think it’s safe to say that the connection is what matters most.

3. A Soulmate Relationship Isn’t About Perfection… It Can’t Be!

Too many people expect a soulmate to be perfect. The perfect personality, attitude, habits, etc. But, we are human and perfection isn’t possible. This expectation of perfection will set you up for failure, even if you do find your soulmate! You must live in reality if you want to make things work.

You and your soulmate may not get along at times. You may have fights about the dishes. Arguments happen. Differences occur. Life gets messy. Embrace it all knowing that your soulmate and your relationship with them doesn’t have to be perfect.

Think about this – if your soulmate really is the other half of you, then how well do you get along with yourself sometimes? Sometimes you are mad at yourself. Sometimes you are disappointed with yourself. Sometimes you fight with yourself! No relationship could ever be perfect.

4. Can You Have More Than One Soulmate?

I’d like to think that people have more than one soulmate. And you know what, if you miss one, along comes another one. Like cabs. – Luis Lauro

The thought of having more than one soulmate is a nice thought. It would be great to move from one person to another having a deep connection that we’ve had with no one else. And many people who go through many relationships often say that they think there is more than one soulmate for everyone.

But, I think that anyone who has truly found that one person that gets them on a level that no one else can say no – you can’t have more than one soulmate. Despite the fact that there are billions of people out there, most of us only experience an intense level of connection with one person in our lives. They are the person that stands out when we feel lonely. They are the person that our soul longs for when we can’t have them anymore.

However, it definitely seems like we can have more than one person we have a deep connection with. Maybe they could be called ‘soul family’ or ‘soul friends’ rather than soulmates?

5. Looking For Your Soulmate?

Don’t worry about finding your soul mate. Find yourself. – Loren Ridinger

Are you actively looking for your soulmate? If your soulmate is there for you in this life and in the next, then why worry about finding them? They are around. They are doing their own thing. Obviously, you are not meant to meet yet, or you would. But, because you are soulmates, you will meet again one day, whether it’s here or somewhere else.

So, worry about yourself for now. Figure out why you were put here. Work through life’s ups and downs and enjoy as much of it as you can.

You will meet plenty of people along the way. Some will be your soul family and some will be your soul friends and some will test the strength of your soul, but your soulmate may be busy experiencing the things they need to experience in this life before you get to see them again.

6. Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Contrary to popular belief, soulmate couples do not usually recognize each other at first glance. – Carolyn Godschild Miller

Carolyn Miller became a licensed psychologist in 1984 and spent 20 years teaching psychology at the graduate level. She is the author of Soulmates: Following Inner Guidance to the Relationship of Your Dreams (see on Amazon here). Through her book, she shows how soulmates are often the people who don’t appear to be right for you when you first meet.

It’s interesting that most people  I know, including myself, who think they are with their soulmate feels this way.

For instance, I strongly disliked my husband for a long time. I thought he was arrogant and not right for me. I met plenty of other guys who I ‘fell in love’ with at first glance, but they turned out to be the exact opposite of a soulmate for me. They made my life miserable and they were not suited for me in any way. I just lusted after them for a while and then realized that they were all wrong for me. And lust can be confused with love quite often. It wasn’t until I was ready to meet someone who truly fulfilled me that I finally noticed my husband as the amazing person he is.

So, what are some signs you met your soulmate?

  • There’s something about them that turns you off or you just don’t like?
  • You still hang around them or talk to them for some reason?
  • There’s something about them that interests you, but you aren’t willing to admit it?

Those would be some of the best signs I could name off when it comes to people who don’t seem to be right for you.

7. Trust Your Intuition When It Comes To Finding Your Soulmate

I do believe there is such a thing as a soulmate, but hard-pressed to tell anybody how to go finding their soulmate. – Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

The Rabbi says that the Talmud man refers to soulmates, so he does believe in them, but don’t go asking him how to find your soulmate or recognize him or her.

The fact is nobody can give you a definite answer on how to find your soulmate. Meeting your soulmate is an experience you may not even recognize until months or years down the road.

However, I would like to add that listening to your inner guidance would be a great place to start. Move past the hormones and the emotions and listen to that voice that tells you to go left instead of right or tries to get you out of a situation that knows isn’t good for you. Listen to the voice that knows things automatically and makes decisions based on something other than reasoning. That inner voice is probably the best tool you have for recognizing your soulmate when they arrive.

A Math Equation To Help You Discover If You Found Your Soulmate

I’m not sure where this first originated from, but it’s all over the place. It’s a simple math test to find out if you and your current partner are Soulmates. Obviously, there is some sort of math trick to it, but it’s fun to see your ages come up!



soulmate test


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